Noveske Light Recce 5.56 NATO. Is It Worth The Money?

Noveske Light Recce - worth the money?

Noveske Light Recce G3

  • Price: $2,1995
  • Barrel: 16 inch
  • Weight: 7.15lb

Noveske is in an odd spot. Thanks to a series of small but significant innovations, John Noveske was known as the Steve Jobs of the military rifle world.

His sudden passing in a mysterious car crash leaves Noveske in the same place as Apple. It is now minus a figurehead and has to maintain that cutting edge tech and progress in his absence.

This is never an easy job.

Noveske Light Recce, the best barrel in the business

Noveske Was The Watchword For Barrels

Noveske is really known for its military-grade, heavily chrome-lined barrels, although the rest of the gun is simple and set-up so the military can turn them into the weapon of their dreams.

The top is basically one long Picatinny Rail for strapping on lights, laser pointers and even long distance optics. The side offers more options for hanging stuff off it or mounting it on a bipod for serious shooting.

With 5.56 NATO ammo, this gun could cover a fair distance and if any gun is straight enough to do any meaningful long-range work then it’s this one. It gets a 1 in 7 twist, which is meant to be perfect, and it should be able to stabilize up to 90grain perfectly thans to its construction from machine gun-grade steel. Beyond that, it should still do well.

The rest of the gun is just tightly built, like all these parts were simply designed to go together. Because they were.

There isn’t a rough surface, a screw that doesn’t sit flush or even the slightest hint of a gun that hasn’t been screwed together by master craftsman. It’s born and bred in Oregon, but there’s a Swiss, minimalist feel to the high-tech core of this gun.

Noveskelight recce aftermarket pistol grip

Aftermarket Add-Ons Easy To Modify

It’s a Magpul STR stock, which means you can change it if you want. Pretty much all the peripherals, including the pistol grip, are all off-the-shelf aftermarket parts from the likes of MOE. That helps you configure the gun with endless aftermarket alternatives.

So get the black phosphate finish gun, rather than the advanced Cerakote, so you can mix and match parts without ruining the look.

The point with this gun is to spend time with it, to grow together and potentially make a few well considered modifications so that she fits you.

As for this gun’s versatility, the sky is the limit. I have seen Youtubers grouping shots at 300 yards and you could legitimately target shoot from 600 yards with a good scope and some skills.

Get a Great Optic, She Deserves It

It’s a supremely accurate hunting rifle that could handle everything from squirrels through to deer and whatever else you want to go for.

That goes some way towards justifying the epic cost.

Yes, Noveske has always been expensive, so the price part was always going to be painful.

$2,446.25 is not pocket change, not for an AR-15. You could buy four for that in some places.

Sig Sauer G2 Patrol Is A Budget Option

Honestly if money is even a thought in your mind, you might be better served with the cheaper Sig Sauer G2 Patrol we featured recently. That’s 95% of this gun for much less money.

If you want some more inspiration and Noveske alternatives then check these posts that we keep updated:

There Can Be Only One?

But this is a gun for those that don’t want a big and unwieldy collection. Some people keep a stripped down and lean collection of some of the best guns in the world.

The Noveske could easily find its way there.

Noveske Transcends the AR15

So, that said, it’s a wonderful gun. It might be the only AR15 you ever need and it transcends the genre.

It comes with a 30-round mag and is obviously solid for self-defense, although you might want to opt for a tactical light and a red dot sight for when it’s on home security detail.

Honestly, it’s too good a gun to be used just for home defense. Lesser guns will do that dirty work. This is a well-balanced, well sorted and supremely accurate AR15. It renders any others you own redundant at more or less a stroke and it’s the one you’ll end up reaching for.

So, does that make it worth four times as much as a bog standard AR15?

Does it make it worth rushing to buy this one at $2446.25, because it’s marked down and they usually go for much more?

You know, we think it does.


Noveske Light Recce

Need to Know

Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Capacity: 30-round standard mag, Magpul-compatible.
Barrel: 16.1 inches

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