Home Defense Shotgun: Slugs or Buckshot?

Home defense shotgun: buckshot or slugs

There’s a huge debate about whether to use buckshot or slugs for your home defense shotgun. We’re in the buckshot camp, just so you know right off the bat.

But why?

Well on the face of it, slugs look like a great option for self defence. They come loaded for maximum penetration, often with cruel patterns carved into the one large piece of metal that is sent firing towards an intruder.

They increase the range of your gun by up to 100 feet and there’s no doubting the stopping power.

Slugs Can Go Through Walls

But that can be a problem, because the slug can easily travel through the target and the next wall. That means a wayward slug could easily hit the wrong person, as well as the right one.

When it comes to home defense then you really don’t need to worry about long distance accuracy. Having one cartridge, a bullet in essence, also means you have to be more precise with your shooting.

A home invasion is not a clean, calm affair. It’s a whirlwind of emotions, noises and sudden movements.

It’s messy, and it calls for messy gun.

Harder To Miss With Buckshot

At close quarters, it’s almost impossible to miss with buckshot. You get up to eight pellets and something is going to hit home.

If you want to control the spread of the shot then you can opt for the likes of Federal FliteControl, or Hornady Critical Defense, which both have wadding that keeps the pellets together in a 2-3 inch spread at 30-feet.

But if you’renot sure how you’ll act in a crisis and you want the best possible defense, then a Kel-Tec KSG loaded with 15 buckshot cartridges give you the best possible chance.

Kel-Tek KSG Pump Action shotgun

Kel-Tec And Buckshot:  Perfect Home Defense?

It will give you a wide spread, you should hit something and it will make all but the most determined home invader turn on their heels and run.

If you don’t hit anything with 15 plugs, you’re probably never going to and you should start negotiating your surrender.

Seriously, though, for most people this is the best home defense system you can get as you don’t have to be accurate and buckshot won’t put your neighbours at risk.

It’s significantly cheaper than the ‘specialist’ slugs and it’s just a better option for you and your home defense firearms system.

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