14 Best Sniper Rifles for Sale – Sep’ 2023

Brugger & Thomet 308 rifle, one of the finest snipers of 2023. But which is the best? Find out here.

Last updated September 4th 2023

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The Winners, at a Glance

If money enters your brain, then the Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro is the best value sniper rifle here, but we do have options depending on your budget and needs.

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro

  • Overall Winner
Springfield Armory Waypoint

Springfield Armory Waypoint

  • Best long range hunter
Barrett M82

Barrett M82

  • 50 BMG Heavyweight Champion
Sako TRG

Sako TRG

  • Best target/LEO sniper
Sig Sauer Cross

Sig Sauer Cross

  • Best lightweight & portable sniper
Barrett MRAD

Barrett MRAD

  • Best multi caliber sniper
McMillan Tac-50

McMillan Tac-50

  • Long range kill record holder
Desert Tech SRS

Desert Tech SRS

  • Best bullpup sniper
Accuracy International AXSA

Accuracy International AXSA

  • Best military grade sniper

Update; We thought this wouldn’t need saying, but we got a complaint. Sooooooo, just to be clear, we think murder is bad. If you’re thinking of murdering someone, the USA Gun Shop says no, especially not with th best sniper rifles for sale.

So What is the Best Sniper Rifle?

We have all thought about it, theoretically of course. What would be the best rifle to use if we decided to be professional killers, assassins, guns for hire?

There’s a lot of choice out there and so we started to really think about it. Because we’re weird, too.

We came up with a mix of army and military snipers and civilian long range rifles that get results in very different ways. And a couple of Designated Marksman Rifle options.

Here is a quick guide to the best sniper rifles in 2023.

Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro Buy yours here.

1. Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro

  • Price: $2,726.99
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor/308 Win
  • Action: Bolt Action Rifle
  • Barrel length: 24 inch
  • Total: 44.25 inch
  • Weight: 11.4lb

Overall Winner

Price: 5/5 Range: 3/5 Portability: 4/5 Terminal Ballistics: 3.5/5


  • Lightweight enough to carry anywhere
  • 0.5 MOA Accurcy guarantee, it’s normally better
  • Infinitely adjustable for complete comfort.


  • Price
  • On the heavy side for hunting

Realistically the Delta 5 Pro is a better tool for sniping bad guys, or good guys, than any semi-auto rifle on this list.

This is professional gear, with a sub 0.5 MOA guarantee. It’s packed with features, from the Timney trigger through to the Area 419 muzzle brake and those outsized pistol grips.

We think the Daniel Defense is a match for anything. If you want the Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro, you are about to buy one of the best modern sniper rifles.

You can have a 308 Winchester Magnum rifle, too, of course.

Springfield Armory Waypoint rifle. A hybrid hunting and sniper rifle.

2. Springfield Armory Waypoint

  • Price: $2,099.99
  • Barrel: 20 inches
  • Total: 41.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.5lb
  • Capacity: 5+1

Best long distance hunting rifle

Price: 4/5 Accuracy: 5/5 Portability: 5/5 Reputation: 3/5 Adjustability: 2/5


  • Carbon fiber custom feel for mid range money
  • Supremely accurate at distance
  • Hunters love it


  • Regular shooters will need to replace carbon fiber barrels and parts.
  • Not as adjustable as some like.

The Springfield Armory Waypoint is a fascinating gun, an exercise in combining old world layout with high tech materials and modern principles under the skin.

It is also one of the most insanely accurate guns you will ever shoot out the box and would be perfect for this particular job.

This is a bolt action sniper rifle with a carbon fiber stock built on a lightweight metal frame, with a large detachable box magazine.

The stainless steel barrel comes with a thinner wall and a carbon fiber sleeve. A radial muzzle brake sits on the end of that advanced threaded barrel.

So it looks like a traditional hunting rifle from a distance, but the Waypoint is a modern precision bolt action sniper rifle when you look close. It’s a 0.75 MOA gun out the box, that’s a guarantee and our real world experience confirms it.

You can choose from a lot of calibers, from the classic 308 Winchester Magnum to 6.5 PRC and 6.5 Creedmoor with these bolt action guns.

You can also opt for a Springfield Armory M1A Precision target shooter. But we like the Springfield Armory Waypoint custom rifles feel for this particular mission.

Barrett M82 for sale.

3. Barrett M82

  • Price: $9,299.99
  • Caliber: 50 BMG
  • Barrel length: 29 inch
  • Weight: 32.79lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

Most Powerful Sniper

Price: 1/5 Accuracy: 5/5 Portability: 1/5 Reputation: 9/5 Power: 7/5


  • Built for war and should last
  • Accurate at distances we rarely see
  • Takes out cars & buildings, not just people


  • Not so portable.
  • Not the most accurate 50 BMG on sale

If you need to blow a helicopter out the sky or shoot a car from a mountain top, then the Barrett M82 anti material rifle is the one for you.

This semi auto anti material rifle was one of the stars of Desert Storm and the United States military used this 50 caliber rifle to devastating effect in the war in the Middle East.

There they took down buildings and destroyed armored vehicles with the 50 Browning Machine Gun round and the 29 inch stainless steel barrel.

Now you can buy this Barrett M82 anti material rifle, and military legend and use it for, well, whatever you want.

The Barrett M82 anti material rifle has an effective range of about 1,800 meters, the 50BMG ammunition is about as heavy hitting as civilians can buy. If this isn’t enough to get the job done, you might be the problem…

Accuracy International AXSA rifle for long range shooting. Leos and military snipers use them, and you can too.

4. Accuracy International AXSA

  • Price: $8,307.99
  • Caliber: .308
  • Action: Bolt Action Rifle
  • Barrel: 20 inches
  • Total: 49.2 inches
  • Weight: 15lb
  • Capacity: 10+1

Pure military hardware.

Price: 1/5 Accuracy: 5/5 Portability: 3/5 Reputation: 5/5


  • Military favorite bolt gun
  • Supremely accurate, think less than 0.5 MOA
  • Super reliable and easy to strip


  • Not so portable.
  • Price

Lots have gone for the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare sniper, but we like this next generation gun that costs a ton, but performs like nothing else.

Accuracy International have supplied the US Marine Corps and military & law enforcement agencies around the world with a bolt action sniper rifle program at some point.

The company can offer you a .338 Lapua Magnum, or even a 50 BMG anti material rifle suitable for the highest bullet grains if that’s what you really want. It’s high standard work, throughout.

This Accuracy International AXSA is a popular military sniper package with an 800 meter effective range in 308 Winchester Magnum, and much more in bigger calibers.

Get some night vision and you’re basically a United States Navy, army and Marine Corps demolitions expert. Minus all the credibility and a lot of the training. So you’re Dan Bilzerian with military rifles. How do you feel about that?

The Accuracy International AXSA is a lot of money for a bolt action sniper rifle, but then nice things often are expensive and even the muzzle device is engineering perfection. Don’t get us started on the fluted steel barrel.

You can choose from a lot more expensive rifles here, although we still can’t sell you the full Arctic Warfare spec sniper.

Sako TRG 42. A new breed of lightweight precision rifle that has got long distance shooters up in arms. Buy yours here.

5. Sako TRG

  • Price: $6,299.99
  • Caliber: .300 Winchester Magnum
  • Barrel: 27 inches
  • Total: 47 inches
  • Weight: 11.75lb
  • Capacity: 7+1

Best for Target Shooters on Mid Range Budget

Price: 3/5 Accuracy: 5/5 Portability: 3/5 Reputation: 4/5


  • Military favorite bolt gun
  • Supremely accurate, think less than 0.5 MOA
  • Super reliable and easy to strip


  • Not so portable.
  • Price

There really isn’t much debate among target shooters. The Sako TRG is one of the best rifles in the world. It costs a lot, but it is for the serious competition shooter.

It is a line of rifles that can trace its heritage all the way back to the Sako TRG 21 in 1989 and the Finnish firm has refined the concept in increments over 30 years.

TRG stands for Tactical, Rifle, Grenade, which is pretty dramatic, but then this Sako TRG sniper weapon system is one of the most popular and best sniper rifles for special operations teams around the world.

Ironically most military units look at the Sako as the budget option now. It’s for special forces that can’t quite afford the Accuracy International ASXR custom rifles.

That shouldn’t matter to you at home. Because you’re getting military tech at the right price, and this is a gun that can work for target shooting and even hunting if that’s what you want to do with it.

Sig Sauer Cross for sale, a lightweight precision rifle for all your needs

6. Sig Sauer Cross

  • Price: $1,615.99
  • Caliber: .308 Win
  • Barrel: 16 inches
  • Weight: 5.9lb
  • Capacity: 5+1

Best for Portability

Price: 4.5/5 Accuracy: 3.5/5 Portability: 5/5 Reputation: 2.5/5


  • Cheap, relatively
  • Very light and folds for easier carry
  • Sniper levels of adjustment in the field


  • Long distance accuracy is so so
  • Early reliability issues, now largely solved

We’re going out on the limb for the Sig Sauer Cross, especially after early issues with accidental discharges early on.

That and the long distance shooters writing it off as unstable and inaccuracte thanks in part to its light weight.

But if you’re not punching paper. If you’re looking for a precision weapon for hunting, then the Sig Sauer Cross is exceptional. That’s exactly what a sniper wants.

It helps that it’s 5.9lb and you can fold the stock away when you’re hiking. That makes the Sig Sauer Cross a formidable weapon for an unofficial sniper.

And now the early reliability issues have been taken care of after several recalls, it is finally establishing itself as a sensational precision hunter that is working its way into gun safes everywhere.

Bergara Premier HMR Pro rifle on sale now.

7. Bergara Premier HMR Pro

  • Price: $1,649.99
  • Caliber: .6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel: 24 inches
  • Weight: 9.8lb
  • Capacity: 5+1

Solid Mid Range Contender

Price: 3/5 Accuracy: 3.5/5 Portability: 3.5/5 Reputation: 3.5/5


  • Cheap, relatively
  • Very light and folds for easier carry
  • Sniper levels of adjustment in the field


  • Long distance accuracy is so so
  • Early reliability issues, now largely solved

The Bergara Premier line ranges from cheaper rifles than this to way more expensive, and you can basically choose your caliber and layout built around the Bergara Premier action.

It’s a two lug system with a floating bolt head, a cone shaped bolt nose for smooth feeding and a spring loaded plate extractor on these Bergara rifles. This is clever tech and the Bergara Premier has found a new level of respect with competition shooters, and it’s just the start of the innovation.

The two position safety is part of the trigger assembly on these Bergara rifles and that includes the latest TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology. You can unload the rifle with the bolt in the safe position and there are other benefits too.

Other tech innovations on the Bergara Premier include the patented CURE carbon fiber barrels. You might not see these Bergara rifles in active service, but this is one of the best sniper rifle options for recreational shooters.

The Barrett MRAD multi-caliber sniper rifle that could replace most of your long distance rifles at a stroke. Buy your Barrett MRAD today

8. Barrett MRAD

  • Price: $6,448.99 
  • Caliber: .300 Win Mag/Multi Caliber
  • Barrel: 26 inches
  • Total: 46.75 inches
  • Weight: 9.2lb
  • Capacity: 4+1

Best Multi Caliber Rifle

Price: 4/5 Accuracy: 4/5 Portability: 3.5/5 Reputation: 5/5


  • Switch caliber in a minute
  • Military rifles with pedigree
  • Sniper levels of adjustment in the field


  • Heavy for hunting
  • Price stings

This is Barrett MK22 MRAD sniper system, a chassis system that will really separate you from your money, but could give you caliber options that will blow your mind.

Barrett Firearms is good enough for the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM). So the Barrett MRAD sniper weapon is good enough for you and me.

The barrels switch out with a Torx wrench and its designed to dance through the calibers with minimal tools and gunsmithing. You can run the muzzle brake, or swap it out for a suppressor.

Now the Barrett MK22 MRAD is one of the new breed of totally modular firearms that you can run as a .338 Lapua Magnum for long distances, 7mm Rem, 300 Win Mag, 300 Norma Mag and .308 Winchester. Navy Seals and other military all use these multi-role adaptive design rifles.

So it has to be considered one of the best sniper rifle choices and a full sniper weapon system for long range sniper rifle precision shooting and shorter range hitman shiz.

You can swap the barrel in seconds and this one system could replace pretty much all of your collection in one fell swoop. So this military sniper rifle with a 2 stage trigger might be good value, if you squint…

This bolt action rifle is a big hit in modern warfare for a reason, as you can vary the ammo type for the specific job.

These tactical rifles from Barrett Firearms could change modern warfare, and your gun collection. Because it’s good enough for the Navy Seals, and it’s better than most of us.

Wilson Combat Super Sniper. An awesome long distance rifle.

9. Wilson Combat AR-10 Super Sniper

  • Price: $3,260.00
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Barrel: 20 inch
  • Total: 33.5-37.75 inch
  • Capacity: 20+1 rounds
  • Weight: 7.1lb

Brilliant and Surprisingly Affordable Sniper

Price: 4/5 Accuracy: 4/5 Portability: 5/5 Reputation: 5/5


  • Top tier engineering for a lightweight rifle
  • Match grade parts in near military rifles
  • Semi auto follow up shots


  • Almost too light for total stability

The Wilson Combat AR-10 Super Sniper 6.5 Creedmoor is arguably the most complete Designated Marksman Rifle money can buy. And you can have a 308 Win too, that we kinda like more.

This, right here, is the next gen version of the 1950s Armalite rifles with a detachable box magazine. DMR style tactical rifles like this could even be your favorite battle rifle.

Now this Wilson Combat gas operated semi automatic sniper rifle is heavy at 9.88lb, but if you’re setting up in one position then this stability is good for target shooting with iron sights or more advanced optics.

It’s available in 308 Win too, and that caliber Designated Marksman Rifle is the star of this video. And you can fit an advanced flash hider on the barrel thread and night hunt with this beast.

These are custom rifles, for sane money.

H&K MR762A1 Long Range Precision for sale. Get this legendary 308 precision shooter here.

10. H&K MR762A1 LRP Package

  • Price: $7,307.99
  • Barrel: 16.5 inch
  • Action: Semi auto
  • Total: 36.5-40.5 inch
  • Weight: 10.42lb
  • Capacity: 20+1

An Illogical Favorite

Price: 2/5 Accuracy: 4/5 Portability: 3.5/5 Reputation: 4/5


  • Proper medium range sniper
  • Match grade parts
  • Semi auto


  • You pay a price for pedigree

This Heckler & Koch gas operated semi automatic sniper rifle is a military and law enforcement legend. It is also a competition shooter’s favorite that doesn’t make all that much sense if you look at it with a cynical eye at the other rifles on this list.

But the armed forces rate this Heckler & Koch gas piston rifle as a support weapon and Designated Marksman Rifle. Competition shooters, too. So maybe we should listen to them.

The Heckler & Koch is famous for its reliability thanks to the patented short stroke gas piston and pusher rod system, and this is the second gen. So enough people love these tactical rifles, but you can end up scratching your head at the weight and cost.

Smith and Wesson M&P10 - The best hunting rifle in the world

10. Smith & Wesson M&P10 Performance Center

  • Price: $1,999
  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Action: Semi-Auto
  • Barrel length: 20 inch
  • Weight: 9lb
  • Capacity: 5

Solid mid range AR-10 hunter

Price: 4/5 Accuracy: 3.5/5 Portability: 4.5/5 Reputation: 3/5


  • Lightweight medium range sniper
  • Match grade everything
  • Semi auto


  • Lacks the prestige of real military rifles

The Smith & Wesson M&P10 Performance Center is a great AR-10 that you can use for hunting, bench shooting and as an all round semi automatic rifle that could go to war.

It’s a stainless steel barrel and receivers, with a precision minded stock.

McMillan Tac-50, one of the best long distance rifles in the world.

11. McMillan Tac-50

  • Price: $11,570.99
  • Caliber: 50 BMG
  • Action: Bolt
  • Barrel length: 26.5 inch
  • Weight: 29lb
  • Capacity: 5

Long Distance Sniper Record Holder

Price: 1/5 Accuracy: 5/5 Portability: 1/5 Reputation: 5/5


  • Record holder – longest official kill
  • Military rifles that are robust
  • Stable, like a rock


  • Not portable

The McMillan Tac 50 is another one of those anti material rifles that would be much higher on a list of pure military sniper weapon system options.

After all it has three of the four longest official kill shots to its name and this sniper rifle is a piece of military history.

But there are a few legit reasons why this probably isn’t the best sniper rifle for most of your precision shooting.

First, the McMillan Tac 50 is really expensive. Second, the McMillan Tac 50 is 50BMG and that really isn’t the most flexible round.

And thirdly because the anti material rifle you can buy is a Cadex chassis system with a folding stock and that feels a little bit wrong for a McMillan Tac 50 bolt action snipers.

This is still a brilliant enhanced sniper rifle, though. And if you need anti material rifles in your life, you could consider the McMillan Tac 50.

Century Arms PSL 54 Get an Eastern European Designated Marksman Rifle version of the old school Mosin Nagant.

12. Century Arms PSL 54 Rifle

  • Price: $2,449.99
  • Caliber: 7.62x54R
  • Action: Bolt


  • Russian heritage offers something different
  • Military grade tough and basic
  • Russia’s favorite sniper weapon


  • No match for the modern elite

This Century Arms rifle is built on the solid foundations of the Mosin Nagant has gained something of a cult following at ranges and it isn’t uncommon to see the Romanian PSL (Pushka Snaiperska cu Lineta) turn up in competition. It was a warzone sniper rifle, after all.

Now we know one of the big attractions of the Romanian Dragunov SVD was the cheap prices for old tactical rifles and military long rifle memorabilia.

But most of those bolt action rifles have found homes, so a newly one with the humble Mosin Nagant foundations might appeal. That’s really what the Century Arms does.

It doesn’t have the same effective range as some of these rifles, and it isn’t as good, basically. But it is fun. And that counts too.

What About a Century Arms Draco Pistol too?

Century Arms has made a living from greats like the Draco Pistol and Canik handguns. As well as cheap and cheerful versions of modern icons.

But it has also branched out and produced a wide variety of historic firearms, shotguns, and wonders like this hybrid Designated Marksman Rifle/sniper rifle.

You can have a little rear grip fabric grip on the rifle stocks like the real soldiers and just have fun with these bolt action rifles.

The AK roots are fairly clear to see in most of Century Arms’ new products. And the Eastern European flavor is what attracts a lot of folks, down to the big lever action safety.

Desert Tech SRS rifle, get yours here today, in bits.

13. Desert Tech SRS

  • Price: $5,000.99
  • Caliber: .308 Win/338 Lapua
  • Barrel: 20 inch
  • Weight: 10.4lb

Best bullpup sniper rifle

Price: 2.5/5 Accuracy: 4/5 Portability: 5/5 Reputation: 3/5

This unusual bullpup rifle comes in a range of calibers and Euro Optic seems to have taken the Build-a-Bear approach, where you buy the chassis and lower, then buy a conversion kit that takes care oif most of the rest.

So this is an IKEA bolt action rifle with some self-assembly required, but you’re probably not afraid of a little hard work.

With the right parts & accessories, you can have a multi caliber set-up too.

The Knights Armament M110 SASS

14. Knights Armament M110 SASS

  • Price: $4,500.99
  • Caliber: .308 Win
  • Barrel: 20 inch
  • Weight: 13.84lb

We can’t sell you the Knights ArmamentM110 SASS rifles, but man they’re interesting. With the best red dot sights on that upper receiver, this long rifle is going to be quite the weapon of war.

If you want a civilian version of this Designated Marksman Rifle with an exceptional fire rate and M-Lok free float handguard, maybe just drop them a message.

With the best red dot sights on top of the upper receiver, or even iron sights, this long rifle would be quite the weapon of war. The United States Marine Corps and Navy love them, as well as other armed forces.

US Air Force procurement team that just put in an order for the next gen M110 SASS rifles.

Those M110 SASS rifles essentially are for Air Force ground support and the US AIr Force alone ordered almost 1,500 in 2022. So the US Air Force might know a little something about the rifles it wants to use in a real firefight.

The Knight’s Armament M110 SAS Designated Marksman Rifle is an intriguing proposition, though, and we hope we can sell you one of these Air Force specials soon.

Honorary Mentions

Ruger rifles could also have featured with the precision rifle and is an excellent choice for novice shooters looking to shoot at medium range with good accuracy.

The Remington M24 SWS sniper weapon system is a sniper rifle based on the Remington 700 action. And that is a constant favorite with military and law enforcement specialists. So check out the Remington M24 SWS Sniper Weapon System.

And the M40 sniper rifle that the US Marine Corps loves to this day and remains a Navy Seal and military favorite.

We could get into the T10 short stroke sniper, and long action guns and other short and long action rifles in the world. Even the Orsis from the Soviet Union and precision assault rifles.

We’d like to include lever action rifles, like the lever action Henry rifles and lever action Marlin, Henry & Winchester rifles. But if we do lever action firearms, then we just keep adding more eccentric stuff.

Then we’d get in to single shot rifles like the Thompson Center Arms contender. Single shot rifles are fun, but it would be an oddball sniper that relies on one professionally.

This list used to be 35 rifles long and Google didn’t like that. So here we are, cutting single shot rifles…

Where to Buy the Best Sniper Rifle Ammo

The likes of 338 Lapua Magnum, 7mm Remington ammo, .30-06 Springfield ammo, 300 Norma Mag and 50 BMG for the longest range are obviously specialist ammunition and you need to know where to go to blast through brick and concrete walls with this anti-personnel monster.

Our favorite ammunition suppliers for these cartridges

Our favorites are:

What Are the Best Rifle Scopes?

We covered the top rifle scopes in a separate post, but not even they can keep up with some of these creations.

We generally recommend the Vortex Optics rifle scopes like the Vortex Strike Eagle and Venom PST Gen II sniper scope.

Those rifle scopes have most of the key features without getting in to big money. But you can spend much more on additional magnification, high quality glass objectives for precision work, true night vision and an 1800 meter effective range.

Check here for rifle scopes.

9mm Concealed Carry While You’re Here?

But we think a sniper rifle for sale and a 9mm pistols make some sort of sense. So check these 9mm firearms, pistols, revolvers etc out and get your 9mm Luger pistols, rifles and more today.

We have a full selection of pistols & revolvers, from the most powerful handguns in the world through to 22 pistols & revolvers you could slip in your sock.

We also have 357 Magnum pistols/revolvers and 308 win bolt action pistols too. And a 9mm Luger pistol.

Best Selling Air Rifles: The Silent Killer, If You’re Lucky…

Even air rifles can be a powerful sniper these days, so deserve sort of an honorable mention. You can buy 50 Cal air guns, sort of, here.

Black Powder is an Option

If you want to practice the art, but don’t have the funds, a black powder rifle will teach you a lot on a smaller playing field. Much smaller.

Black Powder rifles have come a long way. Check them out here.

This is Not the Main Option

Black powder can be a cheap option and they are true single action. But let’s not kid ourselves, the world should have run out of bullets before any self respecting hitman turns to the old muzzle loader instead of a modern sniper system.

It’s not even a mid-range weapon and the bullet velocity isn’t the same. This is just an odd, wilfully retro way to do this and iron sights are more than enough for this range.

As a fun aside, these were the original single action firearms, too. In old school muskets, you pulled back the hammer manually and released it with the trigger. So yeah, is a true single action rifle.

These Rifles Can Be Fun

A single shot sniper sounds like an overly dramatic movie villain thing. And yes, it very may well be. But you can definitely get single shot rifles that qualify and shoot the right cartridges.

So don’t entirely discount single shot rifles, parts & accessories.

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