Why You Need To Stock Up On Ammunition

Where to buy bulk ammunition cheap online

Let’s face it, gun control is coming in some form or another. Kids are fighting the Second Amendment, some towns are driving a bus straight through it and now government officers are colluding with major organisations to try and stop gun sales.

That is the literal definition of Fascism by the way: corporations colluding with government to shape public policy.

But we can sit and whine about how unfair it is, or we can think ahead.

The best thing you can actually do is to learn to make ammunition and prepare yourself. So if you want to know how to make your own ammunition, then you have to start with a press and then learn the ropes.

Even if nothing goes wrong, you’ll still save a fortune if you chew through ammunition and it’s kind of fun to make your own bullets and shotgun shells. It doesn’t get more hunter/gatherer than that.

So have a look here for great deals on presses to make your own bullets.

You need a few more things, too, and they’re all neatly outlined in this video:

If you go that route, then you don’t need to worry about stocking up on ammo, just have tens of thousands of casings and the raw ingredients to turn them into bullets. Honestly, it’s the only real long term plan as you can recycle ammunition casings until they start to jam up more often than not.

Some casings, especially Creedmoor and Lapua, can handle dozens of reloads. So if you’re thinking ahead and the future looks as bleak to you as it does to us right now, then you really need to think about this as an option.

But if you’re not quite as nihilistic as we are, then you need to stock up on ammunition anyway.

When is Gun Control Coming?

At some point in the years ahead, either guns will be banned, or society is going to melt down. We’ve just got too many warring factions and politically we are fighting on so many fronts that it’s hard to keep track.

America is a political touchpaper right now and preparing for the future could mean the difference between getting through it in one piece and, well, not…

If we do have a period of civil unrest, then forget your Bitcoin, forget your gold, they are just not important.

The only things that matter will be food, shelter, power and the means to defend or take them. That’s it.

Sorry to sound a bit crazy, I know it does. I used to laugh at preppers and conspiracy theorists, but normal people are talking about this now and it’s pretty clear there’s something on the horizon.

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Bullets Will Be Worth More Than Gold

If that time comes, ammunition, together with clean water, will be just about the most valuable commodity on this Earth. You could trade it or you could use it, but either way the guy with the ammo will be the guy in charge.

The only way you can really prepare against a total gun ban, without breaking the law, is to invest in 80% kits and a buttload of ammunition.

When that time comes it will not matter if that ammo is the cheapest steel. It won’t even really matter if it’s 22LR. It only matters that it works.

So get what you can afford, and get a lot of it, and stash it. This is your insurance policy against the world going wrong.

Buy Cheap Ammunition In Bulk

You can buy 1000 rounds of Tula 9mm steel ammo for just $149.99. You might not like it. You might think your gun doesn’t like it. But come the time, you will love this stuff.

You can get 5000 rounds of 22LR for just $250, too. Give me all the BS you like about you don’t get out of bed with anything less than a 40 S&W. If this time comes, 22LR will look pretty sweet.

5.56 NATO costs more, but it’s around 40c a round in its cheapest iteration. It’s a viable hunting round, which matters, but it really does call the AR-15 into question as a true post-Apocalypse gun and the only way you can really make that work is with a press I think.

The 9mm will feed a carbine, a sub-machine gun-type pistol and a handgun, which makes it more practical in this horrible future world that really could be edging closer.

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Get The Cheapest Ammunition Online

Get on to Lucky Gunner now and see the crazy deals you can get, and just keep stocking up.

Plink away at the range and enjoy yourself, but always buy more than you need and start stockpiling now. If you put in an order for 100,000 rounds of ammo just before a big ban, you’ll probably get a knock on the door.

If you start ordering by the thousand now, regularly, then you’re just an enthusiastic amateur who loves the range.

It might sound dark and dramatic. It might even make me sound like a loon. But something is coming, and it’s way better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it. It would be even worse to have a gun and have nothing to fire out the bangy end…


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