35 of the Best Sniper Rifles – Dec 2022

Brugger & Thomet 308 rifle, one of the finest sniper on sale in 2022. But which is the best? Find out here.


Update; We thought this wouldn’t need saying, but we got a complaint. Sooooooo, just to be clear, we think murder is bad. If you’re thinking of murdering someone, the USA Gun Shop says no, especially not with a new sniper rifle.

So What is the Best Sniper Rifle?

We have all thought about it, theoretically of course. What would be the best sniper rifle to use if we decided to be professional killers, assassins, guns for hire?

There’s a lot of choice out there and so we started to really think about it. Because we’re weird, too.

Here is a quick guide to the best sniper rifles for sale in 2022.

Tikka T3x TAC-A1 - Arguably the finest pure sniper rifle and target shooter here

1 Tikka T3x Tac A1

  • Price: $1,799.99
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel: 24 inch
  • Total: 44.5 inch
  • Weight: 10.3lb

The Tikka T3x Tac A1 is here because the crowd has spoken. The ardent long-distance shooters here insist that this Finnish work of engineering excellence is the best rifle here until you start spending serious money.

Don’t say we don’t listen…

The T3x works if you’re going to start targeting heads of state, crime lords, elk or even pieces of paper that are really far away. With a wrapped suppressor, these fade into the undergrowth all the time.

Proper Rifle, Not a Lightweight

Now this is no lightweight hunting rifle. No, this is the military specialist for the armed forces. This is the one that waits in the shadows for that precise moment.

A 24 inch barrel and aluminum chassis give a respectable 10.3lb weight. That’s portable, just, and the results at the range sniping speak for themselves. This is the best long-range rifle that a lot of people own and makes others just look like heavy weapons.

Get one, and see what everybody is on my case for.

Other Tikka Long Rifle Options

You can pick up a great Tikka for much less that could be much more suitable as a hunting rifle. Check out the options that include a traditional wood stock here:

This, though, with a collection of gun parts & accessories, might be all you need. It’s a single shot sniper in the right hands, and might just be the best sniper rifle in the world.

The new Sig Sauer Cross, a precision rifle that is light enough to take hunting or to the great outdoors.

2. Sig Sauer Cross

  • Price: $1,599.99
  • Caliber: 308 Winchester
  • Barrel Length: 18 inch
  • Total Length: 37.75 inch
  • Capacity: 5+1 rounds
  • Weight: 6.8lb

Sig Sauer decided to create a crossover that brought all of the joys of a precision bolt action rifle to the hunting and casual plinking crowd.

A hunting rifle with added precision, portability and a short enough barrel to sling on your shoulder? That’s a mighty compelling recipe for the average sniper. The Sig Sauer might not be the main weapon, but definitely it could work if you have to cover ground as well.

The Future Champion?

Sig Sauer produces all kinds of military hardware, and this is a welcome addition to these ranks. In time, we think it could pose a threat to Tikka’s dominance.

Now Sig Sauer claims this is the lightest rifle in its class, although others on this list might contest that. Still, sliding in beneath 7lb is a masterstroke and it means that we can now take it on a hike. Serious hunters and hitmen alike have already submitted their orders.

The early reviews are encouraging and, well, it’s a Sig Sauer. You don’t tend to find a bad examples from the German/Swiss giant and Sig Sauer has put a big marketing push behind the Sig Sauer Cross.

Savage Axis rifle, a simple gun available in different calibers.

3. Savage Axis II

  • Price: $379.99
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel: 22 inch
  • Weight: 6.5lb
  • Capacity: 4+1

Some jobs require a single use weapon that you can dispose of afterwards. Possibly. I mean I hear…

So you want a solid long rifle which is reliable, accurate, and cheap helps. The Savage Axis is legendary among the hunting community because it’s basic, affordable and doesn’t really do anything wrong.

Basic Engineering, Done Well

There isn’t that much to discuss with the Savage Axis, or the slightly improved Savage Axis II. There’s a black synthetic stock with molded grips. There’s an AccuTrigger with an integral Glock-style trigger safety and the button-rifled barrel has an iconic reputation for accuracy.

It’s a great hunter and a starter hitman’s option. The Savage Axis is also a cheap gun you can always find for a hunting trip and that synthetic stock is designed to withstand the test of time and being thrown around a truck.

Christensen Arms Modern Precision for sale. A chassis rifle that is lightweight enough to take hunting. This is a sniper's dream rifle.

4. Christensen Arms Modern Precision

  • Price: $2,499.99
  • Caliber: 300 Win Magnum
  • Barrel: 26 inch
  • Weight: 6.9lb
  • Capacity: 5+1

The Christensen Arms Modern Precision is one of our favorites, and it’s light enough to carry out in the field. It’s a truly portable long range bolt action sniper rifle, then, and certainly deserves a place here. In truth it should probably be higher up on this list.

You get a match grade flat trigger, folding stock, a free floating carbon-fiber handguard and other assorted goodies on this MPR.

So Light You’ll, Ummm, Have to Wear Shades?

We love this brand and this ultra lightweight is a thing of beauty. The end result weighs as little as 6.9lb, depending on your barrel and what you’re prepared to give up in terms of range sniping for added portability.

Half a pound is a lot in the field and it’s hard to say just how impressed we are with this bolt action sniper rifle. It might well end up on the podium before too long, and if you know them then you already know why.

We chose the 300 Win Magnum because, well, it’s there. But we don’t give the caliber nearly enough love here, and we should change that. So here’s to 300 Win Magnum, and one of the finest ways to send it.

Other Calibers are Available

You can buy your rifle in 308 Win Mag or 338 Lapua, though, and we’d probably recommend the former when it comes down to it on common sense grounds. The lightweight 308 with the 16 inch barrel and 6.9lb curbweight is pretty eye catching for hunters.

So get a Christensen Arms Modern Precision in your caliber of choice, with the barrel you want, here.

Remington 700 Win Mag, the special forces sniper, well, the civilian version anyway. Buy guns online here.

5. Remington 700 SPS Stainless

  • Price: $707.99
  • Effective Range: <1000 Yards.
  • Barrel: 24 inches
  • Total: 46.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.5lb
  • Capacity: 3+1

Chris Kyle and other snipers that sold their stories when they came back home all tend to agree that the .300 Winchester Magnum was the one weapon they could really rely on.

These are men that can call upon the finest weapons in the world and the one they have really happy memories of is of a farmer’s beater at heart.

It really is an old-school hunting rifle with a modern synthetic stock. Now the M24 sniper favored by the army is a little more advanced and Kyle used his own modified version of that weapon for long distances. So you’re not quite buying Chris Kyle’s whip for $550. His looks a little more like this.

Purpose Built Remington Defense Custom

Remington Defense concealable sniper rifle. Get yours today and buy guns online at the right price.

That’s the $7,925 Remington Defense XM2010, which is rather nice for the armed forces.

But the basic ass hunting rifle has served America well for decades. If you’re on a budget, it’s fine and there are plenty of parts, accessories & upgrades available in the gun parts store.

Cheap Remington on the Market? No Problem

It’s one of the best rifles in the world and really doesn’t need much adjustment until you get beyond 700 yards. That’s when the good get separated from the great.

You get a synthetic stock and it weighs in at 6.5lb, which is perfectly respectable, especially with this kind of barrel.

You only get three rounds in the magazine, but then this is a one-shot, one-kill kind of weapon. Like the Creedmoor 6.5, you pick your spot, rather than the general area, and it will sharpen your hunting technique.

Hiding in Plain Sight

You can walk into any gun store in America and buy one of these in 30 minutes, sort of. So if the forensics guys figure out it’s a Remington 700, well good luck with that.

Cheytac M200 Intervention. Buy the best sniper rifle in the world. Oh, and that isn't this one. Find out what is here.

6. Cheytac M200 Intervention

  • Price: $11,388.99
  • Caliber: 408 Cheytac/375 Cheytac
  • Barrel: 29 inch
  • Total: 49 inch
  • Weight: 31lb

Just to be clear, if this was a list of the best military sniper rifles then the Cheytac M200 Intervention would probably win. But it isn’t, and our requirements are slightly different.

Now the Cheytac is amazing. The company claims to hit targets at 3,800 yards and the bullets remain supersonic well beyond 1000 yards. Also, how’s about 3,511 foot lb of power at 1000 yards compared to 50 BMG’s 3,186. That’s wild shiz..

The only real downside comes with the price and the proprietary nature of, well, everything.

How Much Per Bullet????

The ammunition is called a Balanced Flight Projectile, not a bullet, and costs $10.90 a round. That’s basically the start of the bills.

Now the likes of John Wick charge millions of dollars a hit and can afford to pay 3 times as much as 50BMG ammo. But if he did he would be in jail, forever.

Trace the Fire, Very Easily…

Cheytac recently changed hands and now a Department of Defense supplier has taken over.

Now we’re happy the rifle will still be available, but you have to question the brain power of an assassin buying their weapons more or less from the government. You might as well put your home address on the shell casing.

Military crackshots have their own reason for using the Cheytac, and no legal or financial comeback for doing so. That’s not quite what we’re going for here, and that’s why this rifle isn’t number 1.

But we do still think it’s awesome.

Daniel Defense DD V3 .308 Winchester rifle. It's a lightweight AR-10 platform, at 8.3lb, and borrows heavily from the AR-15

7. Daniel Defense DD5

  • Price: $2,677.99
  • Caliber: 308 Win
  • Barrel: 16 inch
  • Total: 33.5-37 inch
  • Weight: 8.3lb

A lot of underworld snipers are ex-military, police or shadowy Jason Bourne figures. Look at John Wick as the clear example of what obviously happens for real in the shadows of every major metropolis at the weekend. Or maybe I need less TV…

Anyway, a lot of those people train with the .308 Winchester, which also happens to be America’s favorite hunting round. The only problem was getting a semi auto AR platform light enough to replace the slower bolt guns.

Lightweight AR Style .308 Rifle

Now the company has fixed that issue with the 8.3lb Daniel Defense DD5 V3 .308 Win. In the process, it has created a Designated Marksman Rifle that can pop off shots at hogs, or enemy forces.

That’s pretty badass, to be honest with you. An assault rifle would be epic and a real step up from the AR-15 when it comes to modern warfare.

Company is on a Winning Streak

A mid-length gas system, an AR-15 trick, helped bring the weight down on this AR-10 platform. The internals include a Geissele two-stage trigger, which features on the Pro upgrade in the Daniel Defense AR-15 line.

This company has the Midas touch right now and everything it touches seems to turn to gold. We can see that happening here with this brilliant all-round 308 Winchester AR.

Wilson Combat Super Sniper. An awesome long distance rifle.

8. Wilson Combat AR-10 Super Sniper

  • Price: $3,467.00
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel: 20 inch
  • Total: 33.5-37.75 inch
  • Capacity: 20+1 rounds
  • Weight: 7.1lb

The Wilson Combat AR-10 Super Sniper 6.5 Creedmoor is arguably the most complete Designated Marksman Rifle money can buy.

This, right here, is the next gen semi-automatic sniper rifle and I am struggling to see a better firearm for an assassin in the field than the Wilson Combat Super Sniper 6.5 Creedmoor. It’s heavy at 9.88lb, but if you’re setting up in one position then this is about as good as it gets.

It’s available in 308 Win too, and that caliber is the star of this video. Otherwise, it is the same and you have to admit, you want one…

Everything is Match Grade on the Wilson Combat

The fluted stainless steel barrel is match-grade, the gas system is full length and low profile. There’s a threaded muzzle with a Wilson Combat QComp flash hider, a BCM pistol grip that is finished in the Wilson Combat starburst signature stippling and there is a proprietary Tactical Trigger Unit too.

You get a next gen Designated Marksman Rifle, call it what you like.

Q The Fix sniper rifle for sale. Get one of the most interesting new rifles in 2022 here.

9. The Fix by Q

  • Price: $3,305.99
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel: 24 inch
  • Weight: 6.5lb

We were excited by the Fix by Q when we saw the press releases, years ago. And this precision sniper rifle would be much higher up on this list if there were more actual specimens out there in the real world.

It’s a one-piece receiver, no chassis bolt gun and that is clever. It’s lightweight, compact and could easily conceal.

These are all great qualities, even if you have to ask yourself why you need a concealed carry sniper rifle. Also ask yourself what the Sig doesn’t offer for half the money. That’s the issue here, this rifle is expensive and it got overtaken by others using a roughly similar concept.

The Fix by Q is a modern rework of the classic design. It took a few false dawns, but it’s finally here. And we have one for sale. So that’s progress.

Brugger & Thomet B&T APR338, a military and competition sniper rifle from Switzerland that is easily among the best. Buy yours here.

10. Brugger & Thomet B&T APR338

  • Price: $10,030.99
  • Caliber: 338 Lapua Magnum
  • Barrel Length:. 27”
  • Total: 40-52”
  • Weight: 17.4lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

This is another Fully Modular Rifle Chassis that you can tailor to your specific needs. You can use .338 Lapua Magnum, and it can go as far as you can.

It is a bolt action sniper rifle aimed at Swiss military, police and pro users. The armed forces love it for long distances.

The match-grade barrel is beyond reproach, all 27 inches of it. The three-chamber muzzle brake can also be removed and replaced with a suppressor for the ultimate in stealth work.

Anti-Personnel Monster

It also comes on an absolute beast of a chassis and looks like it might just be an anti-tank gun. Maybe that counts for something, too.

Fans of the brand know exactly what you’ll get. It’s precision engineering all the way, exactly as you’d expect from the land of mechanical watchmakers. This is easily a match for anything on this list in terms of manufacturing tolerances and pure design talent.

And a European hitman operating on these shores might enjoy using foreign hardware for the perfect long-range killshot. So could target shooters, of course…

Springfield Armory 2020 Waypoint, a new kind of sniper rifle from the American firearms manufacturer.

11. Springfield Armory 2020 Waypoint

  • Price: $2,187.99
  • Caliber: 308 Winchester
  • Barrel: 20 inch
  • Weight: 6.9lb

This is a custom rifle from the master gunsmiths that have a long history of producing the finest competition 1911 pistols.

Springfield Armory also makes the M1 Garand based M1A, which would be another fun and slightly oddball choice. But this new arrival is a beast of a sniper system.

Taking Aim at Major Competition

Now Springfield Armory claims you get the same premium grade materials you’ll find on firearms costing thousands more. So it’s fair to say that this is taking aim at Sako rifles, the DD Delta 5 and more.

Can Springfield Armory break into this elite club? Yes. Like this? Yes, absolutely.

There’s A Lot of Carbon Fiber Here

You get a CF stock and optional CF barrel with a guaranteed sub 0.75 MOA accuracy. The stock is hand laid and pillar bedded to help achieve that unnerving accuracy.

The Springfield Armory features a frictionless TriggerTech system with a simple safety and a free-floating roller to help you make the most of the tech with a repeatable and predictable trigger pull. That makes for an awesome bolt action sniper rifle.

H&K MR762A1 Long Range Precision for sale. Get this legendary 308 precision shooter here.

12. H&K MR762A1 LRP package

  • Price: $7,414.99
  • Barrel: 16.5 inch
  • Total: 36.5-40.5 inch
  • Weight: 10.42lb
  • Capacity: 20+1

This Heckler & Koch is a military sniper legend and a competition shooter’s favorite that doesn’t make all that much sense if you look at it with a cynical eye. But the armed forces rate it, so maybe we should listen.

This is heavy with a 16 inch barrel, basic 308 ammo and not a whole lot to recommend it from afar. And it is a modified patrol weapon with a serious accessories and optics package. But to use one is to love it.

Famous Gas System on Semi Auto Sniper Rifle

The Heckler & Koch is famous for its reliability thanks to the patented gas piston and pusher rod system and this is the second gen semi-auto rifle. So enough people love it, but you can end up scratching your head at the weight and cost.

If you’re one of those folks, you’re probably not going to be a customer. And you don’t care about the cost and the weight and you absolutely want this, then you’ll never give a damn about those things.

You are the customer, and you know you’re getting one of the finest in the world from Heckler & Koch. If you’re looking for a compact sniper, this Heckler & Koch could be the one.

Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Long Range for sale. A great hunting rifle and long distance target rifle in 300 Win Mag,

13. Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon SPEED

  • Price: $1260.99
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel: 22 inch
  • Total: 46.75 inch
  • Total Weight: 6.3lb
  • Capacity: 3+1

The Browning X-Bolt is a legend for good reason. But even with the icon, there is room for improvement. You can go further with the X-Bolt Pro, by the way, and you might want to do that.

What we have here is a great combination of portability, accuracy, reliability and price though. The X-Bolt Speed feels like the sweet spot for most serious hunters.

The Browning X-BOLT Feather Trigger has zero take-up and creep just isn’t an issue. So you can take aim at the furthest reaches of the 300 Win’s effective range and turn into a one shot, one kill kinda person with the target, elk or hog.

X-Bolt is a Hunting Household Name

Browning’s X-Bolt has been a stalwart of the hunting scene for a while and the name comes from the X-Lock Scope Mounting System.

There are all kinds of variations,of these Browning rifles and we like the simple ones too. But this really doesn’t cost much more for the heavy sporter contoured barrel that provides pinpoint accuracy.

Read the reviews for yourself on Sportsman’s Warehouse, with one happy user review claiming 1inch grouping at 200 yards in less than 20 shots. That could be you….

The composite stock comes with an inflex 1 recoil pad and checkered grips. And it looks good.

That colorscheme is called Arid Urban Camouflage, if you’re wondering…

X-Bolt is for Professional Hunters, and Us

Famous hunters have called upon a Browning X-Bolt and the general feeling is the barrels go well beyond match-grade. This is custom rifles levels of accuracy in an off-the-shelf package. And it comes in a number of calibers, aside from this flavor.

There’s no real revolution here, it’s just one of the top hunting rifles in the world. And what works for the hunter, generally works for a top caliber sniper.

It’s all kinda hunting, at the end of the day.

Browning rifles have been popular with Law Enforcement Officers since 1800s and the company is intertwined with that of our great nation.

Kids learned to shoot with Browning rifles, men fed their families with Browning rifles and Browning rifles have arguably won World Wars if we include the heavy machine gun.

Smith and Wesson M&P10 - One of the best semi automatic rifles. This 6.5 Creedmoor is good for target shooting and hunting.

14. Smith & Wesson M&P10 6.5 Creedmoor

  • Price: $1,932.99
  • Effective Range: >1000 meters
  • Barrel: 20 inches
  • Total: 39.5 inches
  • Weight: 9.05lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

A semi-auto rifle punching out some of the best ammunition we have seen for some time. Yeah that sounds like fun..

6.5 Creedmoor was just a target round that supposedly wasn’t good enough for hunting. Now? It takes Elk at 1000 yards with one shot. It’s cheap, the bullets have become an artform, there’s lots of choice and it’s so accurate that you could aim for an eye.

The narrow, light, high velocity cartridge resists drop-off that is part and parcel of a 308 round. It stays straight and true to 1000 yards and beyond, with specialist hunting rounds giving a devastating payload.

The M&P10 Performance Center special is more expensive than the average Creedmoor, but it comes with the semi-automatic AR set-up. That means a proper hitman can do a double tap to the chest from up to 1000 yards. If that takes down an Elk, it will take down a human being.

Quality Hitman Tool

There are cheaper 6.5 Creedmoors, but a professional hitman that takes pride in his work would always spend that little bit more on the equipment.

This modified AR-10 platform goes through the Smith & Wesson Performance Center for fine-tuning and it’s an almighty hunter, target shooter and semi-automatic long distance legend.

Best Guns Are Versatile

This might just be the most versatile weapon you could even own and you’ll find it becomes your default hunter. If you don’t object to 9lb on your shoulder and don’t want to spend Wilson Combat money…

You can harvest everything short of the biggest North American game, grizzlies and the like. It will chop everything else down where it stands. The precision of the round encourages you to choose the wound channel you’re aiming at, rather than the general area.

You’re threading a needle and choosing your moment with this round to get the perfect shot to the heart. This is a hitman’s weapon, then, to its core.

The 6.5 Creedmoor has found favor with SOCOM snipers, which found that it increased their odds of a clean hit at 1000 yards by 100%, increased their effective range by 50% and reduces wind drift by a third.

Military Slowly Adopting 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo

The American military is surprisingly slow to adopt major changes like this, but the elite fighting forces have already got Creedmoor at their disposal. The usual suspects, Knights Armament SR-25 and the FN Mk20 Sniper Support, will soon be available in 6.5 Creedmoor.

Are they any better than the M&P? I really can’t see how they can be for the average hunter. That highlights just what a bargain this really is.

For more options on Creedmoor 6.5 hunting rifles for sale in 2022, check out this list.

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro, a great sniper rifle. Buy yours here.

15 Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro

  • Price: $2,766.99
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel: 24 inch
  • Total: 44.25 inch
  • Weight: 11.4lb

Realistically the Delta 5 Pro is a better tool for sniping bad guys, or good guys, than the semi-auto rifle higher up the list.

But if the DD5 V4 long rifle wasn’t so far up the list, the Delta 5 Pro would be right up there in its place.

This is a pro bolt action sniper rifle, with a sub 0.5 MOA guarantee. It’s packed with features, from the Timney trigger through to the Area 419 muzzle brake.

It’s a match for anything here, honestly, so don’t read too much into its position. If you want one, you’re right.

The Patriot Ordnance Factory Renegade in 300 BLK. One of the best sniper rifles, or all round hunting rifles in 2022.

16. Patriot Ordnance Factory Renegade Plus

  • Price: $1,841.99
  • Caliber: AAC 300 Blackout
  • Barrel Length: 16.5 inch
  • Total: 33-36 inch
  • Weight: 6.4lb

Sometimes you need something different Mainly when you’re not a assassin, you’re just hunting and stuff. But even pro hitmen should probably take a look at a basic AR set-up like this in AAC Blackout.

The relatively new AAC Blackout round has a lot to give the professional contract killer. Including the potential to shoot sub-sonic ammo, suppressed, so it’s whisper quiet and deadly at 200-250 yards. If you need to take out a security team, this semi-auto rifle could be an option.

This was essentially engineered for the Navy SEALs as a next level AR-15 and it comes with that kind of fire rate. That can be handy when a job goes sideways.

Adequate Sniper and Pro Grade Hog Hunter

The end result is a short distance sniper that is light enough to sling on your shoulder. It is also a pitbull in a gunfight and could quite possibly be your favorite general hunter before too long. This semi-auto rifle gives you options and the range is a damn useful one.

It’s cheap, too, in this company, and just as effective in 70% of situations and much more flexible. You can get blackout pistols, rifles and silencers and you’ve got a potent home defense system there.

Thompson Center Arms Venture II, a great all round hunter and field rifle. Get yours today.

17. Thompson Center Arms Venture II

  • Price: $531.99
  • Caliber: 243 Winchester
  • Barrel: 22 inch
  • Total: 41.77 inch
  • Weight: 9.5lb
  • Capacity: 3

Thompson Center Arms has produced a brilliant all-rounder, with simple engineering, at the right price. We love it.

Accuracy is a big deal when you’re working at range, especially if you don’t get a second chance. That can be true with wild game, just as easily as tyrannical foreign despots. In either case, the Thompson Center Arms is a solid choice.

The long 5R rifled barrel from cold hammer forged stainless steel is the key to its tack driver reputation, but small touches all over contribute to the sub-MOA guarantee.

Inevitably with such a simple bolt action rifle, you get a range of caliber choices with the Thompson Center Arms Venture and the Thompson Center Arms Compass Utility.

If you haven’t tried this simple bolt action sniper, you should.

Accuracy International AT-308, the sniper rifle of the special forces. Buy rifles online now.

18. Accuracy International AT-308

  • Price: $5,233.99
  • Caliber: .308
  • Barrel: 24 inches
  • Total: 44 inches
  • Weight: 12.8lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

This is the shorter, tactical sniper from Accuracy International. PC gaming enthusiasts know and love them as well.

It’s a smaller caliber bolt-action sniper rifle, but can offer you a .338 Lapua or even a 50 BMG anti materials gun suitable for the highest bullet grains if that’s what you really want. This compact sniper package is easier to conceal, it’s set up as a tactical weapon and it comes with 10+1 rounds.

Get some night vision and you’re basically a Marine. Minus all the credibility and a lot of the training. So you’re Dan Bilzerian. How do you feel about that?

The Accuracy International ASR is a cool long range sniper rifle. It’s a lot of money, but then nice things often are.

A Unique Hunting Rifle

It’s also good for multiple shots if you’re hog hunting. At up to 400 meters, this will be all you need for most standard hunting trips, up to and including white tail. It could also be a pretty solid hitman weapon up to 500 meters and is small enough to sit in the tailgate of a car.

It’s really a great hunting weapon when you want to keep things up close and personal, in which case the limited range of the .308 really doesn’t matter. At less than 500 meters, you really don’t need to correct for the heavyweight ammo.

If you need more range, that’s what 6.5 Creedmoor and 7mm Rem Mag is for.

Noreen BN36X3 Long Rifle Assassin - A Semi-automatic Springfield 30-06. That's hot, get one now.

19. Noreen BN36X3 Long Range Assassin

  • Price: $3,060.00
  • Caliber: 30-06 Springfield
  • Barrel: 22 inch
  • Weight: 9lb
  • Capacity: 10+1 Rounds

With that name, and the name of this post, we couldn’t leave the large caliber Noreen Firearms semi auto rifle out of this one.

It’s a reimagined standard issue M1 Garand, according to Noreen anyway. For most of us, it’s a freaking semi-auto rifle chambered in 30-06 Springfield, and that is awesome. Is this modern warfare? It’s a precision rifle with follow up capability, so it could be…

Most of the 30-06 Springfield options are bolt guns and there are long-distance shooters that sneer at more convenient options. And for them, where mm dictates their success or failure, OK, cool.

For those of us who don’t spend our weekend staring at distant paper sheets through binoculars and spotting scopes, this is an insane hunter that could hunt big game at 800 yards with real follow up shots. That is badass.

A Nuclear Deer and Hog Hunter

Up close it’s a brilliantly flexible and adaptable hunting rifle that would be an absolute beast on a hog hunt. It’s a humane hunter, it will dispatch pretty much any sized game in America at a sane distance. If you can see it, it’s on.

The Noreen Extremely Long Range was one of our favorite 50 BMG rifles, too, but it’s gone out of production. 30-06 Springfield WAS the old world 50BMG, though, so this fills a gap for us.

Christensen Arms Summit rifle.  A custom hunting rifle with weight saving tech to its core. Carbon fiber and light alloys are the name of the game here.

20. Christensen Arms Summit TI

  • Price: $5,499.99
  • Caliber: 6.5 PRC
  • Barrel: 24 inch
  • Total Length: 46 inch
  • Capacity: 3+1 rounds
  • Weight: 5.5lb

The Christensen Arms Summit TI shows just what you can do with a traditional design and modern material tech like carbon fiber.

A 6.5lb rifle with a 26 inch barrel is just good. Christensen Arms gets there with a carbon wrapped steel barrel. The action is machined from titanium. The Carbon Fiber stock is aerospace grade and pretty much every part has been brought screaming up to date.

The end result is devastating accuracy and repeatability from a lightweight rifle you could shoulder all day. It is a bolt action sniper rifle for the ages.

You can get a range of calibers, including obscure options like 7mm Remington Magnum, here.

The Barrett MRAD multi-caliber sniper rifle that could replace most of your long distance rifles at a stroke. Buy your Barrett MRAD today

21. Barrett MRAD

  • Price: $7,448.99 
  • Caliber: .300 Win Mag/Multi Caliber
  • Barrel: 26 inches
  • Total Length: 46.75 inches
  • Weight: 9.2lb
  • Capacity: 4+1

This is Barrett’s MRAD sniper system, a precision rifle that will really separate you from your money, but could give you caliber options that will blow your mind. The barrels switch out with a Torx wrench and its designed to dance through the calibers with minimal tools and gunsmithing.

Barrett’s MRAD sniper rifle is one of the new breed of totally modular firearms that you can run as a .338 Lapua, 7mm Remington, 300 Win Mag and .308 Winchester. You can swap the barrel in seconds and this one system could replace pretty much all of your collection in one fell swoop. It’s a big hit in modern warfare for a reason, as you can vary the ammo type for the specific job.

Better Multi-Caliber Options?

This is the simpler version, which is called a lightweight rifle without a hint of irony, despite tipping the scales at more than 9.2lb.

This is a Mil-spec firearm built for the purpose, form follows function and this repeater is a simply stunning piece of engineering. It’s suppressor ready, it’s a military tool and it could be awesome for hunting. But the main reason it exists is to be a world leading multi caliber bolt action sniper rifle.

One Shot One Kill Bolt Action Rifles

This is a one-shot type, even though you can slot in an 8+1 mag and lay down suppressing fire if you’re good with the bolt. But at anything less than 600 yards, .308 Winchester Magnum will do you just fine

As a hitman’s weapon, this is a monster that only needs one clean hit to get the job done. As a SHTF gun, Barrett’s MRAD sniper could prove a real valuable addition to your arsenal.

Nemo Arms Watchman - Designer Sniper rifle chambered in 300 Win Mag. Buy the best custom rifles at the USA Gun Shop now.

22. Nemo Arms Watchman

  • Price: $5,890
  • Caliber: .300 Winchester Magnum
  • Barrel: 24 inch
  • Total Length: 45.5 inch
  • Weight: 10.2
  • Capacity: 14+1

You can really outgun the US Marine Corps. It’s kind of weird you can do that, but the simple fact is that semi auto rifles are for sale in every caliber in 2022. And you can afford what Uncle Sam can’t.

You can simply buy a gun online and get a great deal on a firearm that the world’s greatest fighting forces would kill to own. This is a Designated Marksman Rifle, and could be insanely useful in a military firefight.

This is a aimed at rich shooters that like the military vibe. And the attention to detail is just insane. First this is a semi-auto rifle chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum, which is a big deal in itself. This is the Omen, but we’re talking about the same thing here.

Carbon Fiber Barrel is Serious Shiz

Next it has a Proof Research carbon fiber barrel, the receivers are machined from billet and that’s just the start of a spec sheet that could send your jaw South.

There’s a patented recoil reduction system in there, the trigger is a Geissele Super Semi Automatic Enhanced two-stage trigger and the stock is a simple Magpul PRS.

It might be priced higher than the sum of its parts, but then the cream always does cost money and this might just be the creamiest 300 Win Mag you will find out there today.

A Ferrari, in a World of Fords

This is the Rolls-Royce and Ferrari of the .300 Winchester Magnum world. It’s the sum of the leading gun parts & accessories, and more.

These firearms are simply too expensive for a whole fighting force and the math dictates that a rich hobbyist can have better eqipment than the world’s best snipers in their gun safes. What they do with it is a different story.

It’s full AR functionality, so this has an awesome fire rate. That means it can provide the double tap at distances of up to 1000 yards. Nice, huh?

Sako TRG 42. A new breed of lightweight precision rifle that has got long distance shooters up in arms. Buy yours here.

23. Sako TRG

  • Price: $7,399.99
  • Caliber: .300 Winchester Magnum
  • Barrel: 27 inches
  • Total Length: 47 inches
  • Weight: 11.75lb
  • Capacity: 7+1

There really isn’t much debate among target shooters. The Sako TRG is one of the best rifles in the world. It costs a lot, but this is a serious competition shooter.

Now you might want the chassis Sako TRG-M10. But that comes at a savage price, as in more than $10,000. So if you really want a Sako, but money is even a thing in your life, you might have to settle for the TRG-42.

This can ring steel with anything. Competition shooters know full well that this is $10,000+ worth, if you ordered it as a custom set-up, and it’s just as good.

Law Enforcement and Military Snipers Use Sako

It’s also seriously popular with Law Enforcement and military sniper units. The TRG-42, often with the folding AR-style stock, is carried by military outfits from Armenia to Senegal. Now you can buy the Sako TRG 22A1, or Sako TRG 42A1, depending on the caliber.

Sako bills this as a complete competition and special operations bolt action rifle. It looks reasonable and you can buy your long range sniper rifle here…

Sako TRG 22A1 for sale. Get quite possibly the best precision rifle at your favorite American gun specialist.

Be Your Own Alibi?

If you need to shoot someone from a really long way away, this could work. You could almost be your own alibi if you fire out your office window. You were at work the whole time…

I can’t see a professional hitman using that kind of ammo, though. Special forces do have them and the current record for a .338 Lapua killshot is 2,475m. It takes serious correction for drop off, though, and the bullet hangs in the air. So, a lot can go wrong and a hitman might not get a second chance.

So they might use one at 1000 yards, but not two miles unless they really had to. Then the competitive advantage over, say, a 7mm, disappears. A professional hitman needs to think about this stuff. That makes this 300 Winchester Magnum a solid option and an alternative to the near-ubiquitous 308 Winchester Magnum.

Ruger AR-556 450 Bushmaster, a beast of a short range rifle for big game hunting.

24. Ruger AR-556 MPR 450 Bushmaster

  • Price: $1049.97
  • Effective Range: <300m
  • Barrel: 18.6 inches
  • Total Length: 35.6-38.9 inches
  • Weight: 7.4lb
  • Capacity: 5+1

Not every hit is the same and sometimes you know you’re going to be 250 meters or less from your intended target. You might only get one clean shot, so what do you do?

Well one option is to use a round so big that all it takes is a hit in the right area and that’s it, game over. A round that can drop an elephant would be a good start.

450 Bushmaster was designed to drop all African big game at 250 meters or less, so yeah that should work. If you can take out an elephant, then a portly politician or Mafia don should just explode on impact.

Bring Your Big Game

There is nothing subtle about the 450 Bushmaster. It’s a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Even calling this a sniper rifle feels wrong. It’s overkill for this particular job, then, but this semi-auto rifle is guaranteed.

Novice hitmen might want to go for the bigger impact, especially in an urban environment. And gangs might like to reduce each other to pink mist from six feet. It’s all good. Well, not, but you know.

This is a cheap hunting rifle, when you consider the power, and gun parts are freely available. A red dot sights set-up works fine for optics as well.

It’s certainly one semi auto rifle you should bear in mind in, umm, bear country. This is also a home intruder’s worst nightmare. And maybe your neighbor’s…

Barrett M107 50 BMG Gun for sale. Get your 50 Cal rifles for sale here at the USA's favorite gunbroker.

25. Barrett M107A1

  • Price: $12,867
  • Caliber: 50 BMG
  • Barrel:. 29”
  • Total Length: 57”
  • Weight: 32.7lb

You have got to be a special kind of assassin to want a 50 BMG military anti-materials gun. But if you want to take a helicopter out the sky or blow a car off a mountain top, then the Barrett M107 is the daddy. That’s almost official.

Well, that and some incendiary rounds. Get those and you can basically blow up a small building, or a car, and you can take out a target through a wall. Score a direct hit with one of these and incendiaries, and you could turn an Elk into instant pate, but you’d be sweeping up pieces for days.

Even the standard rounds are designed for destroying, rather than hunting. Some Wildlife and Game departments use them for humane hunting, because this snuffs out anything up to and including the biggest bears like a light. If an animal needs to be culled, it’s about as clean a way to do it as we have right now. The United States military loves them, too.

Ultimate 50 Cal

The Barrett Firearms bolt action sniper rifle is a seriously popular piece of kit with military snipers, because it’s one of the few that can strike like a laser from two miles out.

With the right scope, spotter and even foot soldiers laying down traces, this can totally wipe out a small airfield or bunker on its own. It is a star out in the Middle East with American forces, and has seen active service across the world.

Anti Materials and Anti Personnel. Most Things Really

Pretty much every special forces team has at least one to call upon, because this anti materials gun can inflict ridiculous levels of damage considering its portability. It isn’t light, but it is mobile and the Barrett M107 gives the same firepower you used to get from vehicle-mounted weapons only.

As a SHTF insurance, it’s a luxury. The rounds cost $3.50 for the basic ammo and $7 a round for the good stuff. If you can find it among the odd parts bins. You can get cheaper rounds, but they’re often reloads and I’m not sure I would trust someone else’s math with this kind of power.

Check out another Barrett 50 Cal or five here.

Ruger Enhanced Precision Rifles are some of the United States best selling long range specialists

26. Ruger Precision MSR

  • Price: $1,776.99
  • Caliber: 6mm Creedmoor
  • Barrel:. 24
  • Total Length: 46.75”
  • Weight: 10.7lb

Ruger Precision Rifles are the starter pack for long-range shooting. You can get them in more or less every flavor, too, from 22LR rimfire right through to the serious calibers.

We know 6mm Creedmoor doesn’t get as much love as 6.5 round here and we all know that it’s the red-headed stepchild of the Creedmoor family. But it’s still a good round on its own merit and 6mm Creedmoor was one of the last rounds to run dry during the great ammo crisis. Maybe.

This Ruger rifle’s strengths, meanwhile, are the low price tag, and the opportunity to learn the complexities without spending a fortune. Parts are everywhere for these bolt action rifles too.

Ruger rifles are mainstays on all of our lists thanks to solid engineering at the right price. There’s always a sexier option, but Ruger rifles rarely disappoint.

Masterpiece Arms PMR for sale. A fantastic sniper, long distance rifle and all round precision firearm. Buy yours now.

27. Masterpiece Arms PMR

  • Price: $2,171.99
  • Caliber: 308 Winchester Magnum
  • Barrel:. 26”
  • Total Length: 41.7”
  • Weight: 11.5lb

Masterpiece Arms has made a big splash and the Masterpiece Arms PMR would be higher on the list, but availability is an issue.

Of course Masterpiece Arms can offer you a selection of upgrades. But these ground-up builds have certainly won over the critics. Check the reviews and you’ll see that Masterpiece Arms, based in Georgia, has dedicated itself to producing the finest gun parts that make the finest possible bolt action sniper rifle.

It’s not rocket science really. Although ballistic technology does feature pretty prominently, so I don’t know. Maybe it is kind of rocket science.

Winchester 70 Hunter chambered in 7mm Rem Mag

28. Winchester Model 70 Hunter Strata

  • Price: $1,531.99
  • Caliber: 7mm Remington Magnum
  • Barrel:. 22”
  • Weight: 7.2lb

A Winchester rifle is a rare treat is these parts. But we went looking for the right 7mm Rem Mag bolt rifle and there she was.

It’s niche ammunition, which packs a hell of a punch. Think the range of 6.5 Creedmoor, with 308 terminal ballistics and you’re still not really close. It’s a favorite big and dangerous game option, though, because it’s simply a hotter round than most.

Then send it through a 26 inch barrel in a fairly straightforward bolt rifle with a synthetic stock.

Henry 45-70 Lever action rifle. A very weird and eccentric sniper, and also a great long distance hunting rifle with one of the world's most powerful bullets.

29. Henry 45-70 Lever Action Rifle

  • Price: $1,081.99
  • Caliber: 45-70
  • Barrel:. 22”
  • Weight: 8.1lb

It would take a special kind of sadist to carry out close range professional hits with a lever action rifle. Or a steampunk assassin from a comic book. Maybe just a crazy person…

Whatever, Google told us we need one in this collection or we wouldn’t be number one. That’s why it’s here. That’s why you’re staring at Henry rifles that would only be called a sniper in law enforcement circa 1860…

Well, that and the caliber.

45-70 Government is better known for its association with the BFR revolvers these days. Here, though, it can drop big game and big people alike with a Wild West lever action rifle. You could even modify it to create a short stock. Imagine that…

So these are lever action rifles with a USP and that’s good enough for a place here. Well, that and Google told us we needed lever action rifles. Mainly that…

Orsis T-5000 - A Russian sniper rifle for the elite special forces and Vladimir Putin's special guard


30. Orsis T-5000

  • Price: $8000
  • Caliber: 308 Win
  • Barrel:. 24.5”
  • Total Length: 41.7”
  • Weight: 13.9lb

The only reason Russia’s best sniper rifle isn’t way higher on the list is that you just can’t buy it in the United States. The Pentagon labeled it, especially in .338 Lapua form, a threat to national security. Ummm, yeah…

This is the bolt action rifle that watches over Vladimir Putin, though, and the Russian special forces take this wherever they go. Normally with a short range sniper scope attached, or night vision of course. It’s chambered in 308 Winchester Magnum or 338 Lapua, and there’s a longer version for absolute pinpoint accuracy.

It’s on sale in Germany, but will take time and effort to get on to these shores. With other, cheaper options more readily available, you’ve really got to want one of these.

Rise Armament 1121XR Precision Rifle for sale - One of the best Creedmoor sniper rifles out there.

31. Rise Armament 1121XR Precision

  • Price: $2,379
  • Barrel: 22 inch
  • Total Length: 41.77 inch
  • Weight: 9.7lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

Rise Armament created a heavy caliber gas rifle for big game hunters that loved Creedmoor. So this was always going to be on the heavy side, but it’s also perfect for those that can sit and wait for a diplomat or mafia boss.

Anything around 10lb or beyond is really meant for a rooftop, or in the back of a station wagon if you’re that kinda person. The Rise Armament rifle was designed for pure long-distance knockdown power and aims to squeeze the last fps out of the 6.5 Creedmoor round.

Rise Armament vs Smith & Wesson

That makes this a semi-auto rifle every hitman should at least consider. Is it that much better than the Smith & Wesson? It depends what you’re doing. For general hunting, absolutely not. You don’t need this for a Whitetail and it isn’t the lightest.

But this is a 1000 yard sniper rifle, with repeat shots. That’s good…

Elk, or Mafia Boss Hunting…

If you’re going after Elk, a mafia boss or a bullseye in a sport shooting contest, then the Rise Armament might be the way to go. It is a clearly a precision target rifle, but some of the specialist operators out there will love the adjustable cheekrest and triple port compensator. As well as the finishing touches.

The flat faced competition spec trigger, meanwhile, will remind them that they’re in the private sector and making much more money with their warzone sniper rifles these days. That folding stock does help with the long trek before the final act too.

FN Ballista sniper rifle for sale. A classic competitive shooting rifle, and a way to whack mob bosses.



32. FN Ballista .338 Lapua

  • Price: $6,999.99
  • Caliber: .338 Lapua
  • Range: >3000m
  • Barrel Length: 26”
  • Total: 50.75”
  • Weight: 15.1lb
  • Capacity: 8+1

This is a long-distance target shooter, as well as an advanced sniper rifle that sees active duty every day of the week in more capable hands.

The similarities between target shooting and precision military killshots are obvious and the .338 Lapua is absolutely a military sniper’s close friend.

Who Needs to Hunt Deer at 2000 yards?

The round was designed by and for special forces operatives in the late 1980s, so this really is the civilian version of military hardware. Do you need to hit deer, Elk and people at 2000 yards plus with this kind of bullet velocity? Well that’s a question only you can answer, but if you have been bitten by the long-range bug then this is all the rifle you will ever need.

FN has a fearsome reputation when it comes to precision rifles. You can this best sniper rifle in Call of Duty Warzone, and the FN-SCAR and the Ballista FDE both see active duty with military units, law enforcement officers and more every week.

Compound Defense Tool

As a SHTF gun, this bolt action sniper rifle would be a powerful ally and the bullet velocity is insane. You could defend high ground at well over a mile and that would make anybody think twice.

The Lapua round is devastating. It’s absolutely a one-shot, one-kill weapon on anything other than, perhaps including, big grizzlies.

Now the average hobby shooter can’t afford one of these unless it comes loaded in the company truck. Even a professional hitman couldn’t afford to buy a new one for every job, unless they were John Wick.

So this would be a signature gun, used repeatedly. Honestly that guy sounds more like a serial killer than a professional assassin…

Change Caliber in Minutes

The FN Ballista can be switched out to a different caliber in minutes thanks to a variety of stainless steel barrel options.

You can turn this into a 300 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington and a trusty .308 with the modular barrels and bolt conversion kits. Don’t get too excited, each kit, and that is a barrel bolt and magazine, costs an extra $2,249.00.

But if space is at a premium and you want the absolute best in 2022, well this is close.

Multi Caliber Gives You Options

Now you also get three FN Ballistas, in a variety of calibers, for the price of one top of the line Sako on a similar ‘tactical’ chassis. So if you’re not on the cutting edge of competition and you just want to enjoy your hobby with high-quality equipment, this is all you need

If you’re a hitman that works in the urban jungle and then needs to take someone out from a mountain top, then yeah this will do the job too.

Range is everything in this world. Especially if you’re in the underworld and want to take people out without getting blood on you. Icky…

Knights Armament SR-25 E2.

33. Knights Armament Advanced Precision SR-25 E2

  • Price: $4,500.99
  • Caliber: .308 Win
  • Range: 500m
  • Barrel Length: 18”
  • Total: 35”
  • Weight: 9lb
  • Capacity: 8+1

We’re keeping the Knights Armament SR-25 E2 Advanced Precision for nostalgic reasons more than anything else. We haven’t seen one in a while on the open market, although the company site still lists it.

But if you do spot a box fresh version of this semi-auto Designated Marksman Rifle, you might want to smash the buy button.

There are way cheaper 308 Win battle rifles here. But this was one of the best for a long time. For that, we thank the Knights Armament SR-25 and the smaller SR-15 Battle Carbine.

Century Arms PSL 54 Rifle on sale now. Get an Eastern European Designated Marksman Rifle version of the old school Mosin Nagant.

34. Century Arms PSL 54 Rifle

  • Price: $2,699
  • Caliber: 7.62x54R
  • Barrel:

This Century Arms Designated Marksman Rifle built on the solid foundations of the Mosin Nagant has gained something of a cult following at ranges and it isn’t uncommon to see the Romanian PSL (Pushka Snaiperska cu Lineta) turn up in competition. It was a warzone sniper, after all.

Now we know one of the big attractions of the Romanian Dragunov is the cheap prices for old surplus weapons. But most of those have found homes, so a newly manufactured sniper rifle might appeal. That’s really what Century Arms does.

What About a Century Arms Draco Pistol too?

Century Arms has made a living from greats like the Draco Pistol and Canik handguns. As well as cheap and cheerful versions of modern icons. But it has also branched out and produced a wide variety of historic firearms, shotguns, and wonders like this hybrid DMR sniper rifle.

You can have a little rear grip fabric grip on the stock like the real soldiers and just have fun with it.

The AK roots are fairly clear to see in most of Century Arms’ new products. And the Eastern European flavor is what attracts a lot of folks, down to the big lever action safety.

Is the Century Arms AK Really Better Than First World Rifles? Does it Matter?

They then go on to argue about ballistics advantages and the like. But it’s fair to say the Century Arms is bordering on a retro fetish that just happens to perform pretty well. And the rate of fire is intense.

And if you want an AK-based sniper weapon, which is a pretty obscure thing to want but here we are, your options are limited. Century Arms has at least one viable answer for you.

Century Arms produce a wide range of wild and wacky Eastern European guns.Check here for the fulll line up.

Swiss K31 rifle on sale now. Get yours, and other great sniper rifles.

35. Swiss K31 Warzone Pacific Loadout

  • Price: Varies

CofD has a lot to answer for, but it has shone a light on some cool vintage firearms that we might not have included here otherwise. Like the Swiss K31 bolt action sniper rifle.

The Swiss K31 was the last bolt gun to be issued to a military force. The Swiss military, to be exact, which is kind of a non event as Switzerland stay out of everything.

Still, every Swiss man is required to have a rifle at home to form part of a militia if required and a lot of them still have the short stock Swiss K31 that was introduced all the way back in 1931. So gun parts are freely available too.

This rifle loadout might be unique for the game, might not. We honestly haven’t looked into that hard. Does it matter? The K31 Swiss K31 is fun.

Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Parts & Accessories

Gun parts are going to be a major part of your life if you get into sport shooting in any major way. Even if you opt for the low maintenance Sig Sauer, you’ll need parts and might want to stock up on a new steel barrel or beefier folding stock.

If you get into custom rifles, then yeah the gun parts stores will be like an abusive partner to you. But maybe more rewarding…

And remember would be hitmen, a flash hider is important.

9mm Concealed Carry While You’re Here

It might seem like n oddball pairing, but like chilli and chocolate. But we think a sniper rifle and a 9mm Luger pistol make some sort of sense. So check these 9mm Luger firearms, pistols, revolvers etc out and get yours today.

Other Weird Stuff For Sale

Now a lot of the real military stuff, shotguns, proper grenade launchers, submachine guns, and that kind of thing, well they’re off limits to civilians. But you don’t need grenade launchers to get pretty wild these days.

We have custom semi-auto AR-15s that fire trusty 5.56x45mm NATO and are basically the real deal minus full auto. You can also order a semi-auto version of the submachine guns that travel the world in more capable hands. From the 9mm Scorpion Evo to the 300 Blackout pistols with a red dot sight up top that are designed for use with a suppressor, you can get them all. Body armor, too, for that matter.

Upgraded parts can turn a lot of standard fare into sniper rifles, tactical rifles etc, and we could get into eccentric single-shot weapons. But we think you’ve got enough for now. Just buy rifles online, you have enough to choose from.

Best Selling Air Rifles: The Silent Killer, If You’re Lucky…

Even air rifles can be a snipers these days, so deserve sort of an honorable mention. You can buy a 50 Cal air gun, sort of, here.

The truth is that military tech has filtered down through firearms, rifles and everything from the humble red dot sights right through to the bolt action rifle collection you see here. With the right parts & accessories, you can transform even a basic weapon into as close you’re allowed to get to assault rifles.

Check out the higher end AR-15s, too, for a secondary weapon. They do use 5.56x45mm NATO, but a lot of the DMRs have 18 inch barrels that do make a difference and you can’t go wrong with the usual suspects. So if 5.56x45mm NATO is your thing, they can still work as snipers if you have a specific ammo type.

Black Powder is an Option

If you want to practice the art, but don’t have the funds, a single shot black powder rifle will teach you a lot on a smaller playing field. Much smaller. They are easily as entertaining as a lot of the firearms, rifles, shotguns, etc on this site, without the price tag.

What a black powder rifle will do is make you consider the single shot, plan ahead and focus on your technique. Because it takes time to reload with this ammo type. Any single shot rifle really isn’t a bad place to start anyway. Simple engineering makes for a super reliable firearm. With so few moving parts in a single shot rifle, repeatability is assured too. That’s important when you’re fine tuning your technique.

Black Powder rifles have come a long way. Check them out here.
Black Powder? Really?

Black powder can be a cheap option. But let’s not kid ourselves, the world should have run out of bullets before any self respecting hitman turns to the old black powder muzzle loader. It’s not even a mid-range weapon and the bullet velocity isn’t the same. It’s just an odd way to do this generally.

That said, we’ve come a long way from the old school muskets and there are some vrey cool muzzle loaders now.

As a fun aside, these were the original single action firearms, too. In old school muskets, you pulled back the hammer manually and released it with the trigger. So yeah, a true single action rifle.

CofD Hardware in the Real World

The CoD franchise has spawned an interest in tactical rifles, vintage firearms and semi automatic sniper rifles. Call of Duty: Warzone sniper rifle ensemble includes a whole host of cool weapons you can pick up and snipe pixellated people within this Battle Royale. Video games just got good.

Call of Duty: Warzone sniper rifles include the 3-Line Rifle, Kar98k, ZRG 20mm, Swiss K31, LW3 Tundra. Call of Duty: Warzone is just the latest in a long line from this epic video games franchise.

Tropical Climate Beats Eastern European Grind

Warzone Pacific takes the action to an island of war where you get to play with even more iconic weapons. Warzone Pacific is a map extension that takes you to a tropical island instead of the grime of Eastern Europe. Best Warzone Pacific offers trees, a bombed out airport and scenic beaches, as well as forest locations, for battle royales.

You also get some new weapons, including the Gorenko Anti Tank Rifle and Rytec AMR. The K31 Swiss, LW3 Tundra, K31 Swiss, ZRG 20mm and 3 Line Rifle also reappear in best Warzone Pacific scenes we have seen so far, Barrett’s MRAD and the Mosin Nagant are in there too.

Where Do You Buy an Anti Tank Rifle?

So enjoy them, and maybe find a vintage firearm you want in the real world. We’re trying to find a partner with the Gorenko Anti Tank Rifle now. We want to sell them. And you want us too, admit it. You want an anti tank rifle.

Want an SMGs Instead?

The Rear Grip Fabric grip SMG is a small gun if you want to frag more than just snipers in Warzone. We’ve got options and the Rear Grip Fabric alternatives here. We can also talk about a custom Underbarrel SLME Pistol Grip…

The LW3 Tundra and 3 Line Rifle are particular favorites on the forums, and the Rytec AMR is a great sniper in Warzone. While we’re doing this, the Rytec AMR is also a big favorite in Fortnite in a variety of rifle loadout options. The Gorenko Anti Rank rifle is there again too and aren’t just there to pick off foes in the hands of snipers in Warzone.

Huge Variety of Firearms

Call of Duty Vanguard has another selection of weapons, too. So if you’re doing the whole thing then get WWII based Call of Duty Vanguard battle royale map and just go vintage firearm crazy and pick off foes online and targets back in the real world.

Black Ops Cold War is also a big hit and you can get a lot more old world weapons in Black Ops Cold War.

We don’t normally do gaming here, but take a look at the best Warzone Pacific trailer and tell me gaming hasn’t come a looooong way. It’s free to play online too.

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We got other posts depending on ammo type, lengthened rear stocks and more.


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