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Where to Buy Cheap Sako Rifles

Cheap Sako rifles is a collection of words you very rarely hear, but you can now own the entry-level Sako A7 Roughtech for just $768.

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If you want to buy a bolt-action rifle, genuine military rifles, high end sniper rifles and custom 1911 handguns, this is the place to start. All the Sako A7 Roughtech rifles are on sale now and you can save hundreds of dollars, as well as picking up a sweet firearm.

The Sako A7 Roughtech is a cheap precision marksman's rifle, a hitman gun and much more. Buy your gun today.

Just $768 For a Sako Rifle!

The asking price is $768 is for the basic Sako A7 Roughtech .308 Win, but you can choose from a range of calibers priced from that $770 entry point up to $1050 for the 6.5 Creedmoor and the 26 inch barrel Sako A7 .308 Win.

Check out the whole range of discount Sako A7 Roughtech rifles for sale here.

Sako bills this bolt-action rifle as a gateway drug for long distance shooters and big game hunters. It’s also a great varmint hunting rifle and general hunting rifle in its own right. The Sako A7 Roughtech 7mm Rem Mag might be a bit much for varmints, though, and will just make a mess.

That’s better suited to big game and there’s no reason why you can’t take the biggest American game at 1000 meters with what could be one of the best hunting rifles out there.

The 6.5 Creedmoor is softer on the recoil, and might be the best compromise here, but if you’re a range whore or you’re into serious big game hunting than this discount 7mm Rem Mag Sako rifle is on sale for $899 right now. That’s a seriously cost effective hunting rifle.

There’s a 300 Win Mag Sako rifle for sale, a 30-6 and a 270 Win. Basically there’s a caliber you like here and an opportunity to try the legendary Sako quality without spending the Earth.

Sako’s high-end rifles are legendary among competitive shooting circles and the Finnish company is widely considered the best target rifle manufacturer in the world.

Sako TRG 42 Sniper rifle

More Expensive Sako Rifles

The Sako TRG 42 is an absolute beast in .338 Lapua, but that is a $4,300 rifle with a polymer stock, or $7,000+ if you go for full tactical sniper rifle chassis with your bolt-action rifles.

That isn’t even close to the price ceiling. Sako Premium makes personalized rifles for the world’s most demanding and wealthiest clients.

Competition shooters and law enforcement agency snipers love the Sako TRG line and it is well known for producing bolt-action rifles for thousands of dollars that are way better than some custom guns costing tens of thousands.

So if you’re ready for the next stage in your target shooting career, go for this. If you’re just starting out, the Sako A7 is still way better than you are and it’s the right starter rifle.

There’s no getting round the fact that this is the entry-level Sako rifle, but that might suit you if you want a general hunting rifle.

Discount Sako rifles for sale

Sako A7 is a Lightweight Rifle

Honestly a finely tuned bolt action competition shooter is just going to be a giant pain in the ass in the field.

But this is a relatively lightweight rifle that tips the scales at just 6.3lb in .308 Winchester Magnum specification, even with a 22 inch barrel. That’s really impressive and a testament to the engineering at Sako. It’s a cheap hunting rifle that does everything right, and a long distance paper puncher too. These Sako rifles for sale are pretty awesome.

Even the 7mm Rem Mag rifle with a muzzle brake weighs in at just 7.5lb and that gets you 24.4 inches of barrel length. That’s pretty insane and it puts this 3+1 round rifle for sale right into the elite hunting rifle class.

Cheap Sako A7 Rifle – Technical Highlights

The Sako A7 Roughtech has a wider forend that’s designed to be used without a bi-pod, although you can attach one.

There’s a whole range of Sako parts & accessories and you can give yourself a rock solid platform to take Elk at 1000 yards with 7mm Rem Mag. In either case, it’s a simple synthetic stock and the single stage trigger is adjustable from 2-4lb across the Sako A7 rifles line-up.

You even get two front studs so you can attach the best rifle bipod and a sling at the same time, or other rifle accessories. So you can trek out with it shouldered and then set up in seconds for a long distance shot and its tapped and drilled for a scope so you can choose the best for you.

Reload Without Removing Magazine

Integral steel feeder lips mean you can reload the magazing without removing it, so the relatively low capacity on this bolt action gun really isn’t an issue.

You won’t be able to pop 10 hogs at once like you can with a good semi-automatic 6.5 Creedmoor, but the Sako is a practical hunting option for most of us.

That three-lug barrel is the stuff of legend and comes in a variety of lengths, up to 26 inches. The 70-degree bolt action is inevitably butter smooth and you can spend more if you go for A7 Premium line.

The History of Sako Rifles

The Finnish company has been in business since the 1920s and has developed a reputation for obsessional focus on quality control. Every rifle is manually fired before leaving the factory and everything from the Winchester Magnum ammunition to the TRG Quad and Sako Premium rifles boast incredible attention to detail.

What Does Sako Mean?

Suojeluskuntain Ase-ja Koenpaja Osakeyhtio is just too much for the rest of the world and it was wise to shorten the name to Sako.

Beretta Group bought a controlling stake at the turn of the Millennium and has provided expertise and guidance, but largely left one of the best manufacturers of rifles and centerfire cartridges in the world.

The original name translated to Firearms and Machine workshop of the Civil Guard and the company’s first job was to produce service weapons for the Finnish military and police.

It has evolved into one of the finest competitive shooting rifle manufacturers in the world and now sells more than 100,000 rifles every year.

Most of them, inevitably, are SAKO A7 Roughtech rifles for sale. Get yours now, and see just how the best bolt-action hunting rifles really feel.

Is this the best cheap hunting rifle for sale? Well that depends on your definition of cheap, but it’s certainly a contender in the bolt-action rifles class when it comes to value for money.


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