Springfield Armory Range Officer 9mm – $798.99

Springfield Armory Range Officer


Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer

  • Price: $849.99
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Barrel: 4-5 inch

I have gone a bit nuts over Springfield Armory of late, I know. But great guns keep popping up.

Lightweight 1911 Thanks to Material Science

This is a lightweight 1911 with a carbon steel lightweight match-grade frame.

Technical breakthroughs are pretty rare in the 1911 world. But this is a lightweight 9mm 1911 that’s available as a full-size or compact carry pistol. That’s almost revolutionary when you look at standard 45 ACP 1911s.

That lightweight hammer and drilled out trigger save grams between them. But they look stunning and they’re a commitment to weight saving. It never really translates into a tangible saving is the thing.

The gun weighs 2.56lb with a 5 inch barrel, but it looks great. That’s important. We all know it is.

Range Officer is a Stunning Handgun

The Springfield Armory Range Officer could be the centerpiece of any handgun collection. It’s just that pretty in stainless steel or the matte black finish.

For my money, this is one of the best guns you can buy online right now.

Springfield Armory Range Officer 9mm guns for sale

Springfield Armory Range Officer Is Still A Weighty Gun

Now it’s a bit big for a daily carry gun, so unless you’re in an open carry state then it could be a pain. For some people, though, the slight inconvenience is more than worth the payoff when it comes to reliability and accuracy.

Some folks just don’t like polymer guns, especially ones that look like they have been shrunk in the wash. Some folks want a big gun that sits right in their hand, will last a lifetime if they treat it well and offer a completely different kind of experience to the smaller, plastic guns.

Less Is More?

This is the 9mm version. You can get a .45ACP, which would give you insane stopping power. But this combination of a heavier gun, a five-inch barrel and the lighter 9mm ammo means this gun is much more controlled than most.

With a gun like this, you can group your shots tight, with ease, rather than wrestling with the more powerful bucking bronco .45ACP. If you’re super strong or it’s a range gun that you want to tame, then the bigger capacity weapon might be the one for you.

For home defense, though, two 9mm slugs exactly where you want them are far more effective than a random hit from a more powerful round.  If you want big bore home defense, then get a 15-round Kel Tec KSG shotgun.

Reassuring Weight and Recoil Reduction

The basic weight of the gun quashes snap and recoil, but you also get a GI recoil system in the gun. It’s a night and day difference when you compare this kind of weapon with the lighter polymer alternatives.

The grip safety is simplicity itself and that deep beavertail means you’ll never taste the bitter pain of slidebite with a gun like this. It’s beautifully simple and yet it sits so much better in the hand than the smaller guns.

Nothing comes for free in world and the capacity, 9+1 rounds with the biggest mag, isn’t great. It is pretty much enough for most situations and you should practice mag changes as part of your range routine. it’s also 8.6 inches long, but that can work in your favor when it comes to the psychological impact.

It’s not the kind of gun you mess with.

This Is Like A Swiss Watch, A Formal Gun

Aesthetically, this is a gun you could wear with a designer suit.  It’s actually a formal wear gun, like your best watch.

It could even be the gun you pack for church, based on current events.

It should last as long as the oldest Rolex, because the frame and slide are made from parkerized carbon steel.

Every detail is perfect. Even the screws in the etched hardwood grips carry the Springfield Armory insignia and it’s a gun that oozes craftsmanship and love.


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