Alyssa Milano Takes Armed Guards To Anti-Gun Rally

Alyssa Milano takes armed guards to anti gun rally.

I’m sat here looking at the irony meter. But it’s broken. It’s dead. Another outspoken gun control lobbyist has turned up to a rally flanked by armed guards. Yes, Charmed really does seem to have turned into SJW Hell. It’s a shame, that show was actually pretty fun.

In case you have been living under a rock for the past year, you’ll know that Rose MacGown became a figurehead for that toxic #metoo movement. Now, fellow Charmed stablemate and Liberal nutjob Alyssa Milano has taken her own armed guards to a Dallas protest where she spoke about taking guns away for a safer world.

Alyssa Milano is pretty much a trainwreck on Twitter. She surfaces occaisonally to take canned potshots at President Trump and dump her emotional pain and baggage on the wider world. That’s all good, we’re used to it.

But now she’s joined the campaign against guns. She stands there, clear as day, with a security guard carrying a weapon, preaching to the world that we need to think of the children and give up gun ownership.

An NRA member tried to press the issue, but like a typical Liberal she just talks over the top of him, ignores her own hypocrisy and just carries on regardless.

The crowd wasn’t really buying it either.

“Hypocrite! Alyssa you’re a hypocrite! You have armed security here!” someone on the crowd can be heard to yell.

Milano talks about a world where people are “less fossilized in their political views.” Basically she dreams of a world where she is special, and we will do as she says, not as she does.

It’s a shame, because everybody used to love Charmed, but it has turned into a nightmare of SJW BS. Without Charmed, these women who capitalized on their good looks until that just didn’t work anymore wouldn’t have this platform in the first place. That’s another irony that seems to have gone right over their head.

But bringing armed guards to an anti-gun rally? Yup, that’s zero self awareness right there. Good job…

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