3D Printed Gun is Legal!

3D Printed Guns

In a shock win, Defense Distributed has beaten the DOJ in court and the infamous 3D printed gun is now legal.

Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson took a brave stance and used the First Amendment, essentially making this dispute a freedom of speech issue. It worked.

This might also be a landmark victory for the anti gun control community, because what’s the point in banning guns if you can just make one at home?

So, now you are free to download the plans and 3D print your own gun. You can make it, you can use it and the only thing you can’t do is sell guns that you have made on your printer.

In this climate, this is a massive victory for Wilson and we have to give the man props for taking on the Federal government and winning.

Wilson is now going back to his original plan of expanding his DEFCAD supply of downloadable firearms. He also has his ghost gunner 2 milling machine that makes a pretty solid 1911 and AR-15, among others.

“I currently have no national legal barriers to continue or expand DEFCAD,” he wrote in an email to TechCrunch. “This legal victory is the formal beginning to the era of downloadable guns. Guns are as downloadable as music. There will be streaming services for semi-automatics.”

3D printers have come on in leaps and bounds since Wilson started this little venture and you can now get metal printers at reasonable prices. Material science has come a long way, too, and the best ABS plastics might well be able to produce a usable firearm. If not now, then soon.

So this could screw gun control completely. Cody, we may well owe you a beer or two in the end!

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