Future Liberal World Is Terrifying

Apocalypse - It could be coming soon

Liberals are pushing for gun control, open borders and Socialism in some form or another. But where will those things lead if they get to power and make it happen?

Well you can have your opinions and I can have mine, but here’s the way I see it panning out.

It’s going to be a fucking dystopian nightmare.

My gut feeling is that Socialism won’t really happen, but let’s just take gun control and then forget open borders. Let’s go with mass immigration for now.

So the cities are flooded with people from Syria, Africa and Central America. We’re talking a low IQ populace that grew up with violence. We’re talking an explosion of gang culture, and illegal guns. Lots of illegal guns.

Sweden and Europe have shown the way. There will be a surge in street crime, robbery and of course that old chestnut: rape. Turf wars will erupt, with the likes of MS-13 coming in, and the general population just will not feel safe.

Buy Guns Now And Keep Them Safe

There will be no guns by then, we’re pretty sure. Legally anyway. You could buy guns now, then lose them in a boating accident, theoretically speaking, or buy 80% kits, don’t build them, don’t register them, and make them if and when the time comes.

But there won’t be many people that do that.

So there will be no real defense, the crime rates will rocket and we simply won’t be able to police that. What will we do then?

Will We Ask For Sanctuary Cities Of Our Own?

I can see a time when the law-abiding population voluntarily goes into compounds, sanctuary cities, for their own protection.

Essentially, the criminals can run free and there will be inner city areas, fenced and patrolled, for the people that don’t particularly like getting stabbed when they go to work.

If we assume that the overall goal is power and control over the citizens, which is straying a bit close to conspiracy theories and yet you have to say looks plausible in the modern world, what better way than letting us ask to go in to these tightly controlled zones?

We Carry Our Own Electronic Surveillance

There was a time when science fiction told us we’d all be tagged and tracked by now. As it turned out, we pretty much voluntarily went out and got our own tags with the smartphone we carry. We even pay for the privilege.

So, what’s to say in 20 years we won’t be banging at the gates of the inner city, asking to be let in to our own prison, to make sure we can, you know, stay alive?

Will The First World Burn?

Of course that might never happen, there are about 100 different story arcs the world could take between then and now. We could eliminate crime entirely with AI-powered drones that shoot on site.

We could predict crimes before they happen thanks to CCTV and software that means there’s a cop ready to tap you on the shoulder and tell you that you’re about to fuck up your life.

All kinds of things could happen. But right now, this is possible. It doesn’t sound totally far-fetched. And that is kinda frightening….


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