14 Best Hidden Gun Safes – August 2023

Concealed gun safe in a shelf

Last updated September 6th 2023

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Tactical Walls Concealment Shelf

Tactical Walls Concealment Shelf

  • Overall Winner
Fortress Biometric Gun Safe

Fortress Biometric Gun Safe

  • Best practical handgun vault
Tactical Walls Concealment Mirror

Tactical Walls Concealment Mirror

  • Best high capacity hidden safe
SnapSafe Drop Box

SnapSafe Drop Box

  • Most versatile pistol vault
Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe

  • Best in car gun security
Hornady Rapid Night Safe

Hornady Rapid Night Safe

  • Best clock safe
American Flag Safe

American Flag Safe

  • Best for the hallway
SECUREIT Tactical Fast Box Model 47

SECUREIT Tactical Fast Box Model 47

  • Best Fastbox
Book Diversion Safe

Book Diversion Safe

  • Best last line of defense

Now we are going to go ahead and assume you have a safe in your home if you are a responsible firearms enthusiast. But what about a hidden gun safe?

You can have the very best weapons in the world and the training to use them. But if they’re too far away at that critical moment, you have a problem.

Luckily there is a simple answer to this, hidden safes/gun safes dotted around the house that mean you have constant access to at least one firearm that can help you get to your main safe and take control of what is undoubtedly a messy situation.

So what are the best hidden gun safes for sale in 2023?

Concealed gun safe in a shelf

1. Tactical Walls Gun Concealment Shelf

  • Price: $455.00


Price: 5/5 Capacity: 3/5 Ease of Installation: 4/5 Security: 4/5

This concealment shelf is just so clever. It looks like a standard floating wall shelf, but twist the key and the bottom drops down to reveal an AR-15, pistol, several mags and possibly even a shotgun.

Yes really, this is a concealment shelf for pistols and a rifle safe that hides in plain sight in your living room, bedroom, wherever you need it on a bolted wall mount.

This top locking shelf is proper gauge steel inside the hidden compartment and the mounting hardware on these concealment shelves is solid, it locks, it does everything in the home or office. It also stores important documents, not just guns…

You can find another solid top locking shelf design from Tactical Traps that is a cheaper wall mounted concealment shelf for pistols.

But we just like these hidden gun safes hidden in a concealment shelf that little bit more. It’s also an easy way to avoid major work installing a traditional wall safe.

A simple biometric access safe that is affordable.

2. Fortress Medium Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe

  • Price: $129.99

Budget Biometric Winner

Price: 5/5 Capacity: 1/5 Ease of Installation: 5/5 Security: 3/5

An affordable biometric safe that is small enough to hide in any cupboard or bedside table.

Bolt this safe to the furniture and then marvel at the biometric fingerprint scanner that can store up to 30 fingerprints.

And the front door pops open, so you can mount it inside a closet.

This is modern easy access and the biometric gun safes are getting cheaper all the time. These are go anywhere home safes, or you can recess them and turn them into wall safes.

Tac Walls Concealment Mirror

3. Tactical Walls Full Length Concealment Mirror Bundle

  • Price: $545.99

High capacity special

Price: 4/5 Capacity: 3/5 Ease of Installation: 2/5 Security: 4/5

The Tactical Walls 1450 sliding mirror system looks just like a standard mirror. But wave your keycard over the magnetic lock and you can push back this innocent looking vanity piece and reveal a hidden arsenal in a closet vault behind the sliding mirror.

Now this is not one hidden firearm, this is the whole shooting match. It’s a rifle safe, ammo concealed storage space and there’s a handgun compartment up top. It’s not as big as you might think, but then these Tactical Walls hidden gun safes are convenient.

It doesn’t quite have the protection of a giant 1 ton safe, hidden from view, but then the sliding mirror door device simply won’t attract that level of attention, or any, and your large hidden compartment wall safe could go totally unnoticed in a home invasion.

These Tactical Walls safes behind a sliding mirror are best sellers for a reason. Get yours now.

SnapSafe by Hornady Drop Box Gun Vault for your home or car. For sale now,

3. SnapSafe by Hornady Drop Box

  • Price: $169.99

Editor’s Choice – The Go Anywhere Gun Vault

Price: 4/5 Capacity: 1/5 Ease of Installation: 5/5 Security: 3/5

The SnapSafe by Hornady is a cost-effective vault you can hang more or less anywhere thanks to the simple bracket. Wall mount these handgun safes with that flexible hinge if you need a bedside safe too.

It’s also California Department of Justice approved and best quality home concealment with a simple combination lock. Of course you can get a biometric safe hidden now and they are getting more reliable all the time.

A programmable keypad gives you a 4 or 6 button pin that is basically failsafe, as long as you learn it….

It’s a simple secret hidden safe with space for one gun and ammo. That’s useful.

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe for sale. A great way to secure your handgun and a great addition to any car.

5. Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe

  • Price: $246.99

The Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe comes with an inflatable bladder that conforms to your car. So you can fit it no matter what the model and this in-car security has fast turned into the market leader for securing your personal defense handgun on the move.

You can power the hidden storage through the 12v car charger adapter, or with 4 AA batteries, which makes this secret hidden safe easy to keep powered up.

The Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe exceeds ASTM standards and these handgun safes come with a wristband, which means only you can open this hidden storage box.

HIdden vent gun safe, a concealed gun safe that could save your life.

6. Guide Gear Hide-a-Gun Vent

  • Price: $34.99

Yes, it’s the classic secret hidden air vent safe, brought bang up to date with an RFID lock & card locking mechanism that pops the hidden gun storage open with no effort.

There are no biometic locks or anything clever on this wall safe, just simple secret hidden compartments and a kind of a wooden concealment case lined with more secure metal.

The hidden compartment really isn’t that big, although you can certainly get longer vents and wooden gun concealment cases that could accommodate rifles.

We like these simple hidden gun safes with an RFID lock, a simple secret compartment home safes with swipe card access. It’s part of a modern home security system and gives you places to stash personal documents in a storage box, as well as a gun.

Hornady Rapid Safe hidden gun concealment furniture at its finest.

7. Hornady RAPid Safe Night Guard

  • Price: $269.99

Concealment furniture is clever stuff, but what about an alarm clock that sits right next to you, is permanently illuminated and would give an invader no clue where you keep your gun.

We love the subtlety of this clock concealment box, hidden storage box behind red neon so mundane that nobody would think to look twice for storage solutions or concealment gun safes. That means you can use this push button storage box, hidden storage in the open, to hide valuables, firearms and cash.

You get fast access to your concealment clock hidden storage box. These are next level diversion safes/gun concealment case with proper locking mechanisms.

You can get a clock safe, too, which hides one gun behind the face. And while we like the wall clock, this is a better bedside hidden gun storage solution with push button access.

And when things go bump in the night, this looks like smart home security, and that can be more important than high security gun safes.

American Flag gun safe, artwork and a concealed gun

8. Tactical Walls American Flag

  • Price: $375

It’s almost too perfect: hidden gun storage box hiding in plain sight.

You can have three loaded handguns ready to go, nestled behind the Stars & Stripes American flag concealment flags.

This rustic American Flag gun concealment case is another Tactical Walls design secret compartment, too, in case you were wondering. American flag hidden gun safes. I mean come on, it’s just sweet wall art concealment flags with a solid wall mount.

And if the concealment flag safe is a little too much, you can get gun concealment wall art with Live, Laugh, Love on the front, and an AR pistol in the back.

Oh the irony…

Concealment wall art concealment comes in traditional art print form, or you can get a tactical keyrack or coat rack these days for quick access to a firearm by your front door. You can probably get those with a flag too. This is the United States, after all…

We like the concealment flags from Tactical Walls, though, or you can make your own concealment flag, or any other nation flag designs or picture frame, of course. You can have a coat rack with hidden gun storage too, or a mini American flag gun concealment compartment.

This hidden gun safe storage is easy to install, looks great and these hidden gun safes can be an integral part of your home defense set up as a properly locked diversion safe.

DIversion Books, where to hide a gun in your home? This might be a great place to start. Check out the diversion concealment book, and other hidden gun concealment furniture, here.

9. Personal Security Products Diversion Book Safe

  • Price: $29.99

Calling this a book safe is a serious reach, but you know what you’re looking at and you know that you want the magic book safe you see in movie libraries that just happen to have a gun and a passport inside.

John Wick 3 had an extreme diversion book safe, plenty of others have had a book safe and now you can have two. They’re basically books with false pages and storage, more than a real hidden safe, but a diversion safe can be part of your home defense strategy.

Secureit Tactical model 47 Concealed gun safe

10. SECUREIT Tactical Fast Box Model 47

  • Price: $299.99

It’s tempting to get carried away with clever solutions in your home security and home safes.

Remember, though, that a classic fast box model will probably be more secure. Also, you can put a Tactical Fast Box almost anywhere.

This slimline, lightweight hidden safe is designed to go under the bed, or sofa, or beside a wardrobe against the wall. A Fast Box can basically slide in anywhere, horizontal or vertical, for easy access to your hidden safe.

Now the Fast Box hidden gun safe is just a few inches wide, but that’s enough for the Fast Box to hold all the essentials and it’s one of our top picks.

It is also properly certified, with a proper locking mechanism and is a proper safe with mounting hardware, that just happens to be slim enough to hide almost anywhere.

Bench seat with hidden gun safe

11. Gun Concealment Bench Seat

  • Price: $223.00

It isn’t just secure, secret hidden gun storage. This is also fireproof concealment furniture with a proper lock. That means it is designed to provide protection, not just hide valuables, for an hour in an inferno.

That’s due to metal lining. Solid wood can’t do that fire resistant trick…

A fire rating and real fire protection are rare luxuries in this sector, as is all that space for tactical gear. American Furniture Classics is on to something here with simple home defense and concealment furniture.

And inside is a deluxe 3-compartment gun case, a hidden gun safe and storage cabinet in open view.

Tactical walls concealment end table. A hidden gun safe that should be within reach in the lounge.

12. Tactical Walls End Table

  • Price: $450.00

This simple end table concealment furniture hides a dark secret, a stowaway drawer that is completely hidden that can contain at least two pistols and spare mags. Now that is our kind of concealment furniture…

Only you will ever know your firearm storage/gun concealment furniture options are there, and that’s the idea of concealment furniture.

But wave your card over the magnetic locking and the drawer pops open so you can retrieve your handgun from your concealment coffee table and gun cabinets.

They have a concealment coffee table and other concealment furniture options, including concealment art with quick access to a secret compartment. We like the coffee table safe storage one in particular, as it has space for more guns…

Snapsafe Trunk Safe II for storing long guns in your car or truck.

13. Snapsafe Trunk Safe II

If you do a lot of long gun transport, even to and from the range, it’s smart to invest in a serious safe for your trunk.

Law enforcement is getting more serious about gun transport and a fully certified safe is the best you can do to keep law enforcement officers happy.

There are more and more rules and a simple, secure concealed gun safe where you can store your unloaded firearms and long gun collection properly.

It’s designed to bolt in place with easy installation or simply hide in your trunk or flatbed of your truck with nice safe locks protecting your guns.

Barska floor safe, a simple hidden safe with a key.

14. Barska Floor Safe

  • Price: $95.99

A simple floor safe can go under a rug or set of drawers and give you access to a gun in a remote corner of the house in a top locking box when you don’t want a wall safe.

This is kind of going looking for ways to hide a gun, but these in floor gun cabinets do work for your home office, or even hidden gun safes in an unofficial panic room…

How’s about buying some guns?

You’ve just given yourself the green flag, gun sales are on and we have got some great ones for you. And then you could buy another casual home Lincoln nightstand for your 9mm with a hidden compartment.

What About Liberty Home Concealment?

Don’t confuse Liberty Safes and LIberty Home Concealment. They’re totally different things.

Check out the Liberty Home Concealment vaults and safes/gun storage furniture too.

Liberty Home Concealment offers a book safe, concealment picture frames, concealment tissue box, home decor concealment. This is concealment furniture, handgun vaults and diversion safe box options you just might not have thought of.

A Liberty Home Concealment diversion safe or picture frame safe is cunning, in a way. Especially the concealment tissue box and picture frame safes.

Liberty Home Concealment has some neat places to hide a gun and quick access concealment gun safe. And things like the concealment picture frame is fun, so we sort of dig Liberty Home Concealment, diversion safe and lock box options, with caveats…

So if you want to hide a gun in your home decor, then Liberty Home Concealment is basically the place to start.

You can buy some of these diversion safe options with a small gift card, too, and they’re really not expensive if the daily deals are good. If it saves your life, a little diversion safe or lock box was well worth the investment.

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