The Best 9mm Ammo For Sale in 2019 – Extreme Bullets

G2 Research 9mm Ripper

The Best 9mm Ammunition For Sale in 2018 – Self Defense

This one is sure to ruffle some feathers, but we have decided to name the best 9mm ammunition on the market right now when it comes to self-defense.

The safe answer for 9mm self-defense ammo is the standard hollow point.

But we want to show you some alternatives that we recommend you test.

Try This 9mm Ammo

Get a sampler pack of 9mm rounds of home defense ammo, go to the butcher and buy some big pieces of meat. Then have fun and see which bullet blows your mind, and a pig’s ass off.

You will be truly shocked at the performance on offer from at least three of these bullets. They can turn a small concealed carry pistol into an absolute cannon.

Projectile technology has come on in leaps and bounds and bullet tech now goes beyond the hollow point. If you simply price shop for ammunition, then you might never have seen some of these high-end offerings and it has to be said they can totally transform your gun.

Some of these 9mm self-defense rounds will turn a high-capacity concealed carry handgun into a sledgehammer. At least one claims to do as much damage as a point-blank shot from an AR-15. That sounds optimistic, but then you see the results…

At the very least, it’s like going up to a 40 S&W or a .45 ACP, all the time keeping the traditional 9mm advantages of increased capacity, low recoil and easy grouping of your 9mm rounds. Put two or three of some of these bullets into almost any target and it’s a done deal.

Seriously, these bullets could even turn a stock 9mm into a hunting handgun.

Now you need to test these bullets with your personal gun. That’s the beauty of mass market hollowpoints: they have been tested in pretty much all conditions and all guns. They are the best compromise, but that means they build in headroom and don’t go for the nth degree of destruction.

Savage Impact Self Defense Ammo

That’s what you’ve got here, more impact and potentially less consistency. So get yourself a sampler pack of bullets, blow the shit out of a  side of beef, or ballistic gel, or however you really test a bullet, and see which one you like best.

We guarantee you’ll like one of these bullets enough to order more and it may save your life one day. In advance, you’re welcome….

Here are our picks for the best 9mm ammo on the market for self defense in 2018.

Hornady Critical Defense 9mm

1. Hornady Critical Defense

  • Price: $0.67/Round
  • Pack Price: $16.79/25 Rounds
  • Weight: 115gr
  • Muzzle Energy: 332
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1140fps
  • Bullet Type: Flex Tip eXpanding (FTX)

At its heart, the Hornady Critical Defense is a traditional hollow point, but the tip bears its patented Flex Tip eXpanding technology (FTX)  that helps the bullet punch through denim and heavier barriers. That makes it a great ammo for self-defense and law enforcement officers love this bullet.

It isn’t quite a match for some of the other bullets here when it comes to penetration, but once the impact is made then it mushrooms out like the best hollow point ammunition and tumbles violently to create a dramatic wound cavity.

Hornady uses the cleanest burning primer to reduce muzzle flash and this bullet is some of the finest 9mm self-defense ammo you have seen. Nickel-plating prevents corrosion, every bullet is cannelured and then crimped to avoid setback and it is guaranteed to run reliably in any gun.

Critical Duty offers a slightly different vibe, but this is the one the company recommends for 9mm self-defense ammo. So who are we to argue? Leave the Critical Duty, invest heavily in Critical Defense.

It isn’t as left-field as a couple of the options here, but then maybe that’s a good thing when you’re actually looking at the best self defense 9mm ammo for your concealed carry handgun.

Hornady Critical Defense is reliable, tested in all conditions and has the full respect of the industry. If you want to choose just one ammo for self-defense, this should be the bullet you trust with your life.

Xtreme Defense 9mm Luger round

2. LeHigh Xtreme Defense 9mm Ammunition

  • Price per round: $0.62
  • Pack Price: $30.99/50 Rounds
  • Type: Fluid Transfer Monolithic
  • Weight: 90gr

Regular readers will know about the Xtreme Penetrator, we’ve mentioned them before and laughed at the name, while giving props to an excellent bullet. LeHigh reckons the basic damage is the same as a round from an AR-15 and we kind of believe them.

That means this is easily the best 9mm ammo out there, if we’re honest. If you’re prepared to take a chance on a newcomer and try some ammo out for size, this is the one you should go for..

If it looks like an old school steel ball, with a cutting tool on the front, you’re more or less in the right ballpark.

This is a slight evolution that LeHigh Defense thinks is the ultimate 9mm self defense round. It may well be right, we love this bullet and you should seriously try some in your concealed carry. 

It’s a self defense bullet that LeHigh developed in conjunction with Black Hills Ammunition, to a point. Black Hills Ammunition went on to develop the Honeybadger, while LeHigh Defense produced the cheaper, simpler Xtreme Penetrator and Xtreme Defense rounds.

We think they have absolutely nailed it in terms of cost vs impact and this is our favorite extreme 9mm for a self-defense round.

You need to watch the gel tests to really understand this 9mm ammo. It punches through pretty much everything, but it’s the shockwave it creates in its wake that is so utterly devastating. It doesn’t tumble like a normal bullet, but it does wreak absolute havoc while tracing out a perfect straight line.

Here’s an explanation of the differences and an introduction to this Fluid Transfer Monolithic 9mm ammunition.

It’s simple, it’s brilliant and it works. The Honeybadger might be 5% better, it might even be 10% better. The problem is it’s in a different stratosphere price wise and we just cannot make a case for it.

The truth is that this is the cost-effective way to get hold of what could be a major breakthrough in 9mm ammo technology.

This bullet does not rely on expansion and it does not work like a hollow point. That screwdriver structure on the front with sharp, cruel edges stays flat and true, punches through clothes and barriers with minimal deflection and then causes a massive wound cavity up to four times as big as a normal bullet.

I was skeptical, but this fluid transfer monolithic bullet works. It’s simply better than a hollow point as self defense ammunition.

It stays flat and is as accurate as any conventional round over 50 feet in the tests I have seen. Close up, it is an absolutely devastating self-defense ammo.

Switching out hollow points and putting these in their place is like switching from a 9mm to a 45 ACP, without any of the sacrifice in terms of recoil and capacity issues.

It could really provide the equivalent of a 5.56 NATO from your CCW. They’re expensive and they’re not range toys, but as your last line of defense then they are worth the extra money when your life is on the line.

That’s what these are, self-defense ammo that you really shouldn’t shoot too often in your life. If you do, you need to look at your life choices..

They Xtreme Defense 9mm ammo is really not that much more expensive than decent hollow points and I’d be interested to see what these bullets could go through. They just don’t deflect, whatever you shoot through, and I’m not sure what it would take to stop them.

With self defense ammo, this is a good thing.

The bullets are solid copper or brass, which helps punch through any barrier that happens to be in the way. Here’s a gel test with the Xtreme Penetrator, which is slightly heavier, but the results will be similar.

LeHigh has an entire line of absolutely savage bullets for almost every caliber. It even has an Xtreme Penetrator for the 50 BMG rifle if you want to pay $7 a round. Check out some of the most intense ammunition you’ve seen here.

Seriously, there’s a Government 45-70 round there that looks like it could chew up an elephant.

LeHigh Defense also offers another 9mm, a hollow point designed to break up on impact with soft tissue, which is nice…

Fracturing holowpoint 9mm bullets

G2 Research R.I.P Ripper bullet 9mm

3. G2 Research RIP

  • Price: $1.88/round
  • Pack price: $37.50/20 rounds
  • Weight: 92gr
  • Type: Ripper Hollow Point

It looks like it should be banned under The Geneva Convention,  but in a critical defense situation then you’ll be glad to have the competitive advantage that the best ripper bullet for sale today has to offer.

It’s a horrible looking ripper bullet with edges sharp enough to injure you before you’ve put it in the gun. It’s insanely expensive, but if you test it and love it then you might just find that you keep a few packs of this in your gun safe to keep your home defense handguns loaded up with instant justice.

For a home defense gun, I would seriously consider this round. It’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight, which I have no problem with if somebody has forced their way into my life and my home. This bullet turns an innocent concealed carry into a warrior and I would be happy to have several dotted around the house in a concealed gun safe or five.

If you ever have to go for those guns, the situation is probably extreme enough to warrant this level of brutality.

It’s a lightweight round, just 92gr, and that sharpened hollowpoint is designed to cut through flesh like a buzzsaw, stabbing, grabbing and ripping as it goes. The head is designed to come apart after it enters a soft target and send those shards off in different directions. You can see that in the video below as it enters the gel and it’s a sobering thought.

You have to decide whether you want to cross that moral line with your 9mm ammo. If you hit someone properly with this round, and the bullet works as it should, they’re not really meant to get up.

G2 Research 9mm Ripper

You can see the precision engineering on the bullet. The only remaining question is how those air channels affect the 9mm bullet over long distances. Slightly, is the answer, and you might want to restrict this bullet to a close range self defense weapon. It’s too specialist for a long-range gunfight with AR-15 wielding foes and it’s only an equalizer at close range.

Watch it in action right here. What it does to the gel is kinda scary for a 9mm and it kind of suggests a that these 9mm can inflict the same kind of damage as a 45 ACP. Maybe more. The way the bullet comes apart and just rips through every part of this gel is kind of evil.

It’s super high tech 9mm ammo when you think about it as those shards have to break off at the right point. It sounds simple, but there’s a lot of science and variables.

That means it might not always work as planned if just one factor steps outside the parameters. What would that be? That’s the problem, you never know until you find out.

Still, if this bullet works as planned, it turns a 9mm into an absolute weapon of war. A CZ Scorpion 3 or a HK SP5K loaded with these things would transform into something heinous. See what it does to a pork shoulder here. It’s actually pretty savage and shows that this simple ammo switch can turn your handgun into something else entirely.

It honestly looks like this pork shoulder got hit close up with a shotgun slug… Use these and you might find yourself explaining why to local law enforcement officers.

You can see what this bullet can do for you close up, but you will need to test it to see if it works for you. If it does, then your 9mm weapons just got way, way tougher.

Honeybadger 9mm - one of the best 9mm ripper bullets in the world

4. Honeybadger 9mm

  • Price: $1.38/Round
  • Pack Price: $27.62/20 rounds
  • Weight: 124gr
  • Muzzle Energy: 306
  • Muzzle velocity: 1050fps
  • Bullet type: Full Metal Jacket

The Black Hills Ammunition Honeybadger 9mm is the sharper, rippier alternative to the LeHigh Xtreme Defense.

It has to be said, if the LeHigh Defense alternative wasn’t out there, I’d probably be a lot more excited about the Honeybadger. As it is, the price difference means this bullet just cannot be worth the premium.

LeHigh worked with Black Hills Ammunition to develop a better 9mm bullet. At some point, their creative differences kicked in and they veered off on to different paths. The truth is, though, that the core concept in both bullets is exactly the same. And the other inconvenient truth for Black Hills Ammunition is that there bullet is more than twice as expensive.

There are significant differences, including the shell casing that give this round a more conventional look. The ‘sails’ on the front are sharp, too, and look ready to cut and break at the required points. So basically this bullet will rip, send shrapnel flying off at a tangent and generally mess up anything it touches at speed.

That;s good and I think you should try the Honeybadger, just to see if you can feel that difference. I can’t and think the simpler Xtreme Defense is actually more consistent. This is the ultimate in damage, but you have to pay a hefty price for that privilege and I just don’t see how it can be that much better than the LeHigh Defense option.

This could still be the best 9mm ammo for sale in 2018, but it’s just not by enough of a margin to make up for the high price. Of course in a dark alley at 1am you might regret saving the money, so try it and make your own call…

Sig Sauer Alite Ball 9mm 124gr ammunition

5. Sig Sauer Elite Ball

  • Price: $0.34/Round
  • Pack Price: $16.99/50 Rounds
  • Weight: 124gr
  • Muzzle Energy: 374
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1185fps
  • Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket

Sig Sauer agrees with LeHigh Defense that the best bullet is the one that stays together on impact and goes on a rampant wrecking ball of destruction path through the target.

That’s the basic principle of the Sig Sauer Elite Ball 9mm. Sig Sauer has a great range in elite hollowpoints, but this copper jacketed hollow point that offers greater weight retention sits out on top of the tree. That tells its own story.

CCI shotshell 9mm Luger

6. CCI 9mm No. 12 Shotshell

  • Price: $1.50/round
  • Pack price: $14.99/10 Rounds
  • Weight: 53gr

Now this one is weird, but it basically turns your 9mm concealed carry or EDC into a mini shotgun.

Now this isn’t the most useful round for normal self-defense, but this round has earned the unofficial nickname, ‘snake pellet’, in Copperhead and Rattlesnake country.

I wouldn’t necessarily put this stuff through a Dan Brown 1911 or Agency Arms Glock. it’s more a job for that old Gen 3 held together with tape. You could even buy a Hi Point just for this one job. It’s a novel concept, though, and it means you might not have to buy a Taurus Judge Polymer if you only deal with the occasional snake.

It’s effective to about 10 feet and it’s a novel idea. If you have a beaten up 9mm that hasn’t seen much love for a while, turn it into a mini shotgun with these bizarre bullets.

Federal premium personal defense Hydra-Shok 9mm for sale

7. Federal Premium Personal Defense Hydra-Shok HST

  • Price: $0.99/Round
  • Pack Price: $20.99/20 rounds
  • Weight: 124gr
  • Muzzle Energy: 364
  • Muzzle velocity: 1050fps
  • Bullet type: Full Metal Jacket

Now we’re getting to the real classics and Federal Premium Personal Defense Hydra-Shok is a legend all around the world. It’s a basic full metal jacket hollow point, but like many of this high-tech ammo, Federal has slimmed down the weight and generated the impact with velocity instead.

That inevitably leads to hydrostatic shock and a unique kind of injury that is set to increase as ballistics tech makes bullets faster and even more devastating.

Federal HST is a great self-defense 9mm, but it might have been passed by some of the newcomers of this list. Evolution may have finally caught the hollow point, including the great Federal HST.

Is it surviving on reputation alone in this company? Some will disagree, but I think it might be.

You can feel free to test some Federal HST against your regular bullets, and these new ones, and make this decision for yourself.

Federal premium Defense Hydra-Shok 9mm for sale

Speer Gold Dot 9mm ammunition for sale

8. Speer Gold Dot

  • Price: $1.20/Round
  • Pack Price: $27.62/20 rounds
  • Weight: 115gr
  • Muzzle Energy: 374
  • Muzzle velocity: 1210fps
  • Bullet type: Full Metal Jacket

Speer Gold Dot is talked about in hushed tones by Law Enforcement Officers around the globe. It’s on the approved list of pretty much every agency, even though it’s seriously expensive. That speaks volumes for the sheer consistency of this next-gen hollow point.

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