ZEV Tech OZ9: The Metal Glock We Wanted?

ZEV Tech OZ9 for sale, get your Glock 2.0 today.

ZEV Technologies OZ9

  • Price: $1,745.99
  • Barrel Length: 4.48 inches
  • Total length: 7.32 inch
  • Weight: 1.75lb
  • Capacity: 17+1

Glock tuner and AR-15 manufacturer ZEV Technoologies has finally unveiled the ZEV Tech O.Z-9 and it looks like the company could have a smash hit on its hands.

This is an all-metal Glock, in essence, although ZEV Tech has redesigned this gun from the ground up. Everything is different and then it gets all the R&D work from thousands of match-grade barrels, some of the best drop-in Glock triggers for sale and ZEV’s radical ported slides.

Regular readers will remember the ZEV Prizefighter and the ZEV Tech Dragonfly from previous posts. We always recommend their Glock aftermarket parts for a DIY Glock build too.

ZEV Tech Core Elite AR-15 rifle. A match-grade AR-15 rifle

ZEV Makes AR-15 Rifles and Pistols Now

ZEV Technologies has gone on the march in recent times, turning its hand to the boutique AR-15 market alongside its more public face as one of the leading custom Glock parts manufacturers out there.

If you are partial to a custom Glock, check out or list of 21 of the best custom Glocks for sale. They include the now iconic Joh Wick Combat Master Package and Zev Tech’s work.

But we knew that ZEV was working on something new behind the scenes, and now here it is. It’s a totally new 9mm pistol, built on familiar Glock architecture with a metal frame. If anybody can get it right, it’s ZEV Technologies.

The metal frame allowed ZEV to properly integrate the locking block and then go for extended rails. The full-length slide is designed to reduce lateral movement, vibrations and even clear the channels as it goes. This is a self-cleaning and lubricating firearm, which is pretty cool.

Inevitably ZEV Tech promises that a lot of its existing products will match up to the OZ9 if you want to get the gunsmithing kit out and start modifying your new baby. But you don’t have to.

This gun is pre-modified. It’s an in-house tuner gun, which are getting more popular and deserve their own post. This handgun is built for you, balanced and it’s just the right mix of aggression and actual practicality.

Not the Sexiest Custom Glock

It isn’t the prettiest Glock-based creation I have seen. ZEV’s G34 Dragonfly might still hold that prize, but this looks like it might be the perfect EDC in your hand.

That barrel length of 4.48 inch clearly cuts the compact and full size pistol market in half. But the overall length of 7.32 inches is seriously good taking that barrel length into account. It’s a compact pistol that hasn’t sacrificed barrel and accuracy and it will basically fit on top of a Glock 19.

There you’ll see the flared magwell, the pronounced beavertail, the reprofiled grip and the new stippling. The slide is rackable in just about every direction and there are fiber optic night sights up top. It’s RMR ready and the view from above might just be the ZEV’s best angle.

Custom EDC Sector Hotting Up

There are options for the title of the best Every Day Carry gun these days and we’re going to look more closely at the in-house tuner guns like the Sig Sauer X-Carry, S&W SW1911 Performance Center and even the Canik TP9SFX. It’s a growing market and there are some properly cool guns out there.

Off The Peg Custom Handgun

This new entry to the compact 9mm handguns for sale from ZEV Technologies is intriguing and it’s priced competitively. It sounds expensive, but you just buy the gun, off the peg. You don’t have to start with a perfectly functional Glock and start throwing parts away.

So it’s one bill, for a totally ready to shoot ZEV Tech OZ9 pistol. You can dress it up with yellow barrels and red trigger faces, but the hard work is all done.

It is all based around a metal receiver, too, and you cannot underestimate the impact that has. An Agency Arms Glock 19 should never quite feel as tight, secure or as pinpoint accurate as this gun. This isn’t a Glock Plus, it’s a new gun, with a new slide mechanism, a new grip angle, a new everything.

A Glock Evolution Before Our Eyes

ZEV Technologies just happens to know a thing or two about the polymer Glock platform, and when they say they have something much better, it pays to listen.

This gun might not look like a gamechanger, but I firmly believe it’s going to turn into a sales success. It’s the right gun, for the right time, and it is the metal Glock we all wanted.

This could be the Glock, evolving before our eyes. And it coudl be the start of something big. Of course you can check out these other Glock rivals too.

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