TAVOR SAR Flat Top Bullpup For Sale

Tavor SAR Flat Top 300 Blackout for sale. A great bullpup rifle that can match the AR-15s of this world in a more compact frame.


Price: $1699

Do you want to carry a gun that looks like it escaped from a sci-fi movie? Then look no further. The TAVOR SAR Flat Top is the 300 Blackout rifle you’ve been looking for.

Bullpups aren’t for everyone, but this is an intriguing weapon.

It’s 26 inches in total and 16.5 inches of that is the barrel. So, it’s compact, accurate and if that stock sits nicely in your shoulder then this is a hell of a weapon.


Tavor SAR Flat Top for sale. This bullpup rifle is a favorite with the Israeli Special Forces and it's easy to see the attraction.

A Serious Hunting And Home Defense Weapon

Don’t think it’s a novel AR15. This is a 300 Blackout rifle and that means you get an effective range of 460m. It also means you have got devastating stopping power in a compact weapon.

That could make it a serious contender for a place in your home gun safe even if you never go hunting.

It weighs 7.9lb, so it isn’t exactly a flyweight, but it could sit on your hip, tied in a sling, and replace the AR15 for long range shots. Unless you’re made of money and can pay for the pricey ammo, it won’t take over as your primary hunting gun. If money is no object, it just might.

It comes with flash protection, but it also takes a real suppressor and then you’ve got a real stealth weapon on your hands.

300BLK Ammo is Expensive

Every round is expensive with a 300 Blackout rifle and you’ll pay at least 50c a round for decent ammunition and sometimes a lot more if you want the elite supersonic hunting rounds.

But mass adoption is happening. AAC 300 Blackout pistols are gaining traction and we think the rifles are truly under-rated.

300 Blackout Rifles Will Be a Thing

They’re more humane and more accurate. Use them and this gun should be able to drop any North American game animal.

Of course, with a 30+1 capacity, compact form and devastating stopping power, it’s also an intriguing option for home defense.

You get a full length Picatinny rail on the top and another underneath, so this gun can become whatever you want. You can strap on the tactical lamp and red dot sight if you want to go that way.

TAVOR SAR Flat Top Need To Know

Caliber: 300 Blackout

Capacity: 30+1 rounds

Barrel Length: 16.5 inches

Overall Length: 26 inches

Weight: 7.9lb

Buy Cheap 300 Blackout Ammunition Online

Now here is the bad news, 300 Blackout ammo is expensive, seriously expensive. You can pay 50c a round for simple range ammo, even if you buy 1000 rounds at a time. For the specialist supersonic hunting ammunition, you can pay up to and beyond $1.50 a round.

So a 300 Blackout is an expensive hobby, but then again if you use it for special shots, or home defense, you shouldn’t spend too much.

Make sure you are stocked up with cheap 300 Blackout ammunition, though, because if you suddenly have to get some from your local store then it can get crazy.

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