KRISS Vector Gen 2, 5.5″ Barrel

KRISS Vector 2 SBR


KRISS Vector Gen 2 .45 ACP Semi-Automatic

Price: $1399.92



At first glance, the KRISS Vector SBR is an ungainly looking gun. With the lightweight stock and bulky frame, it sure isn’t going to win any beauty pageants.


But the Vector’s thick-set frame is due to the Super V Recoil Mitigation System that redirects energy away from you and down.


It’s the toned down, civilian version of the Vector SMG automatic sub-machine gun and, crucially, it comes with the short barrel.


You can buy Vectors with a long barrel and Rainier Arms can sell it to you. They’ve got both versions in stock and you can check their full range here.


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But, just don’t buy the 16” barrel version.


Get this infinitely sexier short barrel version, that comes threaded and ready for a proper suppressor. It’s a 5.5 inch barrel and it’s the one you want, because the compact size is really one of the big selling points of the gun.


It’s on sale right now. But don’t expect this price to last and it might go back to the normal rate of $1549.99 by the time you read this. If it has, we tried for  you….


KRISS Vector .45 ACP


In this form, it’s just 27.25” long with the stock out, and 24” with it folded to the side for ultimate flexibility when things get close.  The 16-inch barrel version also looks ridiculous.  It’s like ducklips on a girl, but worse.


Don’t worry about the way it looks when it comes to the handling. A lot of the weight is set far back in the frame, so it has a pretty good natural balance. It weighs in at 7.8lb all in, which is pretty much as light as you could expect for a gun like this.


Well, that and the fact it rattles off .45 ACP ammunition at a frightening rate.


You can take the stock off completely and fit a sling if that’s your thing, but you might want a pistol grip for the front. There isn’t much real estate up front that you can use to grip the gun and the pistol grip is much more stable and practical.


But this is an epic gun, however you want to use it and it has some serious stopping power.


It’s got some tough opposition, with the Sig Sauer 9mm MPX PDW and more expensive HK SP5K to choose from. But the KRISS has them beat in terms of ammunition and simple stopping power.


So if you’ve got a collection, then treat yourself to something unique and get ready to burn through A LOT of big bore ammunition.


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