NRA Breaks 15-Year Fundraising Record

NRA Breaks fundraising record



We’re going to call this the David Hogg effect, but the recent move to ban guns has finally spurred the population into action and the NRA has broken a 15-year-old fundraising record for a single month, with $2.4 million in donations.


You see screaming Leftists keep telling us that most Americans want gun control, but we know better. We know that most sane people see gun control as the start of a slippery slope to total control. We know that a well-armed population is essential, especially now, and we know that nothing good ever comes from disarming the population.

We The People Fund The NRA

Now the people, you, have spoken, and have sent money to the NRA to fight the good fight.


The first full month since the Parklands shooting was the best month since June 2003 for the NRA in terms of donations and it’s $1.5 million UP on the same month last year. What happened in June 2003? Well it was two months after the Sandy Hook school shooting.


This part makes for uncomfortable reading, but highly emotive times like this are good business for the gun industry.


Of course, the Left will spin it out of control and claim there are dark corporate forces trying to keep the gun industry afloat under their constant attack. But that’s not true, at all.

Small Donors Give a Lot of Money

$1.9 million of the money came from small donors, people like you and me, who gave less tha $200 each.


So gun sales were up after Parklands and now the NRA has had its best month in more than a decade.


Good job, boss Hogg…


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