April Gun Sales: A New Record

Desert Eagle stripes

Well this gun control thing is going well. April was a record month for gun sales with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s NICS Background Check System lighting up like never before with more than 2.23 million checks.

Yes, really, that’s 2,233,213 checks to be precise, which is a lot. It’s the hottest April on record, but actually, it’s down on March, which recorded 2,767,699 checks. Apparently the drop-off between March and April is typical, so the FBI doesn’t feel bad about claiming this is as a separate record. It is 90,000 more than April last year.

Apparently on Black Friday America buys enough guns to arm the Marines. Which is wild…

We can only attribute this to the anti-gun rhetoric in the media and the flailing campaign led by David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez. And Alyssa Milano, natch…

People are stocking up on guns, which they could then lose in a tragic boating accident if the worst happens and gun control actually comes to pass. Ammunition is another thing you need and you know it.

So if you haven’t stocked up yet, then check out these sales and see if there’s a bargain waiting to be snapped up.

We can only advise stocking up on guns, ammo, spare parts and presses right now. The gun control lobby is refusing to let go and States, companies and more are all applying their own pressure and, in some cases, their own laws.

Nobody knows quite what’s going to happen, but we do know that it’s better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not be able to buy it.

So, if you’re thinking ahead, it’s time to stock up on the guns you might really need, the ones you want and the means to keep them going if the worst happens and gun control slowly continues to creep in to US politics.

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