Best 5.7mm Pistols – 2023

What are the best 5.7mm pistols on sale in 2023.

5.7mm pistols could easily take over from 9mm Luger, if the market wants it.

Originally designed in the 1990s by FN Herstal for submachine gun rounds that could pierce basic body armor, the FN Five SeveN became a legend.

Recently the round has taken off thanks to the high velocity rounds, lightweight rounds and the small form factor, which allows for high capacity magazines.

So 5.7mm is more accurate at long range than 9mm at long range and you can pack in more rounds. Punching through body armor really is the least of its skills.

There is a new wave of guns chambered in 5.7x28mm and some of them are absolute stars.

Here are our best 5.7mm pistols on sale.

FN Five Seven pistol,. The pioneer of the 5.7x28mm pistol movement, the face of the caliber, and still the best.

1. FN Five Seven

  • Price: $1,149
  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm Caliber
  • Magazine capacity: 20+1
  • Muzzle velocity: 2,500fps with the right ammo

FN took the 5.7x28mm ammo designed for the P90 Submachine gun and packaged it in a vicious sidearm that scared the life out the American people.

It achieved mythical status with special forces, specialist law enforcement agencies and Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground all carrying the fabled level iiiA body armor beater.

The pistol has a polymer frame and features a single-action trigger with a short reset,. It also has an ambidextrous safety and magazine release, making it accessible for both left and right-handed shooters.

It has a chrome lined hammer forged barrel that is famous for its accuracy and low recoil.

The FN Five Seven has a capacity of 20 rounds in its standard magazine, which is more than most other pistols of its size. The Five Seven round is a clear improvement over 9mm in pretty much every area, too.

It has a relatively low recoil, due to the small size of the 5.7x28mm cartridge, and is sometimes used by tactical teams around the world instead of the traditional 1911 or Glock.

Seriously the FN went to the civilian market after slow take up from the military and LEOs, largely to do with pricing of the 5.7x28mm guns and ammo.

The civilian market is the only one that can afford the ammo prices and the FN sticker shock.

CMMG DIssent in a range of pistol caliber.

2. CMMG Dissent

  • Price: $1,727.99
  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm Caliber
  • Magazine capacity: 20+1

The pistol brace ban has impacted the AR pistol market in a few different ways. One of which is this new wave of monolithic receivers with no external buffer tube.

The CMMG Dissent Personal Defense Weapon effectively replaces the CMMG Banshee that itself came loaded with relatively new technology. Now the Dissent PDW has a 6.5 inch barrel, an overall weight of 4.6lb and is as close as you’ll find to a concealed carry pistol with an AR set up.

This is a modern day savage of a semi-auto pistol with Level iiiA body armor piercing high velocity rounds and 32 rounds of capacity. That’s a gamechanger.

If you’re just looking for a fun AR pistol without brace issues, a high capacity magazine and ammo that comfortably outperforms the best 9mm ammo then you will struggle to beat this one. The muzzle velocity gives the Dissent almost rifle like terminal ballistics.

Law Enforcement Agencies are starting to agree and this is one of those ultimate tactical pistols that go beyond the simple limitations of 9mm Luger. They get select fire, too, but you and I don’t.

You can run a suppressor, though, and you get a threaded barrel with the muzzle device.

Ruger 57 is a low budget 5.7mm pistol that offers a great package of performance and price.

3. Ruger 57 5.7x28mm

  • Price: $1,149
  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm Caliber
  • Capacity: 20+1

The Ruger 57 was introduced in 2020 and has fast established a following with those that love the idea of the FN, but don’t want to pay that much.

This is the working man’s 5.7x28mm handgun that works for personal defense. home defense and recreational shooting. .

A 1911-style ambidextrous manual safety, robust slide release and reversible magazine release are all part of the military grade package.

Windage and elevation are adjustable, there’s a serrated rear sight and rapid acquisition fiber optic front sight for fast, accurate shooting. With the reduced recoil, it’s a super flat shooting gun too.

The alloy steel barrel gets the black nitride treatment and there’s a double stack magazine that keeps the capacity high and the ergonomics on point.

You could arguably call it an FN Five Seven clone, but the dimensions are wildly different. It is a completely new gun with some visual tributes to the grand master of the genre.

PSA Dagger, one of the best 5.7mm pistols on the market in 2023.

4. PSA 5.7 Rock

  • Price: $599.99
  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm Caliber
  • Capacity: 23+1

Palmetto State Armory makes some of the best cheap AR-15 rifles on the market and recently turned its hand to pistols with the PSA Dagger chambered in 9mm Luger.

Now the PSA Rock 5.7 is another smash hit of a cheap handgun that could be used for concealed carry.

This full size pistol comes with the FN inspired ergonomics and controllability, with Palmetto State Armory pricing. What’s not to love?

The pistol also has a textured grip, adjustable sights, and a Picatinny rail for mounting accessories.

One notable feature of the Dagger 5.7 is its use of a delayed blowback system, which helps to reduce felt recoil and improve accuracy. The pistol also has a smooth trigger pull and a manual safety for added security.

Made from high-quality 416 stainless steel and advanced polymers, this pistol lives up to today’s highest expectations while maintaining the unmatched Palmetto State Armory value.

Chambered in 5.7x28mm, the PSA 5.7 Rock is fed from a supplied 23-round magazine and operated by a smooth single-action striker-fired trigger mechanism.

The threaded carbon steel fluted barrel and stainless steel slide have a QPQ finish for a smooth finish that also offers corrosion protection. This pistol is designed to work with Glock-compatible sights.

This 5.7 Rock optics-ready slide is cut for direct mount Shield footprint red dot sights. You even get two adapter plates. Included are two adapter plates, one for RMR optics, and one for Docter cut optics. 

Kel Tec P50

5. Kel Tec P50

  • Price: $549.99
  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm
  • Barrel Length: 9.6 inch
  • Capacity: 23+1

We can’t seriously give the prize to the Kel Tec, but it is arguably the most spectacular gun here. It’s a movie pro, but it’s real.

Some people love it. and the folks over at Demolition Ranch even say it’s better than the P90 PDW. It’s bold talk, but there it is.

KelTec P50 Launched Recently

The KelTec P50 is a new arrival to the market and gained popularity due to its unique and futuristic appearance. That and the 50-round magazine that lays horizontally along the grip.

Yes, that’s right, a 50-round almost concealed carry handgun.

You also get a top-mounted Picatinny rail, allowing for the attachment of accessories such as optics and lights.

Now that trick magazine is a touch closer to fully ambidextrous, although it is kind of odd.

The KelTec P50 has a double-action trigger and a manual safety switch located on the rear of the pistol grip. The pistol also features an adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight.

The Keltec P50 weighs approximately 3.2 pounds, making it relatively lightweight for a firearm of its size and capacity. And the interesting caliber could seal the deal.

Overall, the Kel Tec P50 is a unique and innovative firearm that offers a high capacity magazine and a futuristic design.

CMMG Banshee 5.7x28mm AR pistol.

6. CMMG Banshee Mk47

  • Price: $1,399.99
  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm
  • Barrel length: 5 inch

The CMMG Banshee MK47 Is still out there on the open market and you can pick them up used or new for around the $1,200-$1,400 mark.

This came with a light recoil, radial blowback operated system that we did like. It wasn’t quite the gamechanger CMMG promised and the pistol brace ban changed everything, but it is an impressive gun.

Get the best red dot sights up top and you’re good for home defense or small game hunting pistol chambered in 5.7x28mm.

Where to Buy Guns & Ammo

Now you’ve got the best gun, you need to find the 5.7x28mm ammo, and that’s not always the easiest thing to do.

It can also be expensive. Federal American Eagle ammo is about 60c a round, but that’s just the Full Metal Jacket.

The Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection 40 grain hollow point bullets are running North of $3.00 a round at the moment for the 5.7x28mm cartridge. And that’s a lot with a 30 round capacity.

You’ll feel a financial impact with every trigger pull too.

Definitely train with the 40 grain Full Metal Jacket and save the specialist defensive ammo for when you need it. The Speer hollow points are, after all, a serious investment.

Always look out for ammo & firearm discounts

Our favorite suppliers are:

Basically if you’re looking for 38 SPL ammo, Federal American Eagle ammo, firearm discounts and more, check those links and they’ll have nice things for you. Get the best ammo in stock, because it is running relatively short.

Guns and ammo can be hard to find, but just keep this page bookmarked and you’ll find what you need.

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