Best Concealed Gun Safes For Sale in 2018

Concealed gun safe in a shelf


Now we are going to go ahead and assume you have a main gun safe in your home if you are a responsible firearms enthusiast.


Safety first, and all. So if you don’t have a proper safe, start here with a list of the best gun safes you can buy online in 2018, together with smaller gun vaults.


But there’s an issue with gun safes, an elephant in the room. What if you can’t get there in time? You can have the very best guns in the world and the training to use them. But if they’re too far away at that critical moment, you have a problem.


Luckily there is a simple answer to this, concealed gun safes dotted around the house that mean you have constant access to at least one firearm that can help you get to your main gun safe and take control of what is undoubtedly a messy situation.


A hidden gun can seriously be a lifesaver and you really should have one in every room if you want to be absolutely sure. Quick access to a well hidden gun could be the difference for you and your family.


So what are the best concealed gun safes for sale in 2018?




Tac Walls Concealment Mirror



1. Full Length Concealment Mirror with recessed safe.
Price: $469.99




The Tactical Walls system looks just like a standard mirror, but wave your keycard over the magnetic lock and you can push back this innocent looking vanity piece and reveal a hidden arsenal. This is not one hidden gun, this is the whole shooting match.


There is space for rifles, pistols, ammunition and other valuables that you might want to hide away in a hidden safe that nobody ever knows about. In a way,l this is the perfect gun storage solution and one of the best gun safes in the world.


It doesn’t quite have the protection of a giant 1 ton gun safe, but then it simply won’t attract that level of attention, or any, and could go totally unnoticed in a home invasion.. Unless you can get to your guns and deal with it, of course.


A hidden safe as a back-up is a massive tactical advantage in a home invasion or robbery situation. It’s a fact of life that if they search then they’re going to find a big safe, but a second hidden one will never draw their eye and you can even use your other safe as a decoy if you’re that way inclined.


Your main defense, then, could be hidden behind this innocent looking mirror. It’s a gun safe, a place for your most expensive jewelry and precious heirlooms. It’s worth the money.




Concealed gun safe in a shelf


2. Concealment Shelf
Price: $294.99



This next level gun concealment is just so clever. It looks like a standard shelf, but twist the key and the bottom drops down to reveal an AR-15, pistol, several mags and possibly even a shotgun. There is space for a total home defense kit in every shelf and you could seriously make a case for having one of these in every room in the house.


You can tailor the foam padding to your collection and it really is an elegant way to hide your guns and get them when you need them most. This is seriously safe and discreet gun storage. We love it.


This is another Tactical Walls design and we do like the way these guys think. This is the best gun control you can have in your house, absolute control over where your guns are. It shows the value of a hidden safe and you can clearly see how a combination of the best gun safes could give you quick access to a firearm at almost every point in your home.





Hidden vent safe, a great place for a gun



3. Hidden Vent Safe
Price: $219.99



Yes, it’s the classic hidden vent safe, brought bang up to date with a magnetic swipe card that pops it open with no effort. It’s a quick access system that could be a lifesaver one day.


It’s just a handgun safe in this form, the hidden compartment really isn’t that big, although you can certainly get longer vents and safes that could accommodate long guns.


This goes in to the wall in any room and you can paint it to blend right in. It’s a brilliant concept and a design that has stood the test of time. This is simple gun concealment, hiding in plain sight, but it is done well.




End Table With a Hidden Surprise, a Locked Gun Drawer

4. Shield End Table
Price: $479.00



This simple end table hides a dark secret, a stowaway drawer that is completely hidden that can contain at least two pistols and spare mags. Only you will ever know it’s there, but wave your card over the magnetic lock and the drawer pops open so you can retrieve your handgun.


It’s one of the best concealed gun safes for sale in 2018, just because it actualy looks like decent furniture and it won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Nobody should ever go looking for that hidden compartment.


It isn’t the most secure gun storage, but it would take some kind of evil miracle for a thief to stumble upon your weapons in this table. Pack them in foam, don’t let them rattle around and this table is pretty much a secure gun locker. Is it one of the best gun safes? it isn’t quite the elite level, but with a completely different skillset it is snapping at their heels.





Biometric Gun Vault - A gun safe that could save your life


5. Biometric Gun Vault SV500
Price: $232.90



You know these little gun vaults by now, but have you thought what you can do to color code and blend them in to their surroundings?


They carry a single pistol and they need a little space to drop and let you access your firearm. But that’s it, apart from that you’ve got a free reign with this small gunsafes. They are superb, they work and you can fit them almost anywhere.


Make sure they’re properly bolted to furniture that cannot go anywhere, or you could lose your guns in a burglary. It’s much better to bolt the case direct to the wall, with a reinforcement plate behind the furniture if need be.


Do that and these gun vaults can be your secret weapons that make sure you always have access to a gun. A hidden gun under your desk, or your bed, could be the different between a serious home invasion and a story to tell your family one day.


The biometric fingerprint readers are almost foolproof now, and you should be fine if you go the high-tech route. You can still order one of these vaults with a keycode access, though, if you want to go old-school and save a few bucks.


It isn’t so much gun concealment as gun security, because as long as this gun vault is properly fixed then nobody should be able to crack it except for you. It’s a single handgun safe, then, but it has fast marked itself out as one of the best quick release gun security devices in the world.




American Flag gun safe, artwork and a concealed gun



6. American Flag Wall Cover
Price: $350



It’s almost too perfect. You can have three loaded handguns ready to go, nestled behind the Stars & Stripes. It’s another Tactical Walls design, too, in case you were wondering.


They really do seem to have gun storage solutions sorted and this hidden compartment behind the flag is just a delight.


It’s a decorative wood finish, but wave your key card at the right place and it slides back to reveal three hidden compartments that are basically tailor-made for a 1911, a Glock 10mm and maybe a large selection of magazines.


This works on a decorative level, as well as actually doing something useful. One day the American flag could save your life. Think about that for a moment, then place your order.


This is more than one of the best concealed gun safes money can buy. It’s a piece of American artwork. There’s also a delicious irony to having a hidden gun behind the Red, White and Blue.


Can you have too much freedom? No, we don’t think you can…


This hidden gun safe put a smile on our face. We hope it did for you, now go buy one for yourself.



Gunvault MV500 - Elegant and subtle


7. Gunvault MVB500 Biometric Gun Safe
Price: $98.90



You can store guns on top of cupboards, too, but you still want to keep them in a quick release safe so the wrong hands can’t get hold of your guns.


This simple one-gun vault can be secured anywhere and the spring loaded top opens on contact with your fingertips when you enter a no-eyes access code that you decide yourself. It’s a failsafe design that should get your gun in your hand as quickly as possible when you really need it.


It’s also a secure place to store your concealed carry weapon.


If you’re nervous about biometric access, this might be the answer. It’s a simple pin code, determined by finger pushes, and it’s arguably the most elegant solution while we iron out the remaining kinks in the biometric systems that are just occasionally known to reject greasy fingers.


Honestly we think we’re at the level now where this is more an urban myth than a reality, but the simple concern that your gun safe might lock you out is enough to sway some people towards a different approach. I get that…


These gun safes are relatively slimline and stealth, but you can box them in, color code them and do all kinds of things to make sure it blends in with its environment. When the time comes, only you will know where the gun is and that is a massive advantage.


A handgun safe might look like a an extravagance, but it can change your relationship with your firearms. You will also have your preferred CCW, but a network of weapons, long forgotten in your big safe, could become the basis of your home defense system.


That’s what it is. If you have a plan, and fallback, then that is a system. So keep going with it, refine your home defense plan and make sure you get the best gun safes you can afford, that work for the environment.


Castlecreek coffee table gun safe


8. Castlecreek Coffee Table Gun Safe

Price: $369.99



Would you feel safer knowing an AR pistol, a handgun or even a Shockwave are within grasp? Then you need the Castlecreek Coffee Table Gun Safe.


It’s a coffee table, but the hidden drawer slides out to reveal your Second Amendment beliefs and you can start shooting.


The Castlecreek isn’t a bad looking coffee table either, but the USP here really is the gun drawer thing….


You can go for long guns, too, and should be able to fit a couple in there alongside your sidearm.





Bench seat with hidden gun safe


9. Bench Seat
Price: $223.00



Not only is this hidden gun safe secure, it is also fireproof. That means it will protect your firearms and valuables for an hour in an inferno, which is just another reason to get one.


It’s a bench with a concealed compartment that holds five long guns, which is actually pretty impressive for a secret gun safe. It’s a functional seat, it can go at the end of your bed and you’ve got an arsenal at your disposal in seconds.,


In terms of security, it’s solid enough and yet doesn’t seem to have the certificates you might like to show people if you get inspected. It’s a budget eBay special that punches above its weight, but doesn’t have all the paperwork. If you can live with that, it looks pretty solid!


You can store much more than guns in this bench seat, of course, and it does look pretty secure.




Small shelf with hidden gun safe

10. 24” Concealment Shelf
Price: $154.99




The smaller concealment shelf can still hold two handguns, or maybe even a handgun and a Draco Gun, or something suitably mad for home defense. You might even get a Sig Rattler in there if you try.


That aside, it’s the same principle as the other concealment shelf, just smaller and cheaper. It’s an intriguing gun safe hidden in plain sight. I’m not sure what else to say to be honest…


There is space for a full size pistol, your concealed carry and a few spare mags in this clever gun storage unit that is absolutely hidden in plain sight.


This is gun concealment done so well…






Wall Unit with a hidden gun compartment


11 Rustic Wall Unit
Price: $130



I like this one on a decorative level, because who is going looking for a gun in this home-made, rustic set up?


On the other hand, if you live in California or some other Commie State, forget it. Any gun safe laws whatsoever basically rule out novelties like this. It does lock and it comes with a magnetic key shaped like a candle, which is clever.


It’s a clever hidden gun safe, that probably isn’t all that safe if we’re honest.






Tactical Keyrack, a clever home defense solution


12. Tactical Keyrack
Price: $220



Now this one is a seriously good idea. Probably the most vulnberable place in the house, in terms of a likely confrontation and the distance to a bedroom gun safe, is the front door. So this simple key rack with a hidden handgun compartment is a great idea.


It’s the perfect location to store your concealed carry weapon if you don’t want to carry in the house as well.


You can’t really strap a gun vault to the wall by the entrance, but this rustic woodwork builds into the wall. Even if an intruder knows what it is, he still probably won’t crack it, as you need to place the key in a precise area of the door to pop it open and reveal your handgun.








Secureit Tactical model 47 Concealed gun safe



13 SECUREIT Tactical Fast Box Model 47
Price: $299.99




It’s tempting to get carried away with clever solutions, but remember that a classic gun safe will probably be more secure and you can put a Tactical Fast Box almost anywhere.


This slimline, lightweight gun safe is designed to go under the bed, or sofa, or beside a wardrobe against the wall, so only you can get to it in an emergency. Only you know where it is, for a start…


It is also properly certified and is a proper gun safe, that just happens to be slim enough to hide almost anywhere.


Not many of these gun safes will take long guns, but this one will. Maybe two at a push, together with a handgun. Lay it out right and you could squeeze a full four gun home defense kit in there.




Clock gun vault


14. Clock Gun Vault

Price: $97.99


It isn’t the prettiest clock, but then it is functional in its own special way.


This is a one gun storage compartment that means you always have a gun to hand.


It isn’t really locked. Instead you push down on the 12 and the face comes free. Is that enough for you? Well nobody should know the gun is there, because the clock does a relatively convincing job apart from, you know, actually telling the time. I’m not convinced this is the ultimate gun storage solution, though, because it simply isn’t as secure as other gun safes that do a simpler job, better.

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