A POF AR-15 For Less Than $1000!

POF, the best AR-15s in the world?

A POF AR-15 For Less Than $1000!

Ask any real AR-15 aficionado what gun is missing from their collection and a disproportionate number will tell you they would give their left nut for a Patriot Ordnance Factory firearm.

Now you can have the POF P15 Minuteman for $969.99 and we think that’s a frickin’ bargain.

Buy yours here.

Patriot Ordnance Factory guns are expensive, it’s just the way it is. You don’t even have to try very hard to spend $2500 on a POF rifle.

This one, though, sneaks under th $1000 mark. It’s on sale right now, so don’t cry to us if it’s more than 1K when you finally decide to pull the trigger.

POF AR-15 For Less Than $1000

Is This The Cheapest POF Rifle?

It’s certainly close. Hell you can spend $1000 on one of the company’s higher end upper receivers. This is a complete rifle that should spit out 5.56 NATO for years.

You get the short stroke gas piston and E2 extraction technology that POF is famous for. You also get, arguably, the purest form of Patriot Ordnance Factory’s artform.

Basically, this company has won award after award by engineering the AR-15 platform to the nth degree. Even its bolt-action hunting rifles come with AR-15 functionality and the AR lies at the core of everything this company does.

As every serious gun nut wants a POF, you really do want one of their AR-15s before you go blowing your wad on anything else.

The POF P-15 was designed at the start as a budget rifle, for this company anyway They have given you as many premium POF features as they can. Though, and a lot of the parts come from the flagship rifles.

The Best POF Components At Budget Prices

The upper and lower receivers are forged Mil-Spec aluminium, you get a floating hand rail and two separate Picatinny rails. It isn’t a full-length rail, but you don’t really need it and it’s places like the furniture where POF have made the savings.

It still isn’t Dollar Store stuff, don’t get us wrong. The Polymer stock and handguard will do you just fine. But they’re not quite on a par with the company’s best.

Who cares? Honestly, I’d take the guts of a much more expensive rifle and furniture I can upgrade if I so choose.

So, if you tell everybody you really want a POF AR-15, but you don’t think you can afford one. Now you can.

You’re welcome…

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