9mm vs 45 vs 40: The Best Ammo For Self Defense?

What is the best bullet for self defense 9mm 40S&W .45 ACP

If you want to start an argument between gun guys, just ask one simple question, grab some popcorn and stand back.

That question is simple:

What is the best caliber for self defense?

There is no clear-cut answer and each bullet has pros and cons.

But if you want our verdict, then 9mm is the best bullet for self-defense.

Sounds odd right? I mean a 40S&W has way more punch and a .45 ACP does too. So what am I thinking?

Capacity is King With Self Defense

I am thinking purely of the capacity.

To me, that’s the single most important part of the equation, well that and the reduced recoil. Because if I can place two 9mm Luger cartridges in the same place as one of your 40S&W or .45 ACP cartridges, then I’m going to do more damage.

Show me all the slow-motion gel impact you want. It doesn’t change a single thing. Shot placement, more than bullet speed and power, is what really matters in a gunfight. A 9mm in the right place will do way more than a 40S&W in the wrong place.

I trust myself enough to hit the right place, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have more goes at it.

Also, if you really want to do damage, a 9mm ripper or topflight hollowpoint will do more damage than a common-or-garden 40S&W. Check out Lucky Gunner to get good deals on great bullets that mean you shouldn’t have to think about lacking firepower’.

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Smaller Bullets Pack In To Your Gun

The 9mm bullet is, quite simply, smaller. That means you can slot way more of them into a clever double-stack magazine that you get with the likes of the Springfield Armory XDMOD2 and the new Sig Sauer P365 Nitron.

These are arguably the best CCW guns in the world right now, because with an extended clip then you get 17 rounds out of the Springfield Armory and that is a big, huge deal.

Basically you don’t use a CCW gun unless it’s a high-stress situation. There is no mundane reason to pull your gun in the real world.

So if you’re operating at high levels of stress, then your aim might be a touch off. If you’re packing a .45 ACP 1911 then you might pop off three or four shots before you’ve remembered to breathe.

Don’t Run Out Of Bullets

With an 8+1, or even a 6+1 CCW, that means you’re running out of bullets before you’ve even started. Yes, you can carry spare clips, but the time it takes you to pop out a clip and eload could be, ummm, critical.

So really, the best solution is the simplest one. Have more bullets in your gun and you should be safer.

That means there really is only one option in if you want the best CCW gun on sale. It has to be a 9mm, with a clever mag, and double-digit capacity.

Check out our list of the best CCW guns for sale right now and get yourself something with more bullets, so you don’t have to worry about running empty when it really, really matters.


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