Angry Gun Owners Are Blowing Up Yeti Coolers

#Yeticoolerchallenge is going well, good PR job Yeti...

Pic Credit: Camo4x4s/Youtube

Yeti coolers decided to join in the Leftist virtue signalling this week and cut all ties with the NRA. It won’t sell their coolers to the NRA from this point forth.

Well, Yeti is a business and it can do what it wants. But gun owners that own Yeti coolers can also do what they want with their own private property and, well, it’s not exactly turning into a great advert for the company.

The #YetiCoolerChallenge is going viral and it’s a chance for the NRA supporters to register their disgust by blowing up their coolers in the most extravagant way possible.

These coolers can cost up to $1,300. This is not bargain basement Walmart stuff. But owners are still showing heir disgust by blowing the shit out of their Yeti coolers with firearms and crude explosives.

There will be lots more, we’ll find em. But rest assured that this isn’t working out too well for Yeti and they might actually find out this was a seriously dumb business move.

They could make a rainbow cooler for the Libtards, but this one really might, well, blow up in their face.

Yeti is a lifestyle brand based on the rugged outdoors types. I don’t remember seeing too many of those at the gun control rallies.

Rtic Cooler also managed to turn this one to their advantage, pledging their support for the Second Amendment on its Facebook page.

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