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Thompson A1 1927 Tommy Gun from Auto Ordnance

Last updated March 1st 2024

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Auto Ordnance Thompson 1927A-1 Deluxe Carbine

  • Price: $1,550.00+
  • Barrel Length: 16.5 inch
  • Total Length: 41 inch
  • Weight: 9.5lb

We pretty much all drooled over a Thompson at some point or another, in real life or on the silver screen.

This is virtually a symbol of the gangsters that used them to shoot up downtown New York, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas and yeah, just about all the other American cities.

For close quarters combat, or even a bit of spray and pray, the fully automatic machine guns were a gamechanger when it came to stopping power. They were a common sight.

It wasn’t just a gun for the Las Vegas, New York and Chicago gangsters of the 1920s. It was also a gun that has gone into trench warfare with the troops in lots of wars for the British army, as well as the US armed forces.

Then there are the special forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, the United States Marine Corps and elite fighting forces around the world that used it as an anti bandit gun. The British armies’ special units love it a lot and it has become a part of military history too.

For want of a better word, two of these guns starred in the St Valentine’s Day Massacre. Al Capone allegedly ordered the St Valentine’s Day massacre, when two of his men shot up 7 members of a rival gang in an underground garage.

How Many Are There?

1.7 million Thompsons made trench warfare history in WWII alone with the US and Allied forces, thanks to the AutoOrdnance Corporation and Savage Arms. Of course, the rate of fire on those guns were slightly higher.

It’s a gun that gave way to the likes of the HK MP5 and a variety of other 9mm SMGs that you can buy in semi-auto form,

Before then, it achieved legend status long before it bowed out of military service and into the hands of organized crime. You will still find old clones in active service in the Soviet Union, Africa and other regions. They believe in 45 ACP cartridge stopping power.

Tommy Guns also starred in the Greek Civil War, the Banana Wars, the Chinese Civil War and Vietnam as well. The Irish battle for Independence involved more than a few and the Thompson saw action in the Lebanese Civil War as recently as 1990.

So it has been places and seen things most of us shouldn’t.

The M1 is a legend, an icon in its own right, That means they are thin on the ground and they tend to be expensive, before you get into the licensing issues and the Third Class license.

How Can You Buy a Thompson?

So here we have got a few ways for you to buy a Tommy Gun and your own piece of American pop culture. We’ll give you the expensive guns, seriously collectible firearms, and also show you a way to own a semi-automatic rifle for a fraction of the price. 

It won’t be the same, but it will be the difference between $2,000 and $30,000. So, you know, there’s that…

Is it Legal to Own a Thompson Machine Gun?

Yes, in some States, although it has to be pre-1986 to fit with the regulations.

So, yes, it is legal to own one.

Just a few are included the 175,0000+ machine guns registered in the United States.

So they’re not easy to find and, due to this gun’s Hall of Fame status, you won’t get this world wars winner cheap. All famous guns come with a premium price tag, and well this is one of the Original Gangsters and armed forces favorites….

Most of the fully automatic Thompson for sale ads tend to be pre-1986 National Firearms Act recreations, rather than active service weapons, when you read the ad closely. They’re still seriously expensive. 

So consider a box fresh, semi-auto replica, before you go too nuts with your money. It’s almost as good, better in some ways…

Basically these are all variations from Auto Ordnance, produced under license in one or two instances by the look of it. But basically, this is a fairly faithful semi-auto rifle recreation of the legendary SMG.

Where to Buy a Thompson Submachine Gun Replica

Thompson replica, a 45 ACP rifle you can buy today that won't break the bank.

1. Auto Ordnance Thompson Model 1927A1 Standard 45 ACP

  • Price: $1,556.99
  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Barrel: 18 inch
  • Weight: 11.6lb

This is the basic version of the other rifles you see here. But it’s basically 90% of the gun for a lot less money and you still get the Cutts compensator and other touches.

You get a 10-round stick mag and you’ll have to buy drums separately. But, at this price, who cares?

Auto Ordnance Thompson 1927A-1 Lightweight Deluxe Carbine rifle for sale. Perhaps the best modern Tommy gun rifle for sale.

2. Auto Ordnance Thompson 1927A1 Deluxe Carbine Rifle

  • Price: $2,369.99
  • Barrel Length: 16.5 inch
  • Total Length: 41 inch
  • Weight: 9.5lb

Most of the best Tommy Guns are actually semi-auto rifles these days. So it is with this one. This is the classic replica and it’s a common sight.

It’s a classic example, and it operates from the closed bolt position. That’s as close as you’re going to get to the full automatic weapons without a Class iii license and a ton of money.

Massive Drum Mags Give 100 Rounds

This semi-auto Auto Ordnance takes the 100-round drum mags, too, as well as the classic 50–round drum mags and 20-round stick mags. The box magazines do make for an exceptionally lightweight gun, too.

I mean this is still almost 13lb, so it’s no plastic AR-15, but then you do get a real wood vertical foregrip, a proper wood buttstock and a 16.5 inch barrel with the period detailing. The detachable buttstock detaches with the press of a button, too. Ostensibly for storage in a violin case. But you could, just could, fire it like that.

A lightweight aluminum receiver helps trim the fat, though, and there really isn’t much excess here. There’s a purity of purpose that we love, even though we know a semi-auto 45 ACP rifle is a niche thing for fun at the range, and maybe pest control.

Tommy Gun with Hard Chrome finish and tiger stripes. Get your custom Tommy Gun now.

3. Thompson 1927A-1 Deluxe Carbine Tiger Stripes

  • Price: $4,883.99
  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Barrel: 18 inch
  • Weight: 11.3lb

This is essentially a cleaner, sexier, but also less authentic version. The gun price is high, but then it’s a work of art in its own special way.

This version is machined from billet steel and you get a Cutts compensator on the barrel, which is an epic muzzle device. A hard chrome finish does catch the light, and the tiger stripes are, well, tiger stripes.

You really cannot argue with the visual impact of this statement firearm, though. And some of you will love these high price, high spec semi-auto.

Of course there is a serious price hike to deal with for this Auto Ordnance 1927-A1 Deluxe. But if you just want something different, this definitely works. It’s an art piece for the wall, a movie villain’s gun, a video games star and just maybe subtle home defense hiding in plain sight.

If the tiger stripes are where you draw the line, there’s a ‘simple’ hard chrome edition here, for just over $3,000.

And the only Civil War that belongs in is the next Avengers movie, together with a gold Magnum Research Desert Eagle.

Because America, that’s why.And because the Kahr Firearms gun company owns Magnum Research too, so the Tommy Gun and Magnum Research pistols/revolvers combo isn’t quite as ridiculous as it might sound.

Thompson Sub Machine Gun, the short barrel pistol, without the stock

4. AO Thompson 1927A-1 Lightweight Pistol

  • Price: $2,100.99
  • Barrel: 16.5 inch
  • Weight: 12lb

Think it couldn’t get more gangster? Well look again, this is the Thompson pistol version with the shorter barrel that drops the stock completely. For a CQB, it’s still an intriguing proposition.

Seriously, it might be a tribute to days gone by, but this is also a really serious home defense gun. Especially if all the custom AR-15s, AR pistols and 300 Blackout pistols are sold out…

This Thompson pistol is not cheap, but it’s a seriously beefy gun with the classic iron front and rear sight.

There are plenty of other options, but this does have a certain perverse appeal and we could imagine the home invader’s face when they’re staring down the barrel of this monster.

In the absence of actual automatic weapons, this Thompson pistol will do you proud and it’s a great tribute to the best selling piece of world history…

Add a stock to the Thompson 1927a-1 pistol and you’ve got the SBR, and a beast of a Close Quarters Combat weapon with a drum mag on your target pistols, like good ol Hickock here…

Get the Violin Case and Silencer

Auto Ordnance Tommy Gun for sale. Buy a semi auto Thompson submachine gun right now.

5. SilencerCo Tommy Summit Suppressor and Violin Case kit

  • Price: $3,299
  • Barrel: 11.5 inch
  • Total: 32 inch
  • Capacity: 50+1 rounds
  • Weight: 12.5lb

Brownells got Auto Ordnance and SilencerCo together back in 2017 to create this kind of awesome gun. So they’re all gone, but if you see one, at least you know what it is.

It’s a fond look back at the work of General John T Thompson, who started the company as he searched for the perfect military firearm that had no recoil or gas-operated mechanism  in the wake of World War I. The Annihilator 1, with a friction delayed blowback action, was unveiled in 1918.

In 1919 it was officially ready for launch and General Thompson was soon to have a massive impact on the Second World War, even though he didn’t quite make it for the first World War army ordnance department. 

Modern Company is a Cover Band

The new Auto Ordnance isn’t really the same sort of company. It does produce a series of weapons, including 1911s, but the modern Auto Ordnance is a nostalgic look back on the weapons that changed the world. 

This might just be the most famous gun of all time and the simple blowback comes with the classic 50-round drum magazine. if State laws allow…

One of the finer semi-auto 1927-a1 long guns is branded as a SilencerCo sale, but Auto Ordnance produced everything bar the can there, too.

Unsurprisingly we guess, the Auto Ordnance Summit is the peak of their craft.

If you’re looking for perfect modern replica guns, you don’t want the hassle of a full auto and the FBI background check that goes with it, then this could be the one for you.

Note, could be… There are a couple of other complications, like the SBR set-up with the shorter barrel length and the silencer. That’s NFA territory…

45 ACP Ammo is the Perfect Fit, Why Change?

The Thompson comes with the same 45 ACP caliber and it’s a faithful reconstruction of the 1928 model Thompson. You also get the suppressor, which is cool and yet really does turn this into a painfully expensive package.

It’s heavy, just like the original, it takes common or garden ammunition and it’s pretty much the best way to shoot a Thompson. The vertical foregrip is detachable and you can pretty much set up your tactical rifles as you want.

The Donald Trump Edition Kahr Arms Thompson 1927a-1 Rifle - A special edition rifle you have to see with your own eyes. Buy yours here.

6. Kahr Arms 1927a-1 Thompson Rifle Trump Edition

  • Price: $2,499.99
  • Barrel: 16.5
  • Total Length: 39 inch
  • Weight: 12.5lb

This is literally a pretty faithful Thompson 1927-A1 replica with Donald Trump’s face on it. I mean why wouldn’t you want that extreme slice of Kahr Firearms pop culture?

Well possibly a few reasons, but I can’t think of any right now. This gun is awesome. This is Leftist baiting small arms fetish gunporn. That’s good enough reason for us to look at the Kahr Firearms Group and smile.

Boys, you did us proud… Forget the Thompson’s Trench Broom in World War II, this could possibly start WWIII. And that makes the Kahr Arms Thompson 1927A-1 awesome.

Pretty Much Sold Out…

And for other people it seems, as this gun is permanently sold out. Some places are taking backorders, but basically Kahr Firearms owns both companies and this gun company might just want to sell you an Auto Ordnance these days for convenience.

For pure comedic factor alone, we love this simple blowback semi-auto rifle. Kahr Firearms Group have never looked so good…

This Kahr Firearms Thompson gets a stick magazine, which some of you are just going to prefer. The Donald’s stick holds a solid 20 rounds in that box magazine, too, so Stormy Daniels was clearly wrong.

Auto Ordnance Tommy Gun

Why So Expensive?

This is the special edition, which comes in the violin case. The suppressor is also part of the package and they ain’t cheap, especially as this is one of the smallest and lowest profile silencers in the class.

You also get a violin case, which I believe are available on eBay for not that much, together foam. Those are gonna be cheaper gun cases…

It does look cool, but I have to be honest I’d go for one of the ‘lesser’ 1927-a1 long guns in their Thompson replica range. The silencer just means an NFA tax stamp, it’s not really an integral part of the experience and this route was meant to be about avoiding hassle

M1 Carbine Tanker Thompson, a heavy duty version of the Kahr Arms Thompson replica.

7. M1 Carbine Tanker Thompson

  • Price: $2,326.99
  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Barrel: 16.5
  • Total Length: 39 inch
  • Weight: 12.5lb

We wanted to include the Thompson Tanker Thompson special edition, but it really is just a further tribute to the American troops that took these guns into battle against the Germans in World War II.

It’s basically the same 1927A-1 Thompson with a durable Cerakote green finish, the white star of the Sherman tank is engraved in front of the magwell and there’s a US logo on the buttstock of the Thompson Tanker Thompson tactical rifles.

The Thompson Tanker is kinda cheesy, but well, a lot of this is kind of cheesy.

8. AO Thompson Case Hardened

  • Price: $2,551.00
  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Barrel: 16.5
  • Total Length: 39 inch
  • Weight: 13lb

The Thompson case hardened is another special edition version of the same rifle with the blued steel showing the results of the manufacturing process.

Technically the receiver is stronger and, well, harder in the Thompson case hardened. But don’t expect any form of performance advantage. This is all about the look, the unique patina and the ripples in the blued steel.

It’s not quite Damascus steel, but it’s as close as you can get in this modern replica Tommy Gun.

You can get a case hardened Auto Ordnance M1911A1, too, which is then ripe for a 50 caliber conversion kit. But that’s an aside.

Group Industries Thompson Sub Machine Gun Replica with full auto fire. It was $30,000, and now you can't get them at all.

8. Group Industries Thompson

  • Price: $30,000
  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Barrel: 10 inch
  • Total Length: 34 inch
  • Weight: 11lb
  • Capacity: 50+1 rounds (Drum mag not supplied)

The Group Industries homage is a great gun and it will give you the complete, full auto Thompson experience.

It’s not an absolutely faithful recreation of the gun the likes of Johm Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde used to rob banks. But it is a gun that has taken some of the best features of the other Thompsons and installed them in a simple blowback gun that is largely based on the WWII guns for sale.

Now make sure you can get the Class III Machine gun license paperwork for these full auto submachine guns and talk to your local LEOs if you’re new to this and you live in a State with heavy gun control legislation. 

Get Your Papers in Order

You don’t want to spend $30,000 on an ornament that could invite a knock on the door, no matter how pretty it is. 

Most full auto owners have done the dance before, though, and have several in their collection.

They know that the legal paperwork is worth the effort and you get a truly unique firearm that will light up your face and the sky every time you pull the trigger on this full auto. Rate of fire is an actual thing in their lives.

You Need an SMG. And May Deserve One

If you can, you should own an SMG at least once in your life. Especially if you have an outside range and a steady source of cheap 45 ACP ammunition.

This gun fires from the open bolt position and like the M1928A1 Thompson, it has a two-position safety. You can opt for a fully automatic rifle, and you will get to live out your gangster or special forces fantasy. 

Is that worth this much money? Well that’s for you to decide. 

Nicknames for the Thompson SMG

Criminal types and cops all liked a snazzy name for their latest toys. Other nicknames included the Chicago Typewriter, and the Trench Broom, because, well, it could sweep trenches…

It was also called the Street Sweeper, Annihilator, Chicago Organ Grinder, Chicago Piano, the Chopper and Chicago Style.

How to spend even more…

Famous guns with a rich history of violence and prohibition era criminality in the hands of a famous mobster inevitably turn up from time to time. These are considered landmarks in American history.

Check the likes of Sotheby’s if you’re into high-end vintage firearms, and general American history.

The auction houses can part you with some serious money for famous automatic weapons or other firearms all days long. machine guns with history get expensive fast, and machine guns without any great story are hardly cheap.

What About a Modern AR Pistol

If you want a semi-auto pistol caliber carbine, and lots of people do, you have plenty of options these days. You can get a 9mm, 10mm or 45 ACP AR pistol, and you can also opt for a 300 Blackout pistol from the popular brands.

Blackout pistols are a particularly intriguing option and a suppressor is better than a Cutts compensator. Fit a suppressor and load up with subsonic ammo and the ballistics largely mimic the 45 ACP.

You can get everything from a 9mm Sig Sauer MPX Copperhead through to Century Arms pistols like the NAK-9 and a Magnum Research pistols & revolvers.

Load supersonic ammo and you’ve got AR-15 range and a 250-yard kill shot in a semi-auto AR pistol. That’s better. But sometimes that doesn’t matter. If you just want a semi-auto Auto Ordnance and you’re prepared to live with the traditional limitations, then you know what you got etc…

Have a look at these posts if you fancy something a little more modern.

Gun Parts & Accessories & Stick Magazines

Doesn’t matter if you go for an 1927-A1 Deluxe, or A Sig Sauer Copperhead. One day you’re going to need gun parts, a drum or a stick magazine, and that day is going to be soon.

So where do we go for the best gun parts on the internet for your Auto Ordnance 1927A-1? Well it depends on the gun, but you normally can’t go too far wrong with the folks at Brownells, Primary Arms and Palmetto State Armory.

Brownells is probably the most reliable for the real fiddly bits and technical gun parts and accessories. Primary Arms does have a great gun parts section, though, so check the site.

You might just need to go to the company direct for spares, gun parts, gun cases and specific accessories. Check the likes of Gunmag Warehouse for a stick magazine too.

But you know, while we’re here, these are the direct links for gun parts and accessories at our favorite dealers. Most of them can sell you a stick magazine, some of them can do much better with parts & accessories.

Thompson Center Rifles Offer More Great Guns

Thompson Center rifles are going off on a tangent, they’re not really related, but we tend to do that round here. If we think there’s a closely related gun that you might like, we’re going to point it out.

Now the Thompson Center Rifles Compass are hunting rifles, bolt action rifles you can buy in a variety of calibers and it’s a good honest hunting rifle. The Thompson Center Rifles Compass bolt action is freely available and is a good price.

That’s why it features in our 308 rifles piece, and 6.5 Creedmoor, and other pieces.

Don’t Forget the Thompson Center Arms Single Shot Rifles

The Thompson Center Arms Encore and Thompson Center Arms Pro Hunter black powder rifles are single shot rifle legends. And single shot pistol legends actually…

Both guns feature interchangeable barrels and stocks so you can switch from a single shot rifle chambered in 45-70 through to a 9mm pistol or 45 ACP Cowboy action with the same hardware.

So if you’re hunting big game or just shooting target pistols, then the Thompson Center Encore single shot rifle set up is really one you should look out for.

Tommy Gun vs M3 Grease Gun

The Tommy Gun was showing its age in the Second World War and America found a compelling alternative in the simple M3 Grease Gun. General Motors could manufacture it for less money, it looked like a pig in lipstick but it pretty much worked.

Nowadays the Grease Gun and Tommy Gun are collectible firearms wrapped lovingly in gun safes, which would have bought a smile to the face of the troops that carried them through muddy trenches back in the day.

Other Guns For Sale

While you’re here, we have lots of other things to show. If you want cowboy action rifles, bolt action rifles, shotguns, pump action rifles, lever action rifles and semi automatic rifle from the popular brands, then we have a gun price for you somewhere that will blow your mind.

Night vision too.

We love semi auto rifles, pistols and and even bolt pistols. That weird creation is one of our favorite hunting handguns right now.

We Don’t Sell Tommy Air Guns

We don’t have many air guns here on the page, just this one piece on the most powerful air guns. So if you’re looking for a C02 Thompson, we’re not the place for that. Air guns are fun, they’re just not our thing and the one time we covered air rifles, people said we were dumb.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re going to get to this Frequently asked questions section and featured items, we’re sure. Soon…


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  1. I don’t know who wrote this article, but Thompson SMG’s are easy to buy. Fill out a few forms, like buying a handgun, have a picture as per instructions, fingerprints, etc. a no brainer.

    You will then send all materials to ATF&E and wait for approval, maybe from 9 to 12 months and if approved your dealer will contact you and complete the transfer.

    1. OK you can get them, but there are 175,000 machine guns in the US. So most people don’t for pretty good reason. It’s major hassle and the thrill of spending $30 every time you pull the trigger soon wears off. So it’s just inconvenient enough for most people not to bother with, apparently.

    1. That’s the time to take an expert along, but unless you have some serious paperwork in place I understand it’s a felony to possess a genuine Tommy. So yeah, if you’re that far along and that ready to invest then you pay a bit more and get someone who really knows what they’re doing to authenticate it.

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      1. Hey Nick. I’m not that deep into guns, I am a north Missouri hunter. Your take on the Tommy Gun was well worth reading. Wouldn’t it be cool to watch a coyote get shot by one of these.

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  8. Hi NIck,

    I have two 1988 Thompson 45 semi-automatic collectables from the American Historical Foundation. They are the police and sheriff law enforcement models, both with the original 50 round drums. All four items are serial number 0156 if that even means anything to anyone wanting to buy them together.

    I would like to sell both the guns and the drums. I have no idea what to ask for them. They are in excellent shape and have never been fired.

    With no legal strings attached LOL, can you give me a rough idea what they should be worth? I would very much appreciate any guidance you would be willing to give me.


    1. They sound interesting, but like the guys on Pawn Stars I’d like to call my friend who’s an expert in these things for stuff like this. My friend is anybody who sees this with prior experience who wants to jump in with a comment. It’s better when they do, if not I’ll do my best to find a useful point of reference.

  9. where can i get one of the thompson M1928A1 with the 50 round drum .
    also i see some have longer barrels i dont want the long barrel it looks dumb i am looking for the same gun made famous by the TV series the untouchables .

    and i want one that fires please 45ACP

    cost is not a factor just want it but excellent cond. too

    thx please call 510-314-4626

  10. Any idea how I can find out if Florida is one of the states I can own one? I have done most of the paperwork you mentioned, finger prints, background check, when I did my CCW license.

    1. Florida is apparently up there with Nevada for gun friendly regs, so you should be good. BUT… Do your own research and make sure. Talk to the licensing authority and the cops, someone will know where to go for a definitive answer. Good luck!

  11. I’m 8nteedted in buying I love this gun 8 want just to have uncle grandfather and dad all passed but we’re gangsters 8n mafia I’m 3rd generation. Capone and gambino so I just want to have for. Self I’m not in Mafiia but I always wanted to dress up in fatigues an go our to open gwheat feel and shoot one of these and clear a circle and make it look like a a space ship had landed and left again
    I’m willing to pay you 8,000 to or both
    Can you send pictures so I can see if it the style u want thank you

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  14. Well Nick, i wouldnt say Nevada is all that gun friendly.
    Comparing it with ( Like AZ ). My brother moved from Scottsdale to Henderson,NV and he jumped thru all KIND of hoops! He wishes he could move back but the job is there so he is kinda stuck

  15. I have an original one 1928 that i have owned for many years here in Norway. Now i am planning on moving to another country and considering selling it.

    1. You will definitely get great money for it. If it’s in top condition or comes with a story, maybe contact the auction houses first. It might make it easier to transport it, too, because that could be a nightmare if you want to sell it outside Norway!

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