Illinois Town Bans Assault Rifles!

Deerfield, Illionois has passed a vote to ban semi-automatic ‘assault rifles’ and will fine those that don’t gve up their guns $1000 a day.

But is this actually legal?

We’re expecting the NRA to step up to the plate and challenge this ruling in court, because it seems pretty unconstitutional.  Yes it’s a political hot potato and yes the virtue signalling is strong, but I’m still not sure how a town council can basically tear up the Second Amendment like a fake Emma Gonzalez meme.

The suburb of Chicago voted to ban the possession, manufacture and sale of assault weapons and large capacity magazines. The list of guns caught up in this is pretty savage and we seriously wonder how this is going to happen by June 13th when the ruling comes into force.

Basically any semi-automatic with a mag capacity of more than 10 rounds, shotguns with revolving cylinders and even conversion kits have been banned. I really don’t see how this won’t end in court.

If the ruling goes unchallenged, then we’ve basically let the Second Amendment go because we didn’t make a stand. NRA, this is what you do. It’s time to fight for your members’ rights.

“We hope that our local decision helps spur state and national leaders to take steps to make our communities safer,” Deerfield Mayor Harriet Rosenthal said in a press release, after the ban on assault weapons passed unanimously.

I feel that a few of those guns might get ‘lost in a boating accident’. But I also feel that now is the time to make a stand against this blatant disregard for the Constitution. Because if we let them redefine then take the Second Amendment, they will come for the First shortly after.

We don’t want to get dramatic, but here at the USA Gun Shop we don’t want to see gun control and this is the thin end of the wedge. The next shooter will just use a pair of Glocks and drum mags. So what happens then? We all know, if we’re honest.

So, we’re looking to fight this, and it’s time for the NRA to go for the throat of the Liberal gun control nuts.


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