Boulder Revolts Against Gun Control Laws

Gun Control sucks and boulder has revolted against assault weapon control

Gun owning residents of Boulder, Colorado, have openly defied new regulations that effectively require registration to own an assault weapon.

New regulations in the gun control friendly Colorado city require all weapons they have broadly classified as assault weapons to be registered. It costs $20, and there’s a background check that goes with it, but the people just are not playing ball.

Boulder refusing to register

Just 342 have registered their weapons through the proper channel, which means there are probably thousands of AR-15s, AK-47s and other denominational semi-automatic rifles out there that aren’t going to get their due process.

“I would say the majority of people I’ve talked to just aren’t complying because most people see this as a registry,” Lesley Hollywood, executive director of the Colorado Second Amendment group Rally for Our Rights, told The Washington Times. “Boulder actually has a very strong firearms community.”

Will This Stand Prove Contagious?

What does that mean? Well this could get tense. Boulder only has 107,000 residents, but what are they going to do if this mass non-compliance with gun control laws becomes a real line in the sand?

If Boulder residents ignore the regulations, that’s a precedent and other citizens might be encouraged to take a stand. That creates a real political tension to a simple act of defiance from what have been described as Colorado’s ‘gun toting hippies’.

It’s a largely Left leaning State with some staunch Second Amendment fans in there. So Boulder is a melting pot and might come to stand for something more.

Gun Control Laws Are an Issue

Creeping gun control laws are constantly nibbling away at the Second Amendment and eventually there has to come a point where people simply don’t comply with the latest round of regulations. Boulder has found its line and we’re going to have to watch how this one plays out.

You might also want to invest in some 80% frames and a silo of gun parts & accessories, just in case your town is next. (Update: yeah 80% frames are banned too now).

Florida seem staunchly pro-gun. Other states, though, are fast turning into California. Examples are littered everywhere and now the Donald is out of office, that’s probably not good.

With whole police departments failing, though, and running out of funding, and getting defunded. It’s not ideal is it? So don’t wait, buy guns while you can.


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