12 Cheap AR-15 Rifles For $500 or Less – October 2019

Diamondback AR-15, a $500 rifle!


Cheap AR-15s For $500: Low Budget AR-15s That Work

You don’t need to spend the Earth on an AR-15. Buy a cheap AR-15 online for just $500 right now.

Is a Cheap AR-15 Good Enough?

Yes, we’re going to show you some solid defensive rifles for less than $500, and one of them is even less than $400.

Start with the cheap and cheerful semi-automatic rifles. Then progressively talk yourself into more expensive weapons. Than have fights at home over just why you have to buy guns online at 3am.

That’s the American way.

You can build up to the best AR-15 rifle on sale under $1000.

And when you have truly mastered sleeping on the couch and just don’t care anymore, you can progress to the best $2000 AR-15 on sale online. After the divorce, you can just say screw it and buy a designer AR-15 as nobody is the boss of you anymore.

Start With a Cheap AR-15, Then Go Designer Rifle Shopping

Let’s get you on that glorious road to success right now, with the cheap AR-15 for $500 that do the job you want.

A basic, $500 AR-15 will likely be a perfect home defense weapon and it will be as accurate as you will ever need up to 100 yards.

Then you might be able to tell the difference in a Pepsi Challenge with some of the best custom AR-15s on sale online.

We kind of hope you can to be honest. Or the whole industry lives in a house of lies and we should all chop in our Daniel Defense DDM4 AR-15 for that Palmetto State Armory AR-15 on sale in the bargain bin.

Great Guns at Norinco Prices

Unless you’re going competitive target shooting, in which case don’t cheap out on your equipment, you’ll do just fine with these low-budget AR-15s. Don’t be tempted by the total no-names in the gun store near you. Get yourself a great, low cost AR-15 from the best online gunbrokers.

We had to stretch the budget to $550, just so we could give you some options. Call us liars, call us optimists, call us man mathematicians.

We think we have given you real value for money that we found while searching the online gun stores. And we have given you some killer rifle options for a few dollars more.

$500 is right down the bottom end. You are getting in to the used market at that point and looking hopefully in the windows of your local gun stores. So we took a little leeway for a big-name rifles…

Here are the best cheapest AR-15 for $500 or less, or a little more, we can find…

Where to buy cheap AR-15 rifles online now

You should always check the sales, because you never know when an exceptional rifle is going to hit the clearance racks. It could just have a custom M-LOK handguard, or competition trigger. But browsing the sites can be a pain, so we have done the searches for you.

Get the best AR-15 at the best price by simply clicking these links and going direct to the secret discount AR-15 sales pages. Check out the 300 AAC Blackout rifles while you’re there too.

Did you know Palmetto State Armory sells everything from a semi auto FN SCAR through to Sig Sauer CCWs at knockdown prices? And did you know Rainier Arms has a badass selection of high-end custom guns? You do now…

DMPS Oracle A3 - A Cheap AR-15 that works. Buy your gun online for just $479.99 today. Guaranteed lowest prices on the USA Gun Shop.

1. DPMS Oracle A3

  • Price: $479.99
  • Caliber: .223 Rem/5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel Length: 16”
  • Total Length: 36.5”
  • Weight: 6.4lb

The DPMS Oracle A3 is consistently the best AR-15 under $500, and has been for for the best part of two years. Others can invade its territory with price drops, but the DPMS is consistently there at $500

This is, hands down, the best low-budget AR-15 for a long time. It’s a discount AR-15 sale, technically, but the price drop has been there for so long that the sale looks to be permanent. It tends to float between $499-$549, but it does come cheaper.

The Best Cheap AR-15 on Sale

If you’re going to buy a cheap Modern Sporting Rifle and $500 is your hard limit, buy this gun online and you will be a happy customer.

There are other options here and if you’re a little flexible on the money then keep scrolling. But if we follow the letter of the law, rather than the rough spirit, this is the best rifle here.

The gas block is straightforward, there are no tricks aside from the dual caliber AR-15 angle. It’s just solid engineering, arguably the best AR15 for this money and yes, you really do get a dual caliber Wylde Chamber semi auto for this money.

The flat-top A3 upper means you can mount any scope you want up top, although we would recommend a reflex sight and keeping it set-up as a close quarters weapon. Cheap AR-15 scopes are a matter of personal preference, though, and that comes down to your rifle shooting technique.

DPMS AR-15 Gets Incredible Online Reviews

If you buy guns based solely on the user reviews then you could easily conclude that this is the best $500 AR-15 for sale in 2018. This semi auto has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Brownells and that is basically impossible. There are far more celebrated and expensive AR-15s that don’t get this kind of feedback.

It is grouping shots within an inch at 50 yards in the hands of owners, it isn’t breaking down and it’s chewing through thousands of rounds of ammunition in happy customers’ hands. It can do the same for you.

Optic Ready, Cheap AR-15 For Sale

The Oracle is a good, honest, optic ready, basic AR-15 for less than $500. Get a reflex sight or simple AR-15 scope up there and you’ve got a simple, cheap and effective tactical rifle. That’s why it constantly features in the online gun reviews and top 10 lists of the best AR-15s for sale in 2019 on the gun broker sites and the best specialist firearms sites.

There’s nothing to fault with this semi auto rifle. For the money, this AR-15 is a bargain. In terms of bang for buck, it might be the best AR15 you can buy right now and its a perfect starter rifle for novice shooters.

This semi auto rifle looks like an old M4 clone because it more or less is. It’s a fine example, though, and takes on the top brands with good, honest engineering and value.

Mil-Spec Parts On This Cheap AR-15 Rifle

You get a Mil-Spec upper receiver and both the upper and lower receivers are forged aluminum. The chrome moly steel barrel gets a 1 in 9 twist and all the basics are there. 

You will need to throw away the OEM mag, which is hardly a big deal, and you might want to switch out the furniture if you have got better things lying around. Don’t go looking for an adjustable gas block either, this is direct impingement all the way.

It’s the perfect start for a project AR-15 DIY build, by the way. So if you want to slowly upgrade parts then the basics are good and you can add your own stock, AR-15 foregrip, rails, lasers, red dots and more over time. AR-15 parts, accessories and rifle upgrades are hardly thin on the ground.

Think of it like buying a cheap car and then tuning it up to Ferrari slaying performance, which obviously always works, just with a a semi auto rifle. /s. You don’t need to go that route obviously, the stock rifle is a solid, reliable AR-15, but you can tweak it to suit.

Law Enforcement Officers Carry This Cheap AR-15

Plenty of Law Enforcement officers carry this AR-15 as a back-up and some opt for simple iron sights or a full red dot set-up, or cheap AR-15 scopes.

So, if you’re thinking of building an AR-15, but you’re scared, then start with the DPMS and just change parts when you’re ready. That makes this the perfect AR-15 for a novice, or a starter AR-15 for a project.

A Cheap AR-15 is a Project

You can break out the AR-15 Armorer’s Wrench and just go mad on this budget semi auto. This isn’t a gun you need to worry about the resale value on and it’s probably not the gun you’d take into hardcore shooting sports.

DPMS was founded in 1985 and the Huntsville, Alabama gunsmith has focused on value from the start. It’s a smart strategy.

At this price, this is the best AR-15 rifle we could find. So, yes, this is the best $500 AR-15 in 2019. It is head and shoulders above the other complete rifles and it is the best low-cost AR-15 on the market.

Where to buy DPMS rifles

DPMS has an interesting range and basically follows the same recipe of giving you too much gun for the money in every price band. If you can live without badge snobbery, you’ll get a pretty sweet rifle from DPMS right through to about $1500.

DPMS does a solid range of AR-style 308 rifles and you generally only see insanely positive user reviews online on the best gun sites. Niche rounds like AAC Blackout are starting to come under the microscope too.

So where do you buy DPMS rifles? Here are our picks.

The Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport is a cheap AR-15, and it's also one of the best discount rifles in USA gun stores.

2. Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport II

  • Price: $559.99
  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Barrel Length: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 35 inch
  • Weight: 6.45lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

Update: This semi auto rifle bounces around from around the $550 mark, which is a steal, to more than $600, which is kind of stupid for this particular list. Sorry about that if it’s the case right now. We keep an eye on the price, but at anything less than $580, this is a rifle to consider.

The Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport is one of the benchmarks in the AR-15 world. It doesn’t quite fall into the $500 budget AR-15 class, but it’s too much rifle for too close to the money for us to leave out.

Besides, we’d already busted the budget on the Ruger. So a few more dollars for one of the great AR-15s of the modern age seemed reasonable too. When this price popped up on one of the biggst online gunbrokers, well we had to…

A Cheap AR-15 or Expensive Competition Rifle?

Smith & Wesson have an AR-15 for pretty much every budget, right through to the Performance Center rifles at the top of the tree. This is the entry-level AR-15, for sure. But it’s a still a great gun that exploits the economies of scale to create a semi auto rifle that punches above its weight.

Switch out that 10-round mag for something well, bigger, and you’ve got a proper semi-auto rifle here….

The more expensive Smith & Wesson rifles are favored by serious target shooting specialists and three-gun competition shooters. But the basic model has all you need for a starter AR-15 and then some.

Solid Rifle Furniture for a Cheap AR-15

You get a decent flash suppressor, a Magpul folding front and rear sight, forged aluminum upper and lower receivers and a decent collapsible stock.

Add your own AR-15 parts & upgrades too, from the Smith & Wesson parts stores at just about every major online gunbroker. They include 300 AAC Blackout uppers and conversion kits. You can even turn your AR-15 into a big bore hunting rifle.

There’s a perceived quality that goes with a Smith & Wesson semi-auto rifle. Plus all the customer service benefits that go with a household name. Again, that can be a perception rather than fact thing.

Still, it all counts and can swing the balance for this semi-automatic rifle that feels like one of the most complete rifles on sale at this price point.

Eagle Arms Armalite AR-15 ORC. Armalite introduces an entry-level AR-15 for less than $500.

3. Eagle Arms Armalite Eagle-15 ORC

  • Price: $449.99
  • Caliber: .223/5.56x45mm NATO
  • Barrel: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 32.5-35.5 inch
  • Weight: 6.5lb

The ArmaLite Rifle was the first AR-15 in the 1950s. ArmaLite sold the design to Colt, which went on to make a killing with the iconic Colt M4 assault rifle and legendary Colt M16.

Now Colt is pulling out of the AR-15 market, citing intense competition and falling sales. But more than 50 years of profits off the back of ArmaLite’s hard work is not a bad return on a relatively small investment.

Now, as then, Armalite simply doesn’t seem to have the marketing firepower to mix it with the likes of Colt, but the American icon still makes exceptional semi-auto rifles at a solid price point. The Armalite Eagle Arms AR-15 is a budget-friendly semi auto rifle and it’s a complete rifle for less than $500.

Simple, Clean, Cheap AR-15

This is a simple long rifle, a complete AR-15, nothing less and not much more. It’s a direct impingement semi auto rifle that is an ideal novice firearm. At 6.5lb it’s a lightweight AR-15, too, although that has more to do with cost-cutting rather than exotic materials.

The A2 rail up top is ready for a optics, scopes, a chainsaw attachment, whatever you like. It’s a complete AR-15, with a collapsible stock and a stock black finish, ready for your tactical solutions.

Armalite still has a reputation for engineering excellence. You can find its more celebrated long rifles in our other lists detailing the top AR-15s for sale in higher price bands.

Armalite has Great $600 AR-15s

Indeed, if you’ve got $599 to spend on your semi auto rifle, you can generally upgrade to an on sale version of the signature line.

The Armalite M15 5.56 Defensive Sporting Rifle is online gunbroker Euro Optic. You will find all kinds of variants and some more expensive, gas piston rifles that might come with enough of a discount to tempt you into an AR-15 upgrade.

Do you want a basic Colt M4 clone with a collapsible stock, polymer handguard and no nasty surprises,? Then you might want to rely on an Armalite semi auto rifle.

Where to buy Armalite rifles and AR-15 parts, accessories and upgrades

Euro Optic has one of the best ranges of Armalite rifles and some real discount deals. This specialist semi auto online gunbroker has some fantastic guns at stunning prices. That’s our insider tip for buying Armalite long rifles online.

ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx P3 AR-15 for sale. A plastic AR-15 at a bargain price.

4. ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx P3

  • Price: $399.99
  • Caliber: .223 Rem/ 5.56 NATO
  • Barrrel Length: 16 inch
  • Total Length:

The ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx P3 is one of the new arrivals on the low price AR-15 scene. It’s got a serious USP that explains the sticker price, but it also might explain why this low-budget rifle isn’t the undisputed champion of the $500 AR-15 world.

The ATI Omni is a stock black, dual caliber, optic ready AR-15 with polymer receivers. Oh Lord I can just see the comments…

ATI reckon they have torture tested this fiber-reinforced polymer to death, and it’s every bit as strong and reliable as forged aluminum. Pretty much everything on this firearm that can be a composite material, is a composite material.

Lightweight AR-15, Not Just a Cheap Rifle

That gives a final weight of 5.7lb, which is pretty stunning if we’re honest. it’s the USP that could tempt someone looking for a lightweight AR-15 into taking a gamble on a plastic AR-15.

The price, though, is the real headline here. It’s an AR-15 complete and ready to go for $400. That’s kind of amazing. AR15 rifles are not this cheap.

The ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx undercuts every other semi auto rifle here by a serious margin. The trigger is also a self-lubricating composite and this isn’t just a cheap ass rifle.

You get gunporn things here too, if you look. They include a proper Wylde chamber that opens up the possibility of using .223 Rem. In a sub-$400 rifle…

A fully patented inter-lock hammer and trigger pin retainer provide another layer of safety. There is an enhanced trigger guard and a slick charging handle.

5 Star Reviews For a Cheap AR-15

Then there are the user reviews online, which absolutely love this gun. A 4.5 star rating is pretty hard to get.

Buyers tend to be more critical than magazine reviews, because they can be. This gun is cheap, and yet it meets and beats pretty much everyone’s expectations. That’s a recipe for success right there.

Polymer AR-15s The Next Step

It seems inevitable that material science will get to the point when we can produce firearms from an ultra-solid form of ABS plastic. That’s basically what Glock does, after all.

We might even be able to 3D print guns with plans for a 3D printed gun you find online. One day…

Are we there already? The ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx and American Tactical say we are… If you like engineering, it has to be worth taking a chance on the plastic rifle that could change the game. ATI makes an AAC 300 Blackout version, too, so it should be able to handle 5.56.

Right now, the semi automatic ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx P3 for sale is so cheap that you can take a punt on it.

If it doesn’t prove durable or you just prefer the solidity of metal receiver rifles, then you know what to do. If you’re not the most demanding target shooter, though, and you just want a lightweight rifle to sling over your shoulder just in case, then there’s a lot to like about the ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx.

ATI Builds a Plastic AR-15

It is undoubtedly the first of many new arrivals and American Tactical Imports has a solid rep with simpler 22 pistols and other semi-automatic weapons.

So the ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx could be one of the best semi-automatic rifles here and it could well be the first of a plastic-15 invasion that gives us lighter, cheaper rifles.

Material science I the next frontier and we are looking at advanced polymers, graphene and other exotic compounds that could change manufacturing as we know it. The ATI Omni Hybrid Maxx, might simply be ahead of the game.

Check out these other great posts when you’re done here:

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Special Forces Service Weapons You Can Buy

Anderson Carbine M4 - A cheap AR-15 deal on the USA Gun Shop, America's favorite online gun store.


5. Anderson Manufacturing AM15 M4 Carbine

  • Price: $579.99
  • Caliber: .223 Rem/5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel: 16 inches
  • Total Length: 33″ Collapsed
  • Weight: 6.49lb

This is a legit carbine AR-15 that reviewers have consistently been surprised by, that used to be much less than $500.

Prices have crept up. But it’s still a solid starter rifle with a following of devoted customers.

The Anderson Manufacturing AM15 for sale is the real deal if you’re looking for a cheap gun. You don’t even need a smart discount for this one. It’s a legit ongoing deal.

The Kentucky firm has knocked it out the park with a simple semi auto rifle package that is so suspiciously cheap, pretty much every review starts like: “We expected this to suck, and we’re quite happy it doesn’t…”

Here’s one…

This Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 is a direct impingement mid-length gas system, built for 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington ammunition. That’s a solid 16-inch barrel up front and the accuracy is meant to be on-point. 

Other highlights include a forged 7075 T6 receiver and M16-type bolt carrier group. There’s a 1 in 8 twist on the barrel, an A2 handguard and flash hider and a Mil-spec buffer tube.

The AR-15 stock is collapsible and has six positions, so this really is one of the good, budget AR-15 semi-auto rifles for sale.

We prefer the DPMS, but this is another one of the best AR-15 rifles for sale in 2019 in this price bracket.

Bushmaster XM-15 A3 QRC rifle for sale. A great defensive AR-15, a cheap AR-15 and a durable rifle for hunting, sport shooting.

6. Bushmaster XM-15 QRC 5.56 NATO

  • Price: $499.97
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 35 inch
  • Weight: 5.18lb
  • Capacity: 20+1

If you are looking for a lightweight AR-15 for sale and you don’t want to spend crazy money, then the Bushmaster QRC is a semi auto rifle that could serve you well. It’s just over 5lb, which is basically as light as an AR 15 for sale can reasonably get.

The fact this 5lb AR-15 is less than $500 is pretty much a minor miracle. You wouldn’t think about this price range when you’re looking at lightweight tactical rifles, but here we are.

What does that say about the longevity of this semi auto, optic ready, low budget rifle that is an AR-15, complete and ready to go?

A Cheap AR-15, Not an Heirloom

I wouldn’t like to speculate, but even if this rifle is a short-term investment, rather than a decades long love affair, it could prove useful when you have to shoulder your semi-automatic rifle all day.

It’s a CMV stainless steel barrel with Melonite coating and the upper and lower receiver both get a Hard Coat Anodized finish, so there are no obvious signs of cutting corners. Lightweight AR-15 furniture helps, but the stock still has six positions.

QRC stands for Quick Response Carbine and this semi-automatic rifle for sale does have a place in most collections.

If you’re taking a semi auto rifle just in case, you know you’re going to be on your feet or you just don’t want to carry a heavier weapon, then you can throw the Bushmaster QRC on your shoulder and basically forget it.

You could look into AR pistols or the more advanced 300 Blackout pistols if you want to take that concept to the next level. But if you just want a cheap AR-15 rifle that won’t tax you physically, Bushmaster Firearms has the answer.

Adams Arms Agency AR-15 carbine rifle on sale now. The best online gunbroker, the USA Gun Store.

7. Adams Arms Agency Carbine AR-15

  • Price: $598.97
  • Caliber: .223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO Wylde
  • Barrel Length: 16 inch
  • Total Length:
  • Weight: 6.4lb

Update: The company is experimenting with the price and it is up to near $600 as I write this. That means it might not keep its place here for long.

The Adams Arms Agency isn’t the prettiest semi auto rifle here. But the relative newcomer to the world of firearms manufacturers has carved out a stellar reputation. It gets the basics right, and you’re a decent free float handguard away from a great rifle here.

The upper and lower receivers are full Mil-spec forged aluminum with a Type III Hard-coat Anodized finish. It isn’t quite Cerakote, but it will do at this price point.

The short stroke piston is the USP. The company claims it’s self-cleaning and this is the same gas piston system that has helped forge AA’s reputation. Carbon and gases are expelled away from your face. That is also good news when it comes to felt recoil and rifle barrel harmonics.

A Great AR-15 at the Core

You get the dedication that goes into higher end rifles and the core of a great gun. The CMV barrel, handguard and collapsible stock can all be improved over time, but the receivers are good shit. That’s important when you’re planning to upgrade your AR-15 but need to save money right now.

The stock black finish semi auto is a solid shooter out the box, it’s a lightweight AR-15 at 6.4lb, the A2 flash hider and partial rail are all fairly standard and the Wylde chamber means you can switch out your ammo depending on the circumstance. It’s a very solid semi-auto starter rifle and it is proving popular.

PSA Freedom Rifle MOE, Palmetto State Armoryu rifles for sale



8. Palmetto State Armory PSA M4 Freedom Rifle

  • Price: $499.99
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 33 inch
  • Weight: 6.5lb

You either get Palmetto State Armory or you don’t. The truth is, for this price, the spec list on this PSA M4 Freedom Ordnance rifle is absolutely insane. It’s an AR-15, complete with a shooting sports spec. On paper at least.

It isn’t higher up the semi auto rifle list because you do hear murmurings about quality control on the forums

You also hear about a company that ships out replacement parts before you’ve had a chance to return the faulty unit. So we have to give them credit as well. Your rifle will work reliably, it just might take a bit of fettling.

PSA Rifle Kits on Sale

It has to be said a lot of the problems are with self-builds, too. We can safely attribute quite a lot of those failures to user error. That’s an important point that often gets overlooked with the PSA Freedom Ordnance and other spinoff models.

A lot of the parts are pure quality too. They can include Magpul MOE furniture that you might well use on other rifles when you finally upgrade your AR-15.

You can buy a DIY kit from anybody and screw it up royally, but the bitterness and anger with those kits does seem to cast a slight shadow over the complete rifles.

Ignore that, get this off the shelf AR-15 and you’ll have a seriously good semi auto rifle for not that much money.

Forged Receivers, Almost Mil Spec

The highlights include a forged 7075 T6 Aluminum upper and lower receiver, a Nitride-finished barrel that’s made from Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel, a Carpenter 158 bolt coated in Phosphate, a chrome-lined bolt carrier group in 8620 stainless steel, a respectable gas system and the spec list just keeps going.

Magpul sights and stock join forces with a decent looking handguard up front that gives you options with your tactical gear. 

There’s an enhanced polished trigger as well that is a cut-price alternative to more exotic AR-15 upgrades and even the pistol grip and gas tube are kinda nice. You will seriously end up stripping your PSA rifle and keeping some of this stuff when you upgrade your receivers and move up the AR-15 sales charts to the more familiar names.

Palmetto State Armory Owners love their guns and if you buy one, at this price, you probably will too. It’s a beater truck gun, a hunting rifle, a range plinking tool and a solid base to build out your first AR-15, rather than build from scratch, to learn about the process as you go.

This cheap matt black finish AR-15 won’t be the last rifle you own, but it could be a perfect starter AR-15. And in years to come, you’ll back with fondness on that little cheap little semi-automatic rifle that just wouldn’t quit. It’s not one of the best guns for sale online, but it is a great budget firearm.

PSA can sell you their DIY rifle kits, a parts kit that you put together yourself. It’s even cheaper, and you could have a bag of parts that will make a semi auto rifle if you do it right, for just $300. Semi auto rifles don’t get much cheaper.

Check out the rifle kits on PSA right now.

Diamondback AR-15, a $500 rifle! Almost. Get your cheap AR-15 on sale at a discount here.



9. Diamondback DB15 CCB A2

  • Price: $449.76
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel length: 16”
  • Total length: 32.5” collapsed.
  • Weight: 6.8lb

It’s a Mil-spec 8620 bolt carrier, a forged aluminum upper and lower receiver and a 16” barrel produced from Chrome Moly steel and then Melonite coated to create a finish that really isn’t that much far behind a more expensive Cerakote-finished rifle.

Is it as good as the DPMS? On paper, yes, but this semi auto rifle hasn’t got quite the same love the Oracle has in the online gun reviews. This is a gut feeling then, which leads us to the DPMS, but you might well be happy with your Diamondback AR-15.

It is certainly one of the better cheap AR-15 rifles for sale online and it’s optics ready, although you have to supply your own red dot. The collapsible stock is ready for a sling, and there are a lot of basic., solid touches. We still think the DPMS is a safer choice for an all-round tactical rifle though. This semi auto rifle works for home defense, basic hunting and improving your shooting technique at the range.

Del-Ton Echo 316 is on sale at the USA Gun Shop now. Get a cheap AR-15 for sale with a great spec, for less than $500.

10. Del-Ton Echo 316

  • Price: $472.99
  • Caliber: .223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO
  • Barrel: 16 inches
  • Total: 32.6-36.4 inch
  • Weight: 6.4lb

According to Del-Ton’s own website, this gun shouldn’t be anywhere near this list. The Del-Ton 316 Echo RRP is more than $750. Sportstman’s Guide has this discount AR-15 on sale for less than $500.

That’s one of the reasons Sportsman’s Guide has turned into one of our favorite online gunbrokers. There are some seriously good deals on the site if you’re prepared to dig.

Ruger AR-556 For Sale For $500? Sometimes…

Check this link for AR-15s and see if anything else jumps out at you. The Ruger pricing is especially keen and Smith & Wessons tend to go cheap on Sportsmans Guide too.

The Del-Ton Echo 316 is pretty much gunporn in its own special way.

A Wylde Chamber is always a good start and a dual-caliber AR-15 makes people happy. It’s not a thing you may even use, but it’s one of the most eye-catching features and a general sign of quality these days.

Inevitably the Del-Ton Echo 316 is a Colt M4 tribute act. The synthetic black stock is a five-position collapsible system. There’s a classic fixed front sight that will take you back to the old days, until you replace it with a reflex sight anyway.

The M4 profile CMV chrome-lined barrel joins forces with a Carpenter 158 Steel bolt and a chrome-lined BCG. You get a threaded muzzle, a properly staked and sealed gas key and a number of other premium AR-15 touches.

For this price, this gun is a bargain.

The Ruger AR-556 For Sale, get a discount rifle and guns for sale

11. Ruger AR-556

  • Price: $579.99
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel Length: 16 inch
  • Total Length: 34.4 inch
  • Weight: 6.5lb

The Ruger is right at the top of its price curve with Sportsman’s Guide right now. So it has dropped down the list. It was the winner for a good while. It could be again if that price dips below $530.

Ruger feels like a heavyweight name in this price band of the tactical rifles market, because it is. Even the black finish polymer and collapsible stock on this semi auto rifle feels tighter and better than the competition.

It gets 4.9 out of 5 stars on Sportsman’s Guide, the company that has consistently lowered the bar on Ruger pricing. It’s a perfect combination of aggressive pricing and solid engineering.

Ruger AR-15 is a Bargain

This Ruger rifle is on sale, down from $650, and we’re not sure how long it is going to last. It has been there longer than we expected already.

Consistent price drops put it to the top of the $500 semi auto rifle class, Now it’s down the order because of the slight price hike. But it’s the best AR-15 for $600 anyway, if that helps…

This semi auto rifle comes with a cold hammer-forged barrel that has a stunning reputation for accuracy in the sub-$1000 AR-15 price range, let alone the $500 AR-15 sector.

The low-glare gas block is carbine-length for better balance. It’s the top brands engineering touches like this that normally carry the Ruger away from the budget rifle buyer. At this price point, this is an absolute bargain in the semi-auto rifles sector.

Sights are Included, Basic Ones…

An elevation adjustable front sight and a rapid deploy folding rear sight mean you can rely the old iron sights. Most people would want a reflex sight up top on their semi auto rifle these days.

This stock black finish Ruger AR-556 is direct impingement, it’s the Ruger SR-556 that is piston driven. If you find one of those for near $500, let us know…

As it is this is the best AR-15 in this price range. Get one while you still can!

Where to buy Ruger rifles online at the best prices

America was brought up on Ruger rifles, from the 10/22 right through to the big-game options and semi-auto rifles. So buying Ruger rifles online isn’t particularly hard, but getting a discount Ruger rifle is still a skill. It’s especially complex to find a semi automatic rifle at the right price, for some reason.

It’s a skill we can teach. Just use these links and you’ll go through to Ruger rifles on sale at some of the biggest online gunbroker sites. We have done the searches, so you don’t have to.

Radical Firearms AR-15 Pistol, a great AR pistol for less than $500. The best cheap AR_15 pistol for sale in 2019.

12. Radical Firearms AR M4 Contour 10.5

  • Price: $525.99
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel Length: 10.5”
  • Total Length: 20″
  • Weight: 5.8lb

This is a dirt cheap AR pistol for sale that actually punches well above its weight. We know we said rifles only, but sue us. This is cool.

Radical has done pretty, well, radical shit in recent years. It has forged a reputation for reliable 50 Beuwolf AR uppers that just slot straight on a Mil-Spec AR-15. Then it has produced some really cheap rifles, too.

An AR-15 pistol was an inevitability and you can find a semi-auto rifle without trying too hard. But this gun really isn’t an afterthought.

Look closely and you’ll see the floating circular handguard is perfect, and a long way from the hot zone.

It’s a proprietary Forward Guard Shield, designed and built in-house, all rights reserved etc. It could be better than much more expensive hand guards out there right now. We like the flash hider too.

Basically, we like this company. They make those fringe guns that everybody looks at with a knowing smile, like they’re going to be badly built and blow up in your hands, but OK. The thing is they don’t. They function pretty well.

A Great AR-15 Pistol For $500

Considering the insane loads that Radical Firearms builds its guns for, a flyweight AR-15 is nothing. So we fully expect this gun to be reliable. It’s definitely a compact skirmish gun that could be the first one your grab when you hear a bump in the night.

User reviews online bear it out, actual owners love this gun. It tends to be the start of a project for the home tuners, and that’s cool too. The upper receiver, lower receiver, barrel and bolt are all solid. Tinker with the AR-15 parts & accessories to your heart’s content.

Quad Rail For the Red Dot

With a quad rail, so you can add a red dot and just about everything else. It’s ready for a new pistol stabilizing brace and this really is a solid little weapon.

You will also spend about a quarter of the money you’ll spend on a Sig Sauer Rattler. That’s a better gun, but this is a much better value AR-15 pistol.

The lower receiver is Mil-spec, as is the charging handle, and it’s a solid gun. The barrel is 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel, which is the preferred alloy for stainless steel these days.

Radical Gives a Top Spec Cheap AR-15

Like Palmetto State Armory, Radical Firearms has an impressive spec sheet on more or less every stock black weapon and this semi auto rifle is no different.

Radical Firearms tends to overengineer, if anything. So this might turn out to be the most reliable AR-15 in your collection, as well as the cheapest.

You will need to add a pistol brace to that buffer tube. But a simple Shockwave Blade or any one of these best AR pistol braces will do the job. Inevitably, it’s optics ready and you’ll need your own iron sights or red dot.

This video is pretty cool, although it does feature the shorter 7.5 inch barrel AR pistol. This is also the first time I have ever seen a forearm brace used as intended…

Windham AR-15, a cheap AR-15

13. Windham Weaponry R16M4

  • Price: $725.99
  • Caliber: 5.56mm NATO
  • Barrel: 16”
  • Total Length: 37”
  • Weight: 5.75lb

Update: The cheaper rifle is sold out and the price of entry at WIndham seems to be creeping upwards. We kept the base rifle for now, in case the price drops back down. We’ll keep you posted….

When Bushmaster was sold and split into pieces, a core group of the factory line workers decided to make their own tactical rifles. Now thew Windham Weapnry AR-15 is part of an arsenal of budget firearms.

The only real surprise is that this is a complete rifle that weighs in at 5.85lb, with the furniture.

That is good, this is a proper lightweight Ar-15 and not just a cheap AR-15.

Of course the irony is that you’ll have to go right through the mid-range and spend thousands to get a semi auto rifle this light again. They’ll tell you how awesome their R&D is each and every minute of the day.

A Lightweight AR-15, No Bull Engineering

Windham Weaponry has achieved that lightweight finish by removing the bullshit, sticking to the cheaper third-party stock and foregrip and getting rid of anything that really wasn’t essential.

That’s a recipe for a low cost AR-15 that is just as effective as a much more expensive firearm.

It’s not quite a Mil-Spec semi auto rifle, it’s not quite the best in any single department. But it is a solid AR-15, it is cheap and you can add AR15 rifle parts & accessories when you get paid next month.

Start building a parts kit and buy muzzle devices when you have spare money. This semi auto rifle gets you started. What more do you want for $500?

Another Cheap AR-15 Colt M4 Clone

It’s a Colt M4 clone. So there a collapsible stock, a mid-length gas system, a Hard Anodized finish and a decent pistol grip. Apart from that, yeah it’s a cheap AR-15 with a stock black finish.

Some Law Enforcement Officers carry this low budget AR-15 rifle for sale, so it must be reliable, solid and reasonably accurate. At this price point, those are the important things.

You can fit iron sights, or a red dot. Do that and this Windham Weaponry Modern Sporting Rifle should do justice to most range shooters.

Ready to spend a little more on your AR15 Rifles?

You might well be tempted to go up a class when you see just how much semi automatic rifle you get for your money these days. If you’re willing to part with $700 or even $1000, then you can access some pretty serious firepower.

Suddenly the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport, Springfield Armory Saint Edge and Rock River Arms LAR-15 are within your grasp.

That means free float handguards, AR-15 adjustable gas block and advanced collapsible stocks. The Stag Arms Stag 15 M4 is yours for just the wrong side of $600. So you really don’t have to spend much more money to get a great rifle rather than a cheap one.

Rifle kits from the likes of Aero Precision have also moved into a higher price band, too, after starting out around the $500 mark and making the list, Aero Precision has now decided to go upmarket and target the $650 crowd…

Springfield Armory Rifles on Sale…

If you get there in time, the Springfield Armory Saint Edge is down to just $1099.99 right now. That is a cheap AR-15 loaded with premium parts.

We love that rifle, but you might have your heart set on a Smith & Wesson with Magpul MOE furniture, or something else.

Of course we all know this game gets out of hand in a hurry. For just a little more than $500 cheap AR-15 money, you can have a Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport, Stag Arms or a bottom end Rock River Arms rifle. A little more again and you can have a Springfield Armory…

Before you know it, you can have a Daniel Defense DDM4 rifle in your hands. You know you wanted it really…

Are you ready to spend a little more when you buy guns online? Check out these features on the best semi-automatic rifles chambered in 5.56 NATO:

You think we have missed one of your favorite low-budget AR15 rifles off the list? Get in touch and let us know.


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