11 Best Online Gun Stores in the USA – 2024

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Last updated July 6th 2024

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The Winners at a Glance

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory

  • Overall Winner
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  • Best for parts
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  • Best range of guns
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Sportsman's Guide

Sportsman’s Guide

  • Best prices for mainstream guns and great bulk ammo deals
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Euro Optic

Euro Optic

  • Best for sniper rifles/scopes
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Do you still buy guns in a store? If so, you might be missing out on the wonders of online gun stores and the best deals.

There’s a new way to order guns for sale online, save money and get the firearms you want, not what your dealer wants to sell you. But you need to know where to buy a gun online and get a good deal. We’re going to help with that…

Buy online today, do your background check and firearms transfer fee with your FFL, which can be a pawn shop, and you’re done. It’s easier than you think and can take less than 48 hours.

It’s our simple mission to help, to find the cheapest guns on sale online and pass on the offers at the best gun store in the USA.

So, if you’re looking to save yourself a fortune on your best concealed 9mm, shotgun, just about everything, then here are some of the best dealers that we really enjoy working with. Consider it an insider tip, if you want.

Palmetto State Armory is one of the best online gunbroker sites. See the rest here.

1. Palmetto State Armory

You might think Palmetto State Armory just make low budget AR-15 starter rifles for those on a budget, but you would be oh so wrong.

PSA has one of the best selections of discount guns on the web and really does have the best gun store online these days.

You will struggle to believe some of their prices and the Palmetto State Armory daily gun deals can make you buy just because it’s that cheap.

You will find designer firearms, premium firearms and custom firearms on the PSA site. The likes of the HK SP5 and FN SCAR are all there and ready to go in the online store.

Most physical gun shops only dream of this kind of inventory and if you’re looking for a big name new 9mm pistol, this is a good place to look.

So shop with confidence and complete peace of mind with this massive brand, and prepare to be surprised with the selection of new guns and new arrivals. PSA client relations are legendary, too.

There’s a great selection of AR15 parts, rifle parts, Glock parts and accessories, gun parts for your shotgun etc.

As you’ll see down below, you can get the best handgun ammo, shotgun ammo, holsters, Magpul PMAG magazines, gun cleaning kits and more.

Get special deals on best sellers and excellent customer service, with fast shipping. They often offer free shipping too.

Buy guns online from Brownells, America's favorite gunbroker. Buy guns at cheaper prices than you can find in-store.

2. Brownells

We love the best selling selection of firearms, we love the prices, we love the expert service and we love the feedback we get from customers we send their way.

Brownells is almost our favorite dealer when it comes to rifle parts, shotgun parts and the best CCW guns in stock.

Everything Brownells does is on-point. They have all the best-selling firearms, handguns, bolt-action rifles, handguns, shotguns, shotgun parts, accessories, optics and just about everything else. The site is a little dated, even with a recent update, but it works well.

It also has some great gun deals on high-end, designer firearms like B&T and semi-automatic 1911s. So really the best thing to do is just pull up the ‘on sale’ page and see what new arrivals and bargains you can grab today!

The selection of best selling firearms, optics, scopes, best knives, tools and just about everything else is just mind-blowing. Brownells will sell you night vision, and a belt fed AR-15 or lever action rifle, together with the gunsmithing tools to maintain them…

Brownells Rifles Are Different

Also check out the own-brand gear, and the really expensive stuff here. Brownells also has a good selection of ammunition on sale, regularly and they do great gift cards that are easy to order.

This is a big brand that offers complete peace of mind when you place your order. And you should always get a good deal on guns & ammo.

We think Brownells is consistently one of the top gunbroker online sites in the USA right now. From a single shot rifle right through to the bolt action rifles, pistols, shotguns, semi automatic firearms, AR15 ammo, parts & accessories, holsters, magazines and the best shooting and range gear.

They sell a lot of air rifles, shotguns and black powder rifles too.

The company has a great Youtube channel that covers everything from legal information through to field tests of new pistols and gun parts & accessories, as well as top tier customer service. Check out the amazing gallery of guns here from arguably the best online gun stores.

Guns.com has emerged as one of the best new online gunbroker sites. Still want your local gun store?

3. Guns

Guns.com is fast emerging as the Amazon type selling environment for the firearms industry. It is easily one of the stars of 2024.

You can find almost any gun on there, even rare firearms, and now you can buy certified new and used guns with clear guides to the condition. From a new 9mm pistol to a civil war revolver, it’s a great selection of firearms and makes buying guns online easy.

In the great guns shortage of 2020- about now, we have always fallen back on Guns.com and a lot of our lists feature them heavily. It was the only way we could guarantee you an ‘in stock’ gun you could buy, especially hard to find guns.

That speaks volumes for the Amazon-style, multiple vendor approach with firearms from a far flung retail location in the back end of nowhere right there on your phone.

Under one umbrella site, there are thousands of guns from all over the country and you can choose from a gallery of guns and new arrivals on the excellent website that also features gun reviews.

So if you want the best AR-15 for $500, a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield or a Norinco AK Limited Edition, you can probably find it on Guns.com. It’s a relatively new store, but it’s already one of the best. You even get payment options and can finance guns on Guns.com.

Again, Guns.com has invested heavily in its Youtube content and you can see the channel here.

Sportsman's Guide has one of the best firearms departments out of any outdoor store online. Get direct links to the best deals here.

4. Sportsman’s Guide

If you’re looking for a mainstream gun and you just want great prices, give Sportsman’s Guide a try.

This is one of our go-to suppliers, especially for low prices on AR-15 semi auto rifles, pistols, shotguns that most of you want. The best CCW guns, sights, optics, accessories & parts too.

It is great for popular models, Springfield Armory Hellcat through to the optic ready Ruger AR-556 AR-15. They can also sell you sights, optics, gun sights.

There are occasional custom guns, but Sportsman’s Guide generally sticks to the most popular models. When you look for a great place to buy guns online, that can be a timesaver.

The Sportsmans Guide Youtube Channel largely strays away from gun deals & educational content. But it is very outdoors oriented.

Primary Arms - home of cheap AR-15s and custom guns alike. Get great deals on pistols, rifles, shotguns and parts & accessories.

5. Primary Arms

Primary Arms only recently joined us and we’re glad to have them in our online gun store collection. They offer an eclectic mix of cheap and cheerful AR-15s through to some truly bespoke guns and ammo.

Their stocks of guns, scopes, optics etc are good, even in crisis times, the service is superb and they’re fast establishing a great reputation.

It also has a special login for military and law enforcement to access special discounts with this unique online gun dealer.

Check the sales page here for another great gun store with local gun shop service and knowledge.

Euro Optic - a spectacular online gunbroker with a range of high-power, military grade weapons for sale.

6. Euro Optic

You want something a little different from a polymer pistol? Well Euro Optic might be the headcase gun retailer you have been looking for and carries the best home defense shotgun options you may not have considered.

Euro Optic started selling high end scopes, sights and more. Now it sells the world’s finest hunting rifles from Sako, Accuracy International and Barrett. You want a 50 Cal rifle? No problem at all. You want a full on left handed sniper rifle?

Euro Optic might be the best choice and has excellent prices on a wide range of firearm accessories.

There are some serious shotguns, too. Get the best tactical shotguns, or side by side shotguns, over and under shotguns, single shot shotguns for field sports.

As well as a custom rifles shop to die for, the company still does a great line in high end optics, sights and thermal scopes. There are some ex demo bargains, too, so look here first when you’re gun buying.

Bass Pro Shops have one of the best firearms departments on the market. Check out some of the best deals on guns here.

7. Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is one of those treasure troves of firearms, ammo and accessories that you just might not know about. We’re happy to change that…

The website looks pretty basic, but there are some seriously good guns here and a huge selection of firearms, guns, air guns, even an archery gun online and at retail locations.

You can get great prices on a Sig P365 , a Taurus G2C 9mm Luger, or more of the best 9mm pistols, best handguns and AR15 parts.

Sportsman's Warehouse has an epic range of guns, as well as outdoor gear, fishing equipment and boating shiz.

8. Sportsman’s Warehouse

One of the biggest suppliers of outdoor gear, from boats for fisherman through to camping gear for pets, it’s fair to say Sportsman’s Warehouse has got you covered for everything outdoor. This includes guns…

The online store is easy to navigate and you can find some serious treasures on Sportsman’s Warehouse if you love hunting gear, camping, all the outdoors stuff.

If you want to buy a Smith & Wesson M&P, Kel Tec, long guns, gun safes, knives, red dot sights, black powder rifle, CCW holsters or a designer handgun, Sportsman’s Warehouse is a great place to shop for the best handguns.

An archery gun, air guns, holsters, magazines, accessories and parts. It’s all here, together with educational content online and a great gift cards program.

Buds Gun Shop is a solid supplier of quality firearms with a big reputation.

9. Bud’s Gun Shop

Buds is another non-partner site that we think has got their shit together. We make no money from those deals, there’s no affiliate program for us and yet we still link to Team Buds on occasion when all of our regular suppliers have run dry of a particular model.

We sometimes struggle to beat their prices, too, and we have a healthy respect for what they do. It’s local gun store customer service with national retailer discount power and one of the best websites for modern sporting rifles and handguns.

So if you’re looking for a straightforward 9mm handgun with red dots, or special edition long guns, best try Team Buds for the top picks.

They will help you buy guns online on credit card, maybe for the first time. So we might be helping you here, or ruining your life. Time will tell…

So Team Buds can fix you up with everything. They also have some of the most comprehensive accessories, optics, ammo and gun parts departments out there. Become a Team Buds member and find out for yourself.

USA Gun Shop. The best source of cheap guns online. The best firearms from the best shops, presented to you in an easy form. Price pick with us.

10. USA Gun Shop

Yes, us. We work differently to the main dealers, in that we work on commission with all of the top dealers and so can offer unbeatable prices when you buy your guns with us.

We find the best price for a specific piece from a specific gun dealer and then present them all in posts like this list of the best guns with direct links so you can buy a firearm online.

We’re a different type of online seller and we’re one of the fastest growing gun sites on the web. If you’re buying a gun and researching new models, you have seen us before. We show you the best place to save money when you’re buying a firearm online.

We find a lot of guns at the lowest prices from our partner sites’ online stores and don’t try and compete with a local gun shop. Does that make us the best? Maybe…

If you want pistols, revolvers, an optics ready AR-15, a muzzle loader with a walnut stock or an altogether better selection of guns online, check us out and read our gun reviews.

We’ve got everything from an S&W M&P, Radical Firearms AR-15 through to a custom hunting rifle for $30,000 or a sniper rifle with a 2 mile range and a threaded barrel. We have dealers with a huge selection of firearms.

All the Accessories

You want ammo and tactical gear to go with your new gun? Cleaning supplies? Game calls? Ear protection? Fiber optic sights? The best concealed carry insurance? We got you.

Buy the best lever action rifles, lasers, lights etc. One day we’ll get round to the best gun cleaning kits and reloading supplies too, for existing gun owners.

A Simple Price Picking Service to Save You Money

We shop all handguns just like you, and never stop looking for the cheap rifles shop, nfa items etc. Even law enforcement trade-ins, so there’s always a huge selection.

Where to buy bulk ammunition cheap online

Honorable Mentions

There’s no point showing you the best gun stores and then simply listing them all. But we did miss a couple out that maybe worth a look.

Rainier Arms has an exceptional selection of custom firearms and some cool stuff. So check out Rainier Arms by all means.

Firearms Depot is another one with an excellent ammo and a lot of options for your next new gun and the best home defense/best weapons.

Cheaper Than Dirt is another great site, but we consider them a rival of sorts. So yeah, Cheaper than Dirt is also pretty good, but we’re being kind of petty. Sorry to the guys at Cheaper Than Dirt, if you’re reading, which you probably aren’t…

We could easily include Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore, too, and we probably will before long. Right now we have no space for Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore, but we do like them.

The Best Ammo Shops

If you’re a serious hunter, you own machine guns or you’re into shooting range days, then you know the value of good ammunition. Hell you all do.

But certainly sport shooting and long distance shooting demand a certain kind of firearms & ammunition supplier. So if you’re not sure where to look, try these specialist ammo shop options for our top picks.

1. Lucky Gunner

The best prices for bulk ammo deals that we have seen. Get best selling rifle ammo, 45 ACP ammo, rimfire ammo, AR-15 ammo, the best 380 ammo and just about everything up to 50BMG from this one stop store.

Get the best ammo shop for serious stuff, ammo storage and cheap ammo for range days with semi auto rifles you bought at the online gun shop. Look out for free or flat rate shipping on large orders too and a list of the best options on the online stores.

2. Firearms Depot

If you want rimfire ammo, the best 9mm ammo, shotgun shells, rifle ammo, handgun ammo, just about all the mainstream stuff and top brands, then seriously look at Firearms Depot to buy ammunition online. It may be the best place for the best-selling bulk ammo buys.

Shop online for CCI Blazer Brass or maybe Black Hills Honeybadger and of course they sell guns & ammo storage too.

3. PSA

Never forget that PSA do a great line in the best shooting handgun ammo, shotgun ammo, rimfire ammo and 5.56 ammo.

They will sell you an optic ready Walther PDP or Springfield Hellcat OSP or Beretta APX and more, but also check out their bulk deals on ammo for target practise and shooting sports. If they have it, this is normally the right place to buy for the best deals and lowest prices.

Shop online for cutting edge FTM ammo, best 380 ACP ammo, Hollow Point ammo, best rimfire ammo, rifle ammo or an ammo can of CCI Blazer Brass full metal jacket range ammo. You can find unbeatable prices and gun accessories.

Get a 20rd box or buckets of ammo and 1000 rd bricks of the best 9mm ammo here.

Added free shipping is thrown in with the daily deals and of course they sell guns, as we mentioned before.

How to Find a Gun Store Near Me

Wherever you are, as long as it is within the United States, or other gun friendly countries, Google can help you find a gun store near me, every time, for straightforward purchases or NFA class gear.

It will do the rest for gun buyers… You can also find a local FFL dealer, or even a pawn shop, to do your background checks and FFL transfers & buying a firearm transfer process.

Then start buying guns online in a fast-track process and save big money. Get your gun shipped to a local FFL dealer and be out in 15 minutes with your transfer fees paid FFL transfers complete. Even with guns/firearms in the NFA class.

Save Time Buying Guns Online, And Money

Seriously, with an account and all your details on the system, you just need to do the official paperwork and firearm transfer process, as well as paying your transfer fee.

An FFL transfer by a professional FFL dealer is simple and easy way to buys guns from the best gun stores around the country and have your gun shipped to your local dealer.

That can work like a well oiled machine soon enough. They know you only want them for their Federal Firearms License certificate for your online purchase and will charge a flat fee and flat rate shipping costs for your fast track delivery.

From that moment, you’re buying a gun online. You’ll never go back to your local gun store for handguns, shotguns, best ammo, AR15 parts, anything really.


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