A Simple Guide To Buying Guns Online

How to Buy Guns Online

You might be used buying guns at your local gun store. But it’s time to buy guns online.

Thousands of people just like you buy guns online every day. Now we’re going to talk you through the process.

It’s easy and once you’ve seen how simple it is, you’ll kick yourself for spending the extra money.

How To Buy Guns Online – How It Works

You pay online with a credit card. It’s about as simple as buying off Amazon.

They can’t ship the gun direct. And you should be happy you don’t have an AR-15 launched casually over your gate.

They send it to your nominated dealer with a Federal Firearms License.

Of course, that can be a gun shop. But pawn shops and gun collectors can also have them and it’s worth checking locally.

Pawn Shops Offer Cheaper Gun Transfers

You’ll almost certainly get a better deal from a pawn shop. If they sell firearms then rest assured they have an FFL license and are set-up for transfers of ownership.

They also won’t try and hijack your deal, although you can use that to your advantage if you want and try and lowball them on a weapon in the shop. Even a gun shop shouldn’t charge you more than $30 to do the transfer and it really isn’t any extra work for you.

In essence, the gun goes to your dealer and they arrange the transfer. They send their FFL license to the vendor, your gun ships and then you sort the paperwork out when it arrives.

It really is that simple. So you don’t need to mess round with paperwork at the sale time. You simply pay a small fee to your local dealer for the transfer.

Buy Guns Online With Freedom

So you’ll always have the best guns in the world at your fingertips.

If you were wondering how to buy guns online, those are the basics. Order the gun of your dreams online and deal with the paperwork dealt at your local pawn shop.

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