A Pump Action Shockwave With A Mag…

Black Aces Tactical Shotgun, a home defense bargain

Update: The big manufacturers have made their own mag fed shotguns now. So third party conversions just don’t make sense anymore. Before you buy one, check our list of the best mag fed shotguns for sale in 2019 here. You can do better these days.

A Mag Fed Shockwave Shotgun

Black Aces Tactical Shockwave

Price: $469.99 (ON SALE)

High-capacity shotguns are a minor fetish of mine and I do have a big mancrush on the Tavor TS-12 shotgun and the Kel-Tec KSG when it’s running smooth.

But they are complicated and expensive weapons. Especially when you can pick up a Black Aces Tactical Shockwave for less than $470 and simply load up on mags.

It’s $520 normally, but it’s on sale right now. So grab yours at the reduced price and don’t complain if the sale is over by the time you get round to pulling the trigger.

Technically this is a firearm, not a shotgun, so there’s no NFA paperwork thanks to the grip and a few other technicalities. That just means it’s easier to get the paperwork for, it still fires 12 Gauge shells out the sharp end of the 14-inch barrel.

Black Aces Tactical shotgun with a twist

It’s a five-round magazine, although I am sure that can be bodged with a bigger mag. Then you just need two of them and you’ve got a high-capacity shotgun without going to any big expense.

I have nagging doubts about the mechanisms in the Tavor and Kel-Tec. This is simple, a magazine and a pump action have been around since the dawn of time. Putting them together helps turn the shotgun into a real weapon, even in a firefight.

Shotguns have been rendered largely redundant. They just don’t hold the ammunition, unless you go for the big guns. This is a budget alternative with simple technology that will just work.

It might just be the most sensible option for a high-capacity shotgun, sorry firearm, now we think about it.

You get a longer gun with some cute design touches, like the sharpened bayonet point and, of course the magazine. It’s just 5.25lb and you get five rounds in the box mags and one in the chamber. A 10-round AK-style mag would turn this firearm into a very serious home defense weapon.

Especially with a second and third mag as back-up. Get slick at switching mags and you probably don’t need a rifle set up for your home.

Black Aces Tactical have laid the groundwork for a rail or a laser on top and you can turn this relatively cheap weapon into an absolute beast for home defense.

You can customise it to Hell from this basic start point and the company will sell you a floating guard, blinding lights, sidesaddles, pistol grips and more. Go for it, this is an under the bed gun and it should put the fear of God into whoever sees it.

It’s a good system for home defense and one of the best pump action shotguns for sale right now. It’s simple tech, and it’s also a beast of a gun.

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