ATF Pulls 122 Gun Store Licenses This Year

The Biden administration is cracking down on gun dealers with 122 stores losing their FFL license in the past year.

The administration has revoked the licenses of 122 gun dealers in the last fiscal year that started in October, and hundreds since Joe Biden came into office, claiming that they have violated gun laws. In the previous fiscal year the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms revoked 90 licenses, and 27 the year before.

So it’s fair to say this is an increasing trend and it is forcing more and more of you to go looking at the best online gun stores to buy firearms. That’s good for us, but it’s bad for the Constitution and freedom loving Americans.

Minor Clerical Errors Costing Licenses?

Many of these dealers have been accused of minor paperwork violations, and there is no evidence that they have actually sold guns to criminals.

“We were making $1 million a year, now it’s less than $100,000,” Anthony Navarro, a gun dealer who lost his license last year after receiving three warnings for legal violations since 2009, told the Wall Street Journal. “This policy is designed to be a backdoor violation of the Second Amendment.” 

Navarro said he was issued warnings over mistakes gun purchasers made on paperwork but that they weren’t prohibited from buying guns.

The administration’s crackdown is a clear attempt to intimidate gun dealers and make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to buy guns. It’s also a waste of taxpayer money, as the administration is spending millions of dollars to investigate and prosecute these dealers.

Legal Action Brewing, Again…

The good news is that the gun dealers are fighting back. They are suing the administration, and they are likely to win. The courts have already ruled against the administration in similar cases, and there is no reason to think that this case will be any different.

The Fifth Court of Appeals recently ruled that the ATF’s attempt to reclassify AR pistols with a brace as a Short Barrel Rifle was likely unlawful and unconstitutional. That is a slap in the face for the ATF, and a clear sign that the Appeals Court is tiring of their constant attempts to exceed their authority.

Here are some of the things that the Biden administration is cracking down on:

  • Selling guns to people who are not legally allowed to own them.
  • Failing to do background checks on gun buyers.
  • Keeping poor records of gun sales.
  • Selling guns without a license.

Is This Going Too Far? Yes

These are all serious offenses, but the Biden administration is going after gun dealers for even the most minor violations. For example, one dealer was accused of failing to report a gun sale within 24 hours. This is a paperwork violation, and it’s not clear how it could have put anyone in danger.

Now the Biden administration is also targeting gun dealers who are located in “gun sanctuary” counties. These are counties that have passed laws refusing to cooperate with federal gun laws.

The Biden administration is trying to force these counties to comply with federal law, even though they have a right to pass their own laws. If it sounds like a political war, it is. If the administration can’t pass laws, it could certainly try and close all the stores.

The Biden administration’s crackdown on gun dealers is a clear attempt to intimidate gun owners and make it more difficult for them to buy guns. It’s a waste of taxpayer money, and it’s a violation of the Second Amendment.

“The gun dealers were our first line of defense against gun trafficking,” Peter Forcelli, a retired deputy assistant director, told Wall Street Journal. “Why are we now beating an ally into submission?”

But of course Biden and the ATF don’t seem to see local gun stores, or law abiding gun owners, as an ally, these days.

So buy guns, while you can, and maybe buy guns online in the future…

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