Hudson MFG H9: Yes It’s Worth The Money

Hudson Mfg H9, it's worth it. Innovative hanbdgun design.


Hudson MFG H9: Yes, It’s Worth the Money

  • Price: $1009

Update: We liked the Hudson, but the market just didn’t. It is now a footnote in history and you can find a huge number of compact 9mm handguns here.

The Hudson H9 was one of the stars of the SHOT Show, but nobody really knew if this quirky and unique pistol would really materialize, or if it would work.

Of course, we started to see the questions:

  • Is the Hudson H9 worth that much money?
  • Is a Hudson H9 better than a 1911?
  • Is the Hudson MFG H9 too expensive?

Well, it’s here, and it’s shipping, and it looks like it’s living up the outrageous hype. People were naming the Hudson MFG H9 as the best handgun of 2018 since before it was launched. I wouldn’t go that far, but if you have spare money, you’re used to a 1911 and you want to go to the next level in tech, this could be the one for you.

The steel Hudson H9 is something like a metal Glock, with 1911 elements in there. It’s a striker-fired 1911, if you can imagine such a thing.

The recoil spring and guide rod are beneath the barrel, which helped pull the barrel down. This all helps reduce recoil and muzzle climb in theory. Now we know, this really is a flat shooting 9mm handgun.

It is also flat. Look at the view front-on.

Hudson MFG H9: A great EDC Gun

Hudson MFG H9: CCW IS Possible

It’s just about viable as an EDC and even though it costs $1009, you can see where your money has gone. It’s all metal, slender and yet with a double-stack 15+1 magazine in a small footprint.

The grips feel like a high-end 1911. You also get the pronounced beavertail grip, so slide bite won’t be a thing with this gun.

What 1911 Can You Get for $1000?

This price tag opens up some attractive options in the 1911 world, with the Ruger SR1911 and even Springfield Armory’s lesser options sneaking in around the $1000 mark.

Check here for 10 1911s for about $1000 that you could choose instead.

A Different Style of Handgun

It’s a completely different design, a futuristic weapon that looks like it could easily star in sci-fi movies. It’s hard to get your head round how long and low the Hudson looks, when it’s just 7.6 inches long and 0.2 inches taller than a Glock 19.

The barrel is just over 4 inches and it’s truly interchangeable with a Glock 19, except it costs a little more, but it’s shorter than the Glock and it’s a compact shape that could make this a real contender for the best EDC handgun in the world title.

If it turns out to be reliable, it’s going on my list of the best CCW handguns for sale in 2018.

Yes, it looks like it should have an integrated laser, and it doesn’t. That lower section is all about recoil control and the components out front all help give this gun its unique balance.

The differences in the real world are going to be marginal, and that’s why Hudson has gone luxury. The tech on its own might not have been enough to take on the likes of the Glock 19 and Sig Sauer P320 compact, but that misses the point, too. This really is a hybrid of 1911 style and striker-fired technology.

Personally, I could justify spending the money on this before an Agency Arms Glock, for instance, but that’s just me.

Metal is Heavy, Go Figure…

It does weigh 2lb, which is too much additional weight to ignore. It will conceal beautifully, though, as the ergonomics of this 9mm are something else. It is also metal, rather than polymer, and that comes with a weight penalty.

The capacity is massive, the unique design seems to have worked and Hudson have produced the flat-shooting gamechanger they promised earlier in the year.

Is it worth this much money? That’s the key question. It’s metal, it will last for years and the engineering looks convincing so far. It’s also a designer handgun, it makes a 1911 look ordinary and the finishing touches are nigh-on perfect.

hudson MFG H9 9mm

Yes, the Hudson H9 handgun is worth every cent and more. It’s actually a bargain when you look at it up close and nobody that owns one feels shortchanged. It’s proper 1911 money, but then this really is 1911 2.0.

If you see a Hudson MFG H9 for sale then snap it up, because you have a piece of handgun history and it may even be the missing link between 1911s and Glock-style striker-fired pistols when we look back in the history books.

Here’s a full tour of the gun from its creator.

Essentially, it’s a striker-fired pistol with added craftsmanship, that you should never have to replace. You probably will, though, is the basic issue. Guns that last a lifetime are a beautiful thing and the Hudson could stay with you forever, but this very gun proves that tech moves on and the Hudson H9 Mk2, or Mk5, could be a new kind of handgun.

Even in their own concept gun video, you can see how far this gun came in just a few years. You know there’s more to come from this pair.

Plastic Is An Option

If you are inwardly mocking the gun’s weight or capacity, then you were probably never the target market. There are plenty of guns for sale for you, including this list of 9 Glock alternatives.

The Hudson MFG H9 is a unique addition to the firearms landscape.

We applaud the innovative design and hope it forces other manufacturers to think again and come up with a response to this low-profile, flat little Glock/1911 hybrid.

This is one of the finest CCW handguns for sale, the best EDC and a gun you will genuinely be proud to own as an enthusiast. Yes it’s solid 1911 money, but it’s unique technology and a totally different flavor of handgun. Everybody should own one if they can.

Get your Hudson H9 handgun here!

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