9 of the Best Custom Glocks – Jan 2024

ZEV Technologies OZ9 Pistol for sale

Last updated July 6th 2024

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Custom Glocks – Winners at a Glance

The Shadow Systems War Poet is the best custom Glock on sale in 2024, but there are some excellent alternatives.

Shadow Systems War Poet

Shadow Systems War Poet

  • Overall Winner
Faxon Firearms FX-19 Hellfire

Faxon Firearms FX-19 Hellfire

  • Best Tactical Pistol
Lone Wolf LTD 19

Lone Wolf LTD 19

  • Best Cheap Gun
Grey Ghost Precision Combat

Grey Ghost Precision Combat

  • Most durable option


  • Best Metal Frame Glock
Trump Edition G43x

Trump Edition G43x

  • Best for concealed carry and shock value

Intro – Custom Glocks

There are few more divisive topics with gun enthusiasts than custom Glocks. Some people loathe them, others love them. Either way, they certainly get your attention.

They’re not going away anytime soon, either.

Wilson Combat, Grey Goose and Faxon Firearms have joined the fray.

John Wick is sponsored by Taran Tactical, ZEV is pulling out all the stops with a custom metal handgun, and others are watching.

Glock modifications can mean just a few small tuning parts that make the world of difference, or they can be a whole lot of work that turns a plastic gun into a $2,000+ piece of jewelry.

A Glock can turn into an expensive pistol. We all know this by now, but the owners love the best Glock pistols, parts or components.

So what are the best custom Glocks and Glock clones in 2024?

The War Poet, a custom Glock built by Shadow Systems and John Lovell of the Warrior Poet Society. It's RMR ready, and a hell of a combat pistol.

1. Shadow Systems War Poet

  • Price: $999.99
  • Best Overall

The Shadow Systems Multi Role Frame is the star here and the company teamed up with John Lovell of the Warrior Poet Society to create a match grade Glock 19 Plus.

An extended beavertail kills slide bite, interchangeable backstraps give a custom handgun feel. The slide is ready for an RMR, which is a big deal if you want to go competitive shooting, and the 416R steel barrel, DLC coated, is suppressor-ready.

Designed as a carry gun that could also star as a tactical or range pistol, The War Poet comes with a 15+1 payload of 9mm ammunition. It’s also a lightweight combat pistol that would be a valid addition to just about any gun safe in the land. You can order yours with a Holosun 507c attached, too.

The Full Model Line

The War Poet is just the tip of the iceberg and there are a whole range of models for competition, fun, and some Gucci Glocks too.

You get different magazine extensions, springs, slides and other touches, depending on the vibe.

Buy your pistols from Sportsman’s Guide here.

Faxon Firearms FX-19 Compact Hellfire on sale.

2. Faxon Firearms FX-19 Compact Hellfire

  • Regular Price: $1,189.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel: 4 inch
  • Capacity: 15+1

Faxon Firearms has made a big splash with its firearms after starting in the modding and aftermarket business. It has a range of AR-15s and now these Glock-based pistols.

This is not Glock frame work, it’s a Faxon PF940C frame with a 1911 style grip angle, beavertail protection, a match grade barrel, fiber optic, suppressor height sights and lots of other stuff.

It’s optics-ready, so the slide work isn’t a vanity project and you can co-witness a reflex with the suppressor height sights. The double undercut trigger guard and new Glock grip go well beyond custom stippling and a super aggressive grip texture.

All the deep slide cuts help you get a grip in the heat of battle, too. That’s kind of the point. And the accessory rail underneath is great for weapon lights.

Essentially this is still every bit as co-operative and simple as the Glock 19 on which it was once based. It’s just better, everywhere.

Lone Wolf Distributors LTD19 V2. Great modified Glock pistols

3. Lone Wolf Distributors LTD19 V2

  • Regular Price: $459.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel: 4 inch
  • Capacity: 15+1

Lone Wolf Distributors is one of the pioneers of the industry. If you needed parts, Glock custom work and a match-grade barrel, they were one of the first.

Not just for you and me. The company supplied the frame work for the iconic Agency Arms NOC and plenty of other industry giants. LWD, then, are consultants to the stars.

It makes sense that this gun is so good and this gunsmithing & custom Glock work is near perfect.

Why So Cheap?

What doesn’t make sense is why it is so cheap. This is an optics ready short frame Glock 19 with night sights, with a lot of slide work and a new frame.

It’s the LWD Timberwolf Frame, if you’re interested, which is slimmer and slightly more upright than the G19. The aggressive slide cut design leaves the tip of the barrel exposed. It’s a push check special, it’s a brave design and we like it.

You can put a polished gold barrel in there, too, or rose gold, red, blue or whatever you like really. Add color coded magazine extensions/base pads and you can start your own gunsmithing/custom Glock work with this as a starting point.

For this money, this is a great 9mm pistol if you’re looking for firearm purchases.

ZEV Tech OZ9 - A ground up rebuild of the G19 with a metal frame and all of ZEV Tech's custom Glock parts & accessories experience.

4. ZEV Technologies OZ9

  • Price: $1,496.67
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 4.5 inch
  • Capacity: 17+1

The Glock champion of the world is a ground-up new build with a steel frame. You got it, the ZEV Technologies OZ9 is a metal-bodied Glock Plus with a much better Glock grip texture.

Extended rails mean you get double the surface area for a contact patch. This gun also comes with self-cleaning and lubricating channels that help keep this gun shooting butter smooth all day long.

There’s a lot of tech innovation and a lot to love about this gun. Especially the steeper grip angle and reprofiled grip that helps you get high up on the gun.

Now it’s questionable whether you can even call this the best custom Glock work anymore, but it does work with Glock mags and accessories and the ZEV Technologies OZ9 really is the ultimate metal Glock.

These are no simple Glock clones anymore. It’s a full custom shop gun.

Get ZEV Technologies Accessories

You don’t have to buy a complete ZEV Tech custom shop handgun. If you are building a DIY Glock project then you can get a range of ZEV parts & accessories.

Buy Glock guide rods through to optics cut slides, a slide lock and drop-in trigger groups for your bespoke Glock 19 gen 3, gen 4, 17, 34 and there are new products for just about every other flavor of Glock here:

Shadow Systems MR920 Combat pistol. A cost effective custom Glock with frame work, slide cuts and other upgrades off the peg.

5. Shadow Systems MR920 Combat

  • Price: $649.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel Length: 4 inch
  • Capacity: 15+1

If you’re looking for a cost effective approach to the ultimate Glock 19, then a Shadow Systems MR920 might just be the simplest way to go rather than building a 9mm pistol yourself.

Again, the Shadow Systems MR920 is a ground-up rebuild and a new gun, but it fits the profile of the Glock 19 and is clearly a modified Glock in spirit. The frame comes with aggressive stippling by Glock standards, a flared magwell and a new center of balance to reduce muzzle flip and improve your follow up shots.

These are all good things and the flat faced trigger is a star. You can get a variety of custom finishes for your not quite a Glock pistols too.

An extended beavertail kills slide bite, interchangeable backstraps give a custom handgun feel. And the 416R steel barrel is suppressor ready on the Shadow Systems MR920.

Wilson Combat Vickers Tactical G45. A great modern Glock with some expensive touches. But is it worth the money?

6. Wilson Combat Vickers Elite Package

  • Regular Price: $1,589.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel: 4.49 inch
  • Capacity: 17+1

You really have to know, and care, to spot the differences between a common or garden G19x, G45 and this $1,700+ custom shop pistol.

Wilson Combat and Vickers Tactical always produce good pistols, but the bang per buck on this Glock build seems to be getting a little on the thin side.

Vickers Tactical took care of the frame modifications to create a new plastic pistol with similar goals to many others. That being a 1911 grip angle, single undercut trigger guard and custom stippling for Glock, an improved mag release/slide stop and match grade barrel.

This is a limited edition gun, but this custom gun is almost endorsed by Glock…

Have a look at the top Wilson Combat handguns here, and you might find a great 9mm pistol you like more with magazine extensions and other mods, parts & accessories.

John Wick 2 Glock 34 with TTI Combat Master Package. It's the pistol from, John Wick 2 and a great handgun.

7. Taran Tactical Innovations John Wick Combat Master Package

  • Price: $2,549
  • Base Gun: Glock 34 Gen 3

If you want to live your own John Wick fantasy, you used to have to send TTI and a Glock 35 Gen 4 and wait up to a year before you can strut round with the actual handgun John Wick used in Chapter 2.

Lead times are a bitch with TTI Combat Master custom builds and custom services for Glock handguns…

This could be their best Glock ever, though. It is certainly the most famous working advert for TTI Glock accessories. From the magazine extensions and finger grooves through to the optics cut and custom slide porting, almost everybody knows this gun.

John Wick has made Taran Tactical Innovations famous, and the Combat Master line is pretty much our favorite product placement deal ever.

More Bullets Always Help…

With the baseplate magazine extensions, this Taran Tactical Innovations Combat Master Package looks like a beast and the color coding really helps set off the new slide.

It isn’t quite as chopped up as the main players here, but it’s a seriously functional Glock with extended controls and a subtler finger groove pattern.

You get fiber optic sights too, to help with your competition shooting and stronger guide rods for recoil control on these heavily modded Glock handguns.

The trigger guard undercut is a fairly basic mod job that just happens to look nigh-on perfect with the Glock 17 Gen 4 and Glock 17 Gen 3. Different, but just as good.

If you love the films as much as we do, check out the other guns from the film here

Where to buy Taran Tactical Innovations Parts

If you don’t want to go full John Wick and you just want a cover plate, magazine extensions, magazine floor plates,, magwell, trigger parts, optics cut slide or an extended slide release.

Glock accessories for you to build a Glock build at home, you can find them here.

Donald Trump Glock 43x Limited Edition. Because why the hell not? Get yours here.

8. Trump Edition Glock 43x

  • Price: $699.99

Now this is an intriguing collection of ideas that might just sum up your personality.

A drop in threaded barrel, a battle worn finish, Donald Trump and the White House custom laser engraving work on the side.

There’s a lot of things going on for a subcompact pistol honestly, but it is topped with standard Glock sights, no magazine extensions, a standard Glock trigger and OEM parts & Glock internals.

Things like the slide lock spring stop & slide release are all standard fare and the custom laser engraving really is the standout feature.

The G43x has got some wild versions out there, but this Donald Trump Edition with the custom engraving might be the most dramatic.

Grey Ghost Precision Combat Pistol For Sale. AN awesome custom Glock 19 with a real USP. Buy your pistol online now.

9. Grey Ghost Precision Combat Pistol

  • Regular Price: $1,453.99
  • Base Gun: Glock 19
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger

This is a properly practical EDC.

Grey Ghost Precision don’t need us to sell their skills, you know all about their rifles and Glock parts & accessories. Now it has made its own pistol, the Grey Ghost Precision Combat Pistol.

This is a great compromise of style, improved functionality and actual practicality, as well as a price tag that is almost seductive in this company. You could also buy a serialized frame for just $139 and put your own slide and internals on there, but availability is starting to dry up.

Now this 9mm pistol does look a bit ‘Operator’. with that exaggerated double undercut trigger guard and equally hooked trigger housing. But then, they all do in their own way.

The chunky non-slip finish on the grip texture that reminds me of a weird waterproof sleeve for a mobile phone just works aesthetically, ergonomically, everywhere. This goes beyond slide cut treatments, top serrations and optic cuts.

It looks shockproof, like you could drop this custom gun off a cliff and it would survive the fall. That could make it the best Glock.

Other Striker-Fired Pistol Options

You can buy a custom Sig Sauer P320, CZ P10, a Smith & Wesson Performance Center or even Sig Sauer P320 X line pistol off the peg or wait for the build service.

Custom Sig Sauer pistols are big business now, too, and the likes of Danger Close Armament are waiting for your money with products and parts there.

The Sig Sauer P365 has a solid aftermarket support system too. Check here for some of the featured products we like the most, including an estended magazine release, weapon lights and more.

You can also buy a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield factory custom from the Performance Center. We like the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in all its forms, and with a ported slide and Tritium sights, new accessories and slides, magazine extensions etc. It’s just better.

Drop in Glock Barrels

Glock barrels just pull out and drop in, replacing OEM Glock factory parts, which makes it easy to upgrade and maintain. It’s a nice feature that has led the likes of True Precision, Grey Ghost etc to build an entire niche industry.

And it means you keep busy switching OEM Glock factory parts out.

Custom slides for the Glock

The Glock Slide Sub Culture

The Glock slide industry is a monster that keeps on growing as people seek to add a dash of flair to the perfectly function polymer pistol.

Slide milling for an optic cut is now a thing of the past and you buy the parts off the shelf. Slide milling can still be fun, though, if you’re good at slide milling. But an optic cut is easier.

Get Glock slides from half of the companies above and you’ll change the look and feel of your 9mm pistol in minutes. It can also help you fit a much broader selection of Glock sights.

You can get a Glock slide for a G19, G43, G34, Glock magazines, slide parts, slide cover plates. Just about everything really.

Thinking About Trigger Work?

The Timney Triggers Alpha Competition is the new leader of the drop in trigger pack for the G19 Gen 3,4 & 5.

Of course you can do a simpler trigger job, but honestly the stock Glock is much better these days. So either go for a full drop in trigger job, or leave the trigger work until you’ve finished your other Glock upgrades.

Glock GES is a federally registered trademark and as a simple disclaimer, Glock GES does not endorse our page, because they don’t have our contact info. That’s the only reason. Probably. Either way we try not to fr trademarks owned by Glock.


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  7. I would like to know more about the alpha gray series very nice what is the full price for it is this Glock full custom
    trigger barrel guide rod and more can’t b for this price of 549.00 it’s very appealing could you please send me more info on this gun thank you of the alpha wolf gray man series

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