Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory

Smith and Wesson SW22 Victory 22LR

Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory

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It’s no secret that we think the Ruger MkIV is pretty much the best 22LR pistol you’re going to find, and we stand by that. But it’s expensive.

This Smith & Wesson is much, much cheaper. Right now it’s on sale, so you can pick up a discount gun online for just $299.99!

If you want a 22LR to hone your technique on the range while burning through much cheaper ammo, knock yourself out. If you like to carry a .22LR on the farm for shooting pests and the occasional mercy killing, or you just like shooting a 22, then this is a real bargain.

Check out the Performance Center option here in the hands of expert shooter and gun for hire Jerry Miculek.

Here’s the technical shiz

It’s a single action firearm with an enclosed hammer-fired blowback system. You get a matchgrade barrel and a single screw takedown. So, you can swap out barrels in the field if you’re just not gelling with the gun that day.

The S&W Victory is 9.2 inches long with a 5.5-inch barrel. You get 10 bullets in the mag and one in the chamber, too, in a relatively lightweight package.

Way Cheaper Than The Ruger

It’s pretty much like the Ruger, but a little rougher round the edges. That’s exactly what you’d expect when you look at the price difference. The Ruger is $550 right now, whereas this gun is $250 cheaper.

Now, some people have a pathological loathing for these small bore rimfire pistols. Other people love them and we think they can be great fun.

The shape is unique, you can rattle through ammunition without worrying about the cost and you can plink all day long without suffering with the recoil. I firmly believe it will make you a better shot in the long run.

Get This And Another Gun

Competitive shooters have sung the gun’s praises in the reviews on Brownells and if you’re thinking of the Ruger then you could have this AND another gun.

Your 22LR is never, ever going to be your go-to home defense firearm and you just wouldn’t carry it with personal protection in mind. So it really is your training and varmint gun. Does it really matter, then, that it doesn’t have the final finishing touches that make other guns much more expensive? We would say it doesn’t.

So, before you pull the trigger on a Ruger, have a look at this much cheaper option from Smith & Wesson. Then look at the rest of the 22 pistols you can buy too.

Also, just for fun, check out this Agency Arms Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

Smith &  Wesson SW22 Victory

Caliber: 22LR

Capacity: 10+1 rounds.

Length: 9.2 inches

Barrel: 5.5″ Matchgrade

Buy Cheap 22LR Ammunition Online

The good news is that 22LR ammo  is cheap, seriously cheap. A quick look at Lucky Gunner reveals deals with 5000 rounds for $325. That’s  6.5c a round, which is crazy cheap when it comes to a range gun. It won’t hurt your hand, it should go all day and it’s a great  gun for a novice to learn with.

In the event of a SHTF moment, 22LR ammo could be worth more than gold. So stock up while it is super cheap, consider buying a 22LR rifle too and then you’ll always have something not too taxing. So you can focus on technique.

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