Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm – $299.99

Smith and Wesson M&PShield 9mm

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Price: $299.99



Now I know we’ve made a case time and again for the Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 and we do think it’s the best concealed carry weapon in the world right now.


But some people love a Smith & Wesson, especially the trigger set that just seems to suit some people better than others. It’s a unique striker fire action that is all S&W’s own and if you’re into guns then you should definitely try one as you can just click with it.


If you do, the M&P Shield is going to be the best carry gun in the world and we got no problem with that. Especially at this price.


Now we have to  point out this is the Mk1 and the Mk2 has just hit the market. That costs $449.99 right now, which makes it an expensive luxury.


Brownells has this gun at $100 off right now, which is huge. It’s 50% cheaper than the Springfield Armory and yeah, that’s enough for us to think about it.


Don’t Wait Around


This price is not going to be here for long. So, don’t dither. If you want to pull this trigger then, well, pull the trigger.


It’s an 8+1 9mm Luger with a 3.1-inch barrel and the whole thing measures in at 6.1 inches long. Crucially, S&W focused on a slimline profile that makes this gun work better for concealed carry.


So, although it isn’t exactly a pocket gun, Smith & Wesson has worked hard to create a lightweight gun that you can carry all day without being uncomfortable.


S&W fans will tell you this gun doesn’t work like a Glock. You don’t buy it and then start modifying it to fix the problems. It’s a gun that’s good to go, out the box, and there’s not much you can or should change.


If you’re building a  collection, you need a Smith & Wesson in there. At this price, this is probably the one you want.



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