Open Carry Now a Constitutional Right

USA Flag, do you have good state gun laws?

It has been an amazing couple of weeks for gun rights and now the Federal Appeals Court has decided that it’s a constitutional right for Americans to open carry.

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals called the right to carry arms a “core Second Amendment right.”

Basically, the Federal court has already recognized that the individual has the right to bear arms at home, but after a challenge to Hawaii’s restrictive gun control laws that severely limit a person’s right to carry a gun outside their home or business, the Judge has suggested that the Second Amendment means we can carry them at all times.

This is not an inconsequential thing, it’s a big ruling that will send shockwaves through the gun world. Not Shockwaves, that would be ridiculous, but it will have a ripple effect that will go through the country. California and New York, we’re looking at you…

Judge Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain went back in history, right through the works of Geoffrey Chaucer in England and American literature to understand America’s complex stance on gun rights. He decided, based on his information, that the authors of the Second Amendment were completely comfortable with Americans carrying guns as part of their daily life.

The Constitution is the foundation of American civilization and it simple cannot be overwritten with a series of smaller laws.

“For better or for worse, the Second Amendment does protect a right to carry a firearm in public for self-defense,” the judge wrote.

Leftists still cling to a comma, saying it changes the whole interpretation of the Second Amendment in a bid to undermine it. But the Judges in this case have studied the context and come to the clear conclusion that is simply not the case.

The Judge made the distinction between the right to keep arms and the right to bear arms. After extensive research, he concluded that there was a distinct and significant difference and the right to bear arms is the right to carry when you want.

That could change the whole landscape for Concealed Carry guns and open carry firearms.

So, SJWs and Gun Control activists, sit down. You’re wrong…

It’s never that easy, though. This is the 9th Circuit ruling and a number of other Federal courts have already ruled in favor of gun controls, which could slip in the back door faster than you think. The process is actually happening right now.

So how this will play out is anybody’s guess, but this ruling does give the NRA a stick to beat the individual States with. Let’s see what happens next, but buy guns now. Because it’s going to be far more complex for the US government to take your guns away than it is for them to tell me to stop selling them.

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