SAS Sniper’s 1.5-Mile Kill With Vintage Machine Gun!

Browning M2 machine gun

An SAS Sniper used a 60-year-old Browning M2 50 BMG machine gun to blow an ISIS commander to pieces in front of his men from 1.5 miles away.

It’s a new record for the SAS and the impressive thing is he used an old-school 50 BMG machine gun to do it. The shot tore the ISIS commander apart, ripping through his chest and taking a shoulder and arm with it. He was on a British and US ‘kill list’, and that got dealt with. He died instantly.

Not The Best Sniper Rifle

It’s an odd choice of weapon when the Barrett M107 Semi-Automatic 50 BMG is pretty much the best 50 BMG sniper rifle out there right now. That helped this unnamed sniper hit another 1.5 mile target last year. Accuracy International might have a word or two to say about that, but it’s the Barrett that has established itself at the head of the pecking order.

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Still, this SAS sniper used what he had at his disposal, which was a 60-year-old 50 BMG machine gun. The Browning M2 is normally mounted on a vehicle, a helicopter or even boats. It was a popular addition to the US Forces from the 1930s onwards and could be seen strafing the opposition from distance.

It really isn’t a precision tool, but as the SAS motto says: ‘Who Dares, Wins.’

Scoping A Hot Target

The Sergeant was out on routine patrol, spotted the enemy and saw the opportunity. He fitted a sight on top of the gun and took his chance. He had to account for the heat and the light refracting the image and the target, standing in front of 20 minutes, appeared as a watery image in the scope.

A 50 BMG won’t drop off for a while, but this was still a moonshot and a new record for the SAS. That he did it with this gun is a testament to the soldier’s skills and we’ve got to say fair play to the lad.

This long-range weapon was designed for cover fire and maximum impact, shock and awe if you will. Using one to thread the needle like this, well it’s not what it was built for.

So we have to doff our caps to this outrageous piece of skill that the British Armed Forces reckon saved a large number of lives. The ISIS guy, he was no good apparently.

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