Emergency Survival Kit – 8 Life-Saving Things You Need for the Next Outbreak

Coronavirus Survival Kit - Everything You Need to survive the Covid-19 outbreak. And the next pandemic that could kill us all.

Ok, so it’s not flu. Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has devastated much of the planet, and it’s just getting started.

And toilet paper won’t cure it. Nor will sweet smelling hand soaps.

So what do you need to survive what could be the biggest medical emergency since the Black Death? Here are our suggestions.

One thing you’ll see is that panic buying has already decimated stocks and we couldn’t even link to individual products, just general searches. A lot of places are totally sold out.

Take this as a warning, even if Coronavirus doesn’t get us all then we need to be better prepared than this for the next time. If you need to buy this stuff in a hurry, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to.

So hope for the best with Coronavirus, and prepare for the worst right now.

Coronavirus respirator on sale now. Get the best protection against airborne viruses and infections here. Mil Spec gas masks for civilians.

1 Respirator/Gas Mask

  • Price: $263.98

Coronavirus is an airborne and skin contact disease. Others will be too and then there is air poisoning. So start with respirator masks, good ones. You might not be able to get the best in this crisis, but any kind of face mask is better than nothing. 

In fact you want a variety, for in the home or even underneath your major league mask when things get crazy. Buy spare parts, too, and lots of filters. If the air we breathe is poisoned, these masks could keep your family alive.

Get what you can now, but in the future hopefully you now see the value of the best gas masks and respirators. Clean air is cool, you know…

If you think a painter’s mask from Home Depot is good enough for what comes next, then I hope you get lucky. I’m not taking that chance. We recommend these heavy duty gas masks from our partner MIRA, which provides military protection to civilians.

These masks will cover you for everything from Coronavirus to a Sarin Gas attack. And to be honest, in this climate, none of this sounds crazy anymore.

Our partner also carries gas masks for children, gas masks and respirators for babies and filter kits. You can find them all here.

Buy a Hazmat suit online now. They're in stock and that's rare. protect yourself against Coronavirus, and other diseases now.

2. Hazmat Suits

  • Price: $139.99

OK, this seems extreme today. It really won’t soon if things go bad. And even if we contain Coronavirus, at some point this is the future. 

Besides, remember when going out in a respirator seemed ridiculous? Not so long ago was it?

When the time fore a Hazmat suit comes, you already know supply of Hazmat suits won’t even come close to filling the demand. Buy them now.

Again these are Department of Defense approved Hazmat suits, not just relabeled decorating gear you find on Amazon. They offer protection against a certain level of radiation, as well as airborne pathogens.

Emergency dried food rations could help get you through a period of quarantine, or social unrest when Coronavirus hits the supply chain.

3 Dried Food Rations

  • Price: Varies

One thing we can virtually guarantee if Coronavirus continues to take hold is that the supply chain for food and water could be disrupted. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of this.

Try and order any of the bulk kits of dried food at sensible prices at the height of the Coronavirus scare and you know what we’re telling you is true. It’s impossible. At the time of writing we’re looking at $7 portions for dried food.

Buy it on your time and you can get simpler fare for 50c. Here are the direct links to those shelves that are empty right now thanks to panic buyers, but could restock soon.

Sure, stock up on canned goods if you’ve got the space. If not, look at these dried food supplies, army rations in essence, that will give you all the nutrition you need and get you through a few days, a week or even a couple of months without regular food. 

A water filtration kit could keep you alive during a Coronavirus quarantine, a zombie apocalypse, just about everything.

4. Water Filtration Kit

  • Price: $20-$200

Water is more important than food. Again, buy gallons and gallons of it if you have the space. But even then, prepare for the worst and the possibility of reusing that water. Get a kickass filtration kit that could keep you alive for less than $200.

MSR Water Filter. Get an advanced water filtration system and you don't need to stockpile water for the Coronavirus or any other crisis.

The more advanced kits could be the basis of a clean water system that keeps you and your family alive. Water is one of the few things that can drive you from a safe haven. So it pays to bring your own.

Coronavirus could kill millions, but worse still will be the effects of polluted water, starvation and infected food chains. Even a lack of basic hygiene can bring in other diseases and parasites that finish us off. Clean water, for drinking, bathing and cleaning clothes, is an absolute non-negotiable.

These filtration kits can reuse the same water time and again, cleaning it each and every time, which could save your life.

5. A Power Supply

Anybody that has lived in a Third World Nation will tell you the lights going out are a fact of life. If a virus, zombie apocalypse or alien invasion hits us, or even serious weather, the power can be the first thing to go. And it’s devastating.

A lack of power will kill your morale and your daily life. And there are real answers to this issue now.

You can opt for a traditional home generator or portable generator, which work great but needs fuel, or a solar panel and batteries set up. They don’t need fuel, but don’t really work that great at the moment.

Both have their pros and cons, although for the short term we know that a generator is more capable of running the house. You can find a selection of them here.

Also, the wind-up power banks really do work and could at least keep your phone light on when you’re out of options. It’s a great addition to any camping bag, too, as you all know you’ve run out of battery at a critical time at least once.

Get a proper first aid kit, not a space saving set of Band-Aids for your car. If you can treat yourself, you can survive a crisis.

6. First Aid Kit, a Real One

  • Price: $612.99

In a crisis where going outside can literally kill you, every scratch and minor wound becomes a serious thing. Infections can kill, or make your life Hell and leave you unable to operate in a tough environment.

Going to hospital is a major risk, so anything you can do yourself is a good thing. With that in mind, get a proper First Aid kit.

As a gun owner, you should also invest in the best trauma kit, which is a separate thing and gives you the possibility, if not the knowledge, to deal with serious injuries.

We’ve gone for the ultimate medical kit that is good enough for a first responder. If you want to get the best you can for a little less money, you can look here for ideas.

Plastic gloves work better than hand sanitizer. With the Corona crisis, expect to see everyone wearing these and expect a shortage. Buy now..

6. Industrial/Medical Grade Plastic Gloves and Rubbing Alcohol

  • Price: $13.99 per pack of gloves

Bottles of hand sanitizer. I mean seriously? How many you gonna keep? This and paper to clean your ass are two of the dumbest hoarding items I have seen emerge from this Coronavirus crisis.

You need rubbing alcohol. This cleans fucking everything, from wounds to surfaces, and you can buy it by the gallon. Do that, buy separate spray bottles and you have all the hand sanitizer in the world.

Get this from your local pharmacy. Buy a bucket of that shit and sterile gauze to make sanitary wipes if you really want to make it last.

But if this virus progresses, or the next one can survive in the outside world for longer, hand sanitizer won’t cut it. Instead we’ll have to just start protecting our hands with disposable gloves.

This is a complete barrier and the most effective solution to protect against this type of infection. Doctors have been using these gloves for years, for exactly the same reason, and it won’t look weird to wear them out in public for the foreseeable future.

EchoSigma Systems Bug Out bag for sale, the best 72 hour emergency kit. disaster preparedness. Viral epidemic. Survival. Prepper.

7. Bug out Bag

  • Price: $536.99

If SHTF, as they say, and society starts to break apart at the seams, you may face the unenviable decision to stay in your home or make a break for it.

When that time comes, emotions run high and it’s likely going to be a split second call as a mob descends. So even if you have all the camping gear in the world then you’re not gonna have time to pack.

So you need a bug out bag, a 72-hour emergency kit that means you can survive just about anywhere. This EchoSigma Systems Emergency pack is out favorite, and you can see more on our post of the best bug out bags here.

Yeah this isn’t the ultimate answer. You won’t be found living off your basic bag in 20 years, unaware the Coronavirus was ever contained. But it will stop you freezing to death in the wilderness.

Also, you won’t have to lead a suicide mission to that bullet-ridden 7-11 to get food from an urban jungle. So you can stay hidden while the Purge style chaos unfolds outside.

If America really goes to hell as a result of a viral infection, zombie apocalypse, whatever, then the military will either get it under control within 48 hours or we’re totally FUBARed. Either way, the bug out bag gives you a better chance to see that new dawn.

What are thebest guns of 2019? Here are our picks

7. Guns

  • Price: As much as you can afford.

Gun sales have soared as Coronavirus has kicked in and people that probably went to an Anti-Gun rally last week suddenly appreciate their right to bear arms.

If society melts, the police can’t save you. You’re on your own and if you can own a gun, then you need to. More than one in fact.

This stuff is visceral, and scary. But the truth is that if you have prepared correctly for the impending disaster then you now have very valuable things that other people will want to take. You have to defend them.

At this point in life, Bitcoin is worthless, gold doesn’t mean a damn and the only things that really matter in life are your food, water, power and shelter. In a crisis, to plenty of people, these things are worth more than your life.

You need several guns to give yourself the best possible shot of survival. But don’t buy everything. You need available calibers and guns for a specific job.

Buy a Glock, the Most Reliable Handgun

Glock 19, maintenance free and will get you through a disaster better than just about any other 9mm pistol

For the sidearm, go with a Glock 19 9mm pistol at around $550. It’s reliable, maintenance free to a point, and much more likely to function when you need it. A Desert Eagle might sound smart, but it will be dead within weeks.

Check out the best Glocks for sale here if you want to shop around.

Gun stocks are going wild now too, so if you need an alternative place to buy a Glock online then try here.

Stick with a 9mm, but also look at the G17, G43x and G34 as excellent alternatives. If those are gone, then check this post for the best compact 9mm handguns and look at the Sig Sauer P365XL, X-Carry and HK offerings.

Buy An AR-15 Online, Or an AR Pistol

Also go with an AR pistol in 5.56 NATO spec, or a trusty Modern Sporting Rifle, yup the AR-15 assault weapon that gives the left nightmares is one of the best tools for this job.

which is the easiest ammo to source on these shores. That will give you a fighting chance against a horde. If you’re staying put and have good visibility, then some form of sniper rifle could be the thing that keeps you alive too.

Nothing will discourage a crowd faster than their buddies dropping like flies while you’re still hundreds of meters out of range. Check out our post of the best sniper rifles for sale in 2022 and consider adding one to your collection while you can.

Speer Gold Dot 45 ACP ammunition

8 Ammunition

People are literally clearing the shelves of ammo. Seriously, this shit is selling like toilet paper.

Limits are already in place and that means if you didn’t stock up on ammo BEFORE Coronavirus was declared as a national emergency, you fucked up. But you can still buy ammo online, we’re gonna help you with these live links.

If you havent stocked up yet, you did fuck up. But we hope we saved you.

Sorry it’s that basic. Ammo reserves will be one of the first things to be limited next time too as Americans react faster than you to the impending crisis.

Learn your lesson, stock up on ammunition and even consider a reloading kit as a back-up.

If you’re looking to stock up on ammo, our partners still have some. It’s a free for all, but check those links above, buy ammo in bulk right now and maybe breathe easy in a few weeks.

Word of advice, get whatever you can for whatever gun you own that takes it. And buy new guns if you need to. Right now, in a crisis, whatever works…

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