5 Best Bug Out Bags For Sale in 2020

5 Best Bug Out Bags For Sale in 2020

Best SHTF, Emergency Survival Kits on Sale

SHTF used to be an insane term used by insane preppers predicting the end of the world. They don’t seem quite so crazy anymore do they?

Political tension, race-baiting, Antifa, constant assaults on the Second Amendment and more are happening every week on American soil. That’s without a foreign invader or worse to contend with. So the odds of you having to get the f*** out of wherever you are and hole up while the world rips itself apart have probably risen sharply in recent times.

Even the weather is getting biblical in some parts of the country and a lot of us know what it’s like to do without power and water for days at a time after a hurricane.

Most of the things you’ll find in a bug out bag will come in handy in the aftermath of a flood, hurricane, earthquake or just about any other Earth shattering event you can come up with. You don’t actually need a nuclear war, a zombie apocalypse or Civil War 3 to get great value out of a bag like this. You can even take it camping as a back-up and when you really need a snaplight, what you paid for this bag will seem like a steal.

Having a fully stocked and ready to go bug out bag doesn’t make you look like a lunatic. It really isn’t going too far. Along with a carefully curated group of firearms, a proper bug out bag stacked with the right survival gear and tactical gear is just solid preparation. That’s why you have firearms in your house, after all, and home security and personal safety goes well beyond a healthy stash of 230gr 45 ACP.

Of course with time and preparation, you can come up with something better with a DIY bug out bag checklist, and a lot of time and money. But these are great start points that you can add a few essentials to and you’re on your way.

So what are the best bug out bags and what should you look for when it comes to pre-packed survival gear?

Here are our picks of the best bug out bags for sale in 2020.

EchoSigma Emergency Systems Bug Out Bag for sale. Get your SHTF, emergency survival kit here.

1. EchoSigma Emergency Systems Bug Out Bag

  • Price: $510.99
  • Lasts: 10 Days
  • Weight: 34lb

This is the Mac Daddy of emergency bug out bags and will keep you going in the wild for up to 10 days, long after you have gone mad with the loneliness and started talking to a football and a shop mannequin.

There’s a lot packed into this standard sized backpack and it contains provisions, tools, communications and a first aid kit, all in this one easy to grab and carry bag. See you might have all these things dotted round your house, but there’s no time to make up a pack in an emergency.

Great Price For a Packed Out Bug Out Bag

With that in mind, this grab and go bug out bag, packed with decent survival gear, looks like the best emergency survival backpack for sale in 2020.

Check the link for the full description, but the highlights include a thermal cocoon sleeping bag, water purification tablets, a SOG multi-tool and all the little things that will keep you alive in the wilderness, or even stuck on a roof out of harm’s way under a bridge in the urban jungle.

Matches, sandpaper and a solid first aid kit that includes sterilisation gear, basic field dressings and the chance to sew yourself back up if something goes badly wrong. In a SHTF situation, that’s always possible.

The hardware included with this pack is pretty impressive, too, and will save you a lot of time assembling the perfect kit. A multi-band, multipower radio system, an emergency tube tent, a 190 Lumen Fenix flashlight and even 50 feet of military-grade 550 paracord find their way into the pack. There are even 2 respirator masks in there, as well as the ubiquitous duct tape.

Thee are glaring omissions on the bug out bag checklist, probably to make the kit easier to sell on the open market. You’ll want a proper knife in there and there’s no ammo stash, but these are things that not everybody thinks they want. Until they do, when it’s too late. If you’re on the edge, put a serious knife and gun on your list. Preferably more than one.

You can add pepper spray and other personal defense items, but you’re always fighting against the final weight. You have to decide if you can haul ass with a heavy duty bag, or if you’re going to be throwing toilet paper, your water filtration system and other things that will keep you alive overboard because you can’t carry your bug out bag. Don’t be that guy.

Uncharted Supply 72 Hour emergency survival kit. A sleek looking bag, a flotation device and everything you need to stay alive.

2. Uncharted Supply Emergency Survival 72 Pro

  • Price: $499.99
  • Lasts: 72 Hours
  • Weight: 20lb

What we really like about this bug out bag are the onboard tools. Indeed this bag is less about providing your basic needs and more about giving you the tools to feed yourself and build a three-storey eco-friendly house while the world tears itself apart.

Seriously it’s not quite that good, but the on-board tools really are winners. The hand crank radio, torch and power bank mean you can keep your cellphone charged and maybe find out when the zombie apocalypse or Coronavirus outbreak has been contained.

You might like to think that your 6.5 Creedmoor or your AR-15 will be the difference in a true SHTF situation and you might well have a point. But cellphones matter and power could easily be the difference between getting through a tricky situation and just not.

There’s a shovel, a pretty solid fixed blade knife with two serrated edges for sawing and a clean edge for stabbing and straightforward cutting. There’s a torch, a multi-tool and more.

There is a fold up emergency shelter, so don’t expect a real dome tent, a squeeze-style water filter. You get a 48oz collapsible water bottle, goggles, even a wool hat.

As a disaster kit, this bag has a lot going for it. So if you live in flood country, or you happen to live in tornado alley, then you really should have a big out bag you can just grab and go.

The bag itself is a flotation device, which is pretty smart. There is always some survival gear you think is indispensible. A proper lightweight tent might be right up there on the list, but this bug out bag has the basics covered and then some.

It also weighs just 11.5lb, which makes a lot of room for some of the tools we would inevitably add to your emergency bug out bag checklist. They include a hatchet, ammo and in the immortal words of Keanu Reeves: “Guns, lots of guns.”

The Wise Company 5 Day survival kit. A lightweight kit with food rations, shelter and first aid. Get your bug out bag now!

3. Wise Company 5 Day Survival Kit

  • Price: $69.99
  • Lasts: 5 Days
  • Weight: 6lb

This is a lightweight kit that leaves out all the tools and fancy gear. It’s just the basics you need to stay dry, warm, fed and watered.

But that’s all you need when you’re really up against it. If you’re in the kind of situation that you need a bug out bag at all, these basics will feel like the silk sheets in a 5 Star resort.

Now the sales material says its contains 32 gourmet entrees. I guess it depends on your definition of gourmet. But again, if you’re starving, any real food will count. So maybe they are right…

This is one of those kits that could be just as useful when the power goes out, the water turns off or you just failed to catch dinner in the wild. It’s stuff you can use without being in a full-on emergency situation.

The emergency blanket and poncho aren’t designed for really cold weather. But then you kinda know that going in. This is a limited bug out bag that will get you through a simple emergency situation, rather than a natural disaster.

You know the drill. There are water pouches, rather than a dramatic water filtration system, and the most basic of first aid kits. The cooking stove and fuel tablets are a key ingredient, though.

The squeeze flashlight and playing cards? They’re nice touches.

This kit is priced right, there are loads of useful things in the kit and customers tend to come back and buy more. The user reviews all say it’s exceptional value and that’s a good sign with a kit this cheap.

EMergency Case - The ultimate disaster kit, emergency survival case and bug out bag, sort of, that you're likely to find. Complete protection in any emergency.

4. Emergency Case Before Disaster – Premium Family Survival Kit

  • Price: $1069.99
  • Lasts: 96 Hours
  • Weight: A lot….

This is no backpack, but if your emergency bug out checklist involves getting in the car, or you live in a flood zone or Tornado Alley then you might need all this stuff in your own house, or what’s left of it.

There are five kits in one rolling waterproof case. There are separate:

  • Sleep & Shelter Kit
  • Tools & Safety Survival Kit
  • Food & Water Survival Kit – 96 hours, no cooking or water needed.
  • Advanced Medical Survival Kit
  • Health & Hygiene Survival Kit.

It is first responder approved and Law Enforcement, Military and CERT teams contributed to a kit that meets and beats the FEMA guidelines for disaster preparedness.

This one kit covers you for an Earthquake, flood, tornado, Tsunami and wildfire, possibly all at the same time. Although to be honest if that lot hits you all at once, the world is ending and I’m not sure you want to make it through to what comes next.

This goes well beyond a bug out bag. It’s the one kit you should need to cover you for all eventualities and it should let you sleep soundly in your bed, even with the rising crescendo of the approaching tsunami.

You get real tools, including a solid 7-in-1 shovel, adjustable wrench, pliers, an axehead that works with the shovel and all the usual emergency kit stuff like the wind-up radio and power bank. You get a solar charger here too, which is a solid addition to any bug out bag checklist if you can handle the added weight.

Even the knife is a 6 in 1 multi-tool that first responders tend to carry with them. The glass breaking stud and heavy duty cutter don’t always need to get you out of an upturned car. They’re pretty handy additions to any bug out bag to be honest.

It isn’t particularly portable, but you know that right? What this is is a kit you can keep in your cabin, on your boat, in your car and in your home. With this, you’re covered for just about everything short of an alien invasion. In which case you’re probably just as screwed as the rest of us.

Without that, this is good as it gets. This is the complete disaster kit, SHTF collection and Zombie Apocalypse collection all in one place. If you have the space, you’ll love this emergency kit that

Emergency Zone Urban Survival Emergency Bag - Survival gear to get you through a crisis, at a budget you can afford.

5. Emergency Zone Urban Survival Emergency Bag

  • Price: $139.99
  • Lasts: 3 Days/2 people
  • Weight: 29lb

Ironically, walking round with a perfectly presented disaster kit in the midst of a disaster could be the very thing that gets you killed by a less scrupulous and decent member of what passes for society at that point.

At that point, it really doesn’t matter how good your emergency kit was. So it’s a good idea to just carry, well, a backpack really.

That’s what this is, it just happens to be crammed with a pretty useful emergency kit, water filtration, freeze dried food and all the other goodies you would expect from a pack that’s designed to get you and a partner in what may well be crime by then through three days.

The bag itself comes with a pocket specifically for a Concealed Carry handgun that we all know is one of the most important components of any bug out bag.

You won’t be living in luxury. There is a small dome tent, which is great, but the sleeping bags are the reflective emergency bivy bag kind and . So you might want to upgrade those at some point.

You do get a proper water filter courtesy of Lifestraw, as well as a proper water bottle. The freeze dried food ration bars don’t need precious water to rehydrate them, and they are US Coast Guard approved, which is an odd seal of approval and yet here we are. The main point is this stuff can survive life at sea and comes with a shelf life of five years.

This pack is FEMA compliant, although the mere mention of the Federal Emergency Management Agency will send conspiracy theory types running for their underground SHTF shelter.

Emergency Zone was started by a doctor, so you can bet your ass the First Aid kit in this best bug out bag is second to none. The user reviews suggest this is a great start for a bug out bag and you can add your own technology, like handheld GPS devices, powerbanks, torches, wind-up radios and more. It’s all out there and you might opt for a computerized and solar powered nerve center. Or something more basic.

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