Best 9mm Ammo for Self Defense – 2024

G2 Research 9mm Ripper bullets don't really work, but they are amazing. Buy your extreme 9mm self defence ammo here.

Last Updated February 30th 2024

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Winners at a Glance

Hornady Critical Defense is the best 9mm ammunition for self defense, but there are other bullets you should definitely try.

Hornady Critical Defense

Hornady Critical Defense

  • Overall Winner
Lehigh Defense XD

Lehigh Defense XD

  • Best New FTM Bullet
Federal Premium HST

Federal Premium HST

  • Great tactical ammo
Speer Gold Dot

Speer Gold Dot

  • Best FBI Approved Ammo
Sellier & Bellot FMJ

Sellier & Bellot FMJ

  • Best Value 9mm FMJ


We’ve got the best 9mm self defense ammunition for concealed carry pistols down below, but if you’re looking for bulk deals then we have some great links with the searches done for you. Check here for the best 9mm ammo stores and save money:

What is the best 9mm ammo on the market in 2024 when it comes to self-defense?

Here are our picks.

Hornady Critical Defense 9mm is the best self-defense ammunition you can buy off the shelf. Get the best prices on Hornady 9mm ammo here.



1. Hornady Critical Defense

  • Price: $1.03/Round
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger ammunition 115 grain
  • Pack Price: $23.55/25 Rounds
  • Muzzle Energy: 332
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1140fps
  • Bullet Type: Flex Tip eXpanding (FTX)

Best Self Defense Ammo


At its heart, the Hornady Critical Defense is JHP ammunition, but the tip bears its patented Flex Tip eXpanding technology (FTX)  that helps the bullet punch through denim etc.

That makes it great ammo, self-defense and law enforcement agencies love this bullet for its kinetic energy, terminal performance, reliability and price.

They are brass cased ammo to prevent corrosion, every bullet is cannelured and then crimped to avoid setback and it is guaranteed to run reliably in any gun.

Hornady Critical Duty vs Critical Defense

Critical Duty offers a slightly different vibe, but this is the one the company recommends for the best defensive performance in compact handguns with a shorter barrel length.

This is the best concealed carry ammo for your 9mm pistol, while Critical Duty is tuned for full size handguns and may be the best home defense option.

So if you run a 5 inch Government model 1911 9mm pistol, then the Hornady Critical Duty is the one.

Invest heavily in Critical Defense for your pistol ammunition, then, if you’re the average person with a short barrel pistol.

It isn’t as left-field as a couple of the options here, but then maybe that’s a good thing when you’re actually looking at the best self defense 9mm ammo options for your concealed carry handgun or micro-compact 9mm pistols..

Lehigh Defense Fluid Monolithic Transfer ammo. Get yours here.

2. Lehigh Defense XD Ammunition

  • Price: $1.45/Round
  • Pack Price: $29.00/20 rounds
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Bullet weight: 90gr Fluid Transfer Monolithic
  • Energy: 338
  • Velocity: 1300fps
  • Bullet type: 124 grain Jacketed Hollow Point

Best FTM Bullet


The Fluid Monlithic Transfer bullet might be the the next generation of self defense ammo.

It does not expand. It simply cuts through flesh like a next gen wadcutter and that screwdriver style front end and high velocity round creates a shockwave and a devastating wound channel.

Not everybody buys into the theory, but the way Lehigh Defense Extreme Defender bullets slice through ballistic gelatin tells a compelling story and they’re doing the business out in the field too. Wilson Combat and more are joining the fray and the stopping power is easily on a par with the best hollow point 9mm ammunition in the real world.

Again this is optimised for a short barrel length. Try them in your concealed carry gun and see what you think of this potentially game changing 9mm defensive ammo.

Underwood Extreme Defender is basically the same deal, and the result of a partnership between the two companies. It’s high price, high performance ammo that you should definitely try.

Federal premium personal defense Hydra-Shok 9mm for sale

3. Federal Premium Personal Defense Hydra-Shok HST

  • Price: $1.15/Round
  • Pack Price: $22.99/20 rounds
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Bullet weight: 124gr
  • Muzzle Energy: 364
  • Muzzle velocity: 1050fps
  • Bullet type: 124 grain Jacketed Hollow Point JHP

Great Tactical Round

Price: 3.5/5 Reliability: 4.5/5 Expansion: 3.5/5 Reputation: 4/5

Now we’re getting to the real classics and this Federal Premium Personal Defense is a legend all around the world.

A lot of folks just call it Federal HST.

It’s a hollowpoint, but like many of this high-tech ammo, the designers of Federal HST have slimmed down the weight and generated the impact with higher velocity and energy instead.

This Federal 124 grain Federal Premium HST has a real thump because of the higher average velocity and kinetic energy.

That higher average velocity in the Federal HST allegedly leads to hydrostatic shock, a pressure wave that leads to separate remote injuries. It’s a unique kind of damage that is set to increase as ballistics tech makes bullets faster and even more devastating.

Not everybody believes hydrostatic shock is a real thing, but these Federal 124 grain Federal Premium HST self defense 9mm rounds with a brass case are supremely effective. So it’s good ammo that we highly recommend.

Federal premium Defense Hydra-Shok 9mm for sale

Most people agree the Federal HST is an effective round for your CCW. There’s a spike at the heart of the flower petal of mayhem, which helps with the Federal HST ammo’s aerodynamics and entry. That’s great for stopping power, and also gives the Federal HST a USP and another reason to buy these popular 9mm handgun bullets.

Speer Gold Dot 9mm ammunition for sale. Get the best deals on bulk ammo and specialist assassin type stuff at your favorite online gun store.

4. Speer Gold Dot

  • Price: $1.45/Round
  • Pack Price: $28.99/20 rounds
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger ammunition
  • Bullet weight: 115gr
  • Muzzle Energy: 374
  • Muzzle velocity: 1210fps

Best FBI Approved Ammo for Tactical Use

Price: 3/5 Reliability: 5/5 Expansion: 4/5 Reputation: 5/5

Speer Gold Dot is talked about in hushed tones by Law Enforcement Officers around the globe. It’s on the approved list of pretty much every agency, even though it’s seriously expensive.

That speaks volumes for the sheer consistency of this next-gen hollow point that has been with us for 20 years. It is an excellent choice for 9mm ammo and offers exceptionally consistent terminal ballistics in terms of penetration & expansion.

The government agency created a series of tortuous tests that played right into the hands of the Gold Dot.

Not only was this nickel plated brass cased Speer Gold Dot defensive ammo great at punching through heavy clothing and barriers, a big part of the FBI test, it was also super reliable and averse to separation on its way to creating an impressive permanent wound cavity.

So it’s a good choice for you and me in the real world.

Speer Lawman FMJ is great training ammo if you’re going this route. The Speer Lawman is the range ammo that is cheaper and doesn’t expand, but it’s still a relatively high price compared to the budget options.

Sig Sauer Elite Performance, from the hollowpoint to the Elite Ball FMJ, you get choices with Sig ammo.

5. Sig Sauer Elite Performance

  • Price: $0.54-0.89/Round
  • Pack Price: $17.99/20 Rounds
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger ammo
  • Weight: 147 grain JHP
  • Muzzle Energy: 317lb/ft
  • Muzzle Velocity: 985fps

High Quality Ammo

Price: 5/5 Reliability: 3/5 Expansion: 4/5 Reputation: 4/5

Sig Sauer Elite Performance is a relatively new arrival, in ammunition terms, but it has already made an impact with Law Enforcement and professional shooters.

The Sig V-Crown is the self-defense king, although it is expensive. There’s a Sig V-Crown, Elite Performance and the Elite Ball FMJ 9mm ammo that is cheaper for the range.

The Sig Performance offers a full brass cartridge with a nickel plated copper jacket that means it stays with the lead on impact. The additional weight retention translates to added damage.

Liberty Civil Defense are lightweight bullets that pack a real punch.

6. Liberty Civil Defense +p

  • Price: $0.54-0.89/Round
  • Pack Price: $28.99/20 Rounds
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Muzzle Energy: 444lb/ft
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2000fps
  • Bullet Type: 50 grain Jacketed Hollow Point JHP

Great Defensive Ammo on a Budget

Price: 5/5 Reliability: 3/5 Expansion: 4/5 Reputation: 4/5

Liberty Civil Defense is a lightweight 9m round that gets its power from pure velocity, 2000fps per second might even give some armor plate food for thought.

It’s a nickel-plated brass case 50 grain Jacketed Hollow Point bullet, so you get the expanded diameter on impact and a lot of that speed then translates into tumbling force that rips apart anything in its path with maximum expansion.

Honeybadger 9mm Ammunition, is the most vicious self defense 9mm ammo that money can buy? Get the best 9mm ammunition here.

7. Black Hills Honeybadger

  • Price per round: $1.85
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Pack Price: $27.99/20 Rounds
  • Bullet Type: Fluid Transfer Monolithic
  • Bullet Weight: 125gr

The Original FTM

Price: 2/5 Reliability: 3/5 Expansion: 1/5 Reputation: 4/5

Black Hills Honeybadger is claimed to create the same sort of carnage as a round from an AR-15 in terms of wound cavity and terminal performance. Try them and it’s hard to disagree.

If it looks like an old school steel ball, with a cutting tool on the front, you’re more or less in the right ballpark and it looks like heavy clothing shouldn’t present too much of a problem.

Deeper penetration depth goes with the territory, too, because this bullet doesn’t open like a parachute to create its wound cavity in the soft tissue.

We love this bullet and you should seriously try some in your best handguns for home defense on the next bad guy you encounter. Ora at least on some ballistic gel.

How Do FTM Bullets Work?

You need to watch the gel tests to really understand this less popular 9mm pistol ammunition. It punches through pretty much everything, but it’s the shockwave it creates in its wake that is so utterly devastating.

It doesn’t tumble like a normal bullet, and it is not designed to expand like a parachute, but it does wreak absolute havoc and create a permanent wound cavity while tracing out a perfect straight line. Make no mistake, this is good 9mm self defense ammunition and an excellent choice for your CCW.

Here’s an explanation of the differences and an introduction to this Fluid Transfer Monolithic 9mm ammunition. You can also see it blasting ballistic gel and other fun stuff.

Admittedly ballistic gelatin isn’t soft tissue, but if it was this would be a horror movie. It makes a compelling case for using FTM 9mm ammo for self defense rounds. You can get a range of handgun calibers, too, including the 45 ACP handgun caliber.

Remington Golden Saber Brass cased 9mm ammo. An expensive luxury for personal protection.

8. Remington Golden Saber Bonded Brass JHP

  • Price: $1.59/Round
  • Pack Price: $30.99/20 Rounds
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Weight: 147 grain loads
  • Muzzle Energy: 304lb/ft
  • Velocity: 985fps
  • Bullet Type: JHP

An Iconic Hollow Point

Price: 2/5 Reliability: 3/5 Expansion: 3.5/5 Reputation: 4/5

Remington Golden Saber 147 grain 9mm handgun ammo was introduced in 2019 and features a lead core hot bonded to a brass jacket.

Separation is basically eliminated and a smaller nose diameter helps precise bore alignment, as well as allowing the bullet to punch through barriers with minimal deflection.

That gives deeper than average penetration and expansion, the lead core provides weight retention and the long nose provides a dramatic rose petal effect for maximum damage.

The brass cased Remington Golden Saber 9mm ammo is expensive, though, and you might want to take a look at Remington UMC.

Now Remington UMC is a JHP, which can easily mix it with some of the big names here in terms of penetration and expansion.

Bullet design has come a a long way, but there’s a lot to be said for simple reliable expansion from a hollow point bullet. That’s what you get with UMC. So it’s good ammo.

Training Ammo for the Range

Now we get to the 9mm 115 grain 9mm ammo that comes in buckets and barrels. The 115 grain 9mm ammo for sale often comes in ammo cans, barrels or even buckets of ammunition.

Get these bulk 9mm ammo deals and stock up, because you never know when the next shortage is coming and 9mm 115 grain loads are just versatile and fun to shoot.

Some of these options are a little heavier, too, and lighter…

115 grain FMJ ammo doesn’t expand, so they’re really for range training. Or pest control…

Sellier & Bellot 9mm ammo, 115 grain Full Metail jacket and you can buy 1000 rounds in one hit.

9. Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger

  • Price per round: $0.28
  • Pack Price: $284.99/1000
  • Type: 9mm Luger Ammunition 115 Grain FMJ Full Metal Jacket
  • Energy: 391lb/ft
  • Velocity: 1,237fps

Best FMJ

Price: 5/5 Reliability: 4.5/5 Expansion: 1/5 Reputation: 4/5

This low price 115 grain FMJ Full Metal Jacket ammo today is a bargain price and Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger has a solid reputation for producing great ammunition that doesn’t break the bank.

Czech manufacturer Sellier & Bellot has been in business since 1825 and knows a thing or two about 9mm ammo. This budget 115 grain FMJ Full metal Jacket is ideal for range training and cheap enough to buy in bulk.

The company also make excellent JHP ammo, but we’re drawn to their 9mm 115 grain FMJ Full Metal Jacket pricing.

CCI Blazer Brass is cheap pistol ammunition for the range. Get your bulk deals now.

10. CCI Blazer Brass 9mm Luger

  • Price per round: $0.35
  • Pack Price: $175.99/500
  • Bullet type:: 9mm 147 grain FMJ Full Metal Jacket
  • Muzzle Energy: 323lb/ft
  • Velocity: 1,125fps

Best Selling FMJ

Price: 5/5 Reliability: 3/5 Expansion: 1/5 Reputation: 4/5

CCI Blazer Brass 9mm Luger is budget friendly range ammo that you can shoot all day without going bankrupt.

This CCI Blazer Brass 9mm ammo is brass jacketed and the Boxer type primer is suitable for reloading, but really the point of this is that you buy a 500 round or 1000 rd can of this 9mm Luger ammo.

Get bulk 9mm ammo pricing on this CCI Blazer Brass 9mm and send this 147 grain FMJ Full Metal Jacket downrange all day without any fear.

Now this 9mm Luger is strictly range ammo. Best not to load your carry gun with this, there are much better carry ammo here.

Federal American Eagle ammunition. Get 1000 rounds of ammo, cheap, or maybe a little less.

11. Federal American Eagle 1000 rounds

  • Price per round: $0.36
  • Pack Price: $359.99/1000
  • Bullet Type: 9mm Luger 147 grain FMJ Full Metal Jacket
  • Muzzle Energy: 317lb/ft
  • Velocity: 985fps

Best Bulk Ammo Deal

Price: 5/5 Reliability: 3/5 Expansion: 1/5 Reputation: 4/5

Federal American Eagle 147 grain FMJ Full Metal Jacket is basically perfect range fodder and it’s cheap enough to give you more target practice ammo and possibly save your life one day.

You can get a variety of flavors of this ammunition, including flat top bullets that cost more and yet are perfectly tailored for competition shooting on a budget. Or serious range shooting days.

It is solid, dependable ammunition in this 147 grain FMJ bullet form. But this ammo, bulk 9mm ammo deal is for recreational shooting at the range.

It isn’t carry ammo in 147 grain FMJ Full Metal Jacket form, but you do get reloadable brass cased goodness. Handgun ammo, 9mm ammo options and ammo bulk deals.

What more do you want for target praticse ammo other than a bulk 9mm ammo bucket of 147 grain FMJ?

Winchester USA 9mm ammo

12. Winchester USA 9mm

  • Price per round: $0.66
  • Pack Price: $32.96/50
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Bullet type: 124 grain FMJ Full Metal Jacket
  • Energy: 362lb/ft
  • Velocity: 1,190fps

A Great Option for Range Day

Price: 3.5/5 Reliability: 3/5 Expansion: 1/5 Reputation: 4/5

Winchester USA has provided billions of rounds of various caliber ammunition since the early 1900s. This Winchester 9mm 115 grain FMJ Full Metal Jacket is basic, but it gets the job done all around the United States each and every day.

You can buy Winchester 9mm ammo in FMJ or 115 grain Jacketed Hollow Points and there are a range of options with the weight too. This good 9mm 115 grain handgun ammo is a great option to start with.

Inevitably this white box 124 grain FMJ is some the cheapest Winchester USA 9mm in the real world. You can spend a lot more on specialist ammunition, but we like this bulk 9mm ammo price for the 9mm 115 grain Winchester 9mm.

Winchester Ranger T Series ammo is more 9mm Luger ammunition you might want to look at if you want a high tech hollowpoint. And we like that Winchester Ranger 9mm self defense ammunition, but we have to make choices here and so Winchester Ranger T Series might have to wait for another day.

Magtech 9mm 124 grain ammunition. Get your 124 grain FMJ bullets here.

13. Magtech 9mm 124 Grain

  • Price per round: $0.32
  • Pack Price: $15.99/50
  • Bullet Type: 9mm Luger 124 grain FMJ Full Metal Jacket
  • Energy: 339 foot pounds
  • Velocity: 1,109fps

Solid Contender

Price: 3.5/5 Reliability: 3/5 Expansion: 1/5 Reputation: 3/5

Magtech 124 grain FMJ bullets are a slightly heavier round than you might be used to and it’s aimed firmly at shooting sports.

Competitive shooters can apparently feel the benefit of these Magtech 9mm 124 grain rounds with every trigger pull. Which is nice. But really it’s a bulk 9mm ammo deal that is the most important part.

Magtech 9mm 124 grain FMJ doesn’t do anything outrageously different, but it is match grade ammo on a budget for target shooting with the best 9mm pistols, or cheaper ones. Full sized handguns or concealed carry pistols, there’s no great specialty here.

This is just good 9mm Luger ammunition, which is sometimes exactly what you need.

Novelty Bullets

G2 RIP Bullets. Get yours here and just see what they can do.

14. G2 Research RIP

  • Price: $1.88/round
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Type: 92 grain Jacketed Hollow Points
  • Pack price: $37.50/20 rounds

This 9mm Luger ammunition looks like it should be banned under The Geneva Convention. But just look at the G2 Research RIP 92 grain JHP 9mm ammo and tell me you don’t want some.

You’re lying if you do…

It’s a horrible looking ripper bullet with edges sharp enough to injure you before you’ve even loaded it.

The G2 Research RIP is insanely expensive, but if you test it and love it then you might just find that you keep a few packs of this in your gun safe to keep your home defense handguns loaded up with instant justice.

For personal defence ammunition, probably not. But well try it, you might just have fun with it. It might be a laugh riot. Or you might do it once for fun.

It’s a lightweight round, just 92gr, and that sharpened hollowpoint 9mm ammo is designed to cut through flesh like a buzzsaw, stabbing, grabbing and ripping as it goes.

The head is designed to come apart after it enters a soft target and send those shards off in different directions. You can see that in the video below as it enters the gel and it’s a sobering thought and this goes beyond deeper than average penetration and expansion.

High Tech Bullet, Does it Go Too Far?

You can see the precision engineering on the bullet.

The only remaining question is how those air channels and 9 separate proposed wound channels affect the 9mm ammo over long distances. Slightly, is almost certainly the answer, and you might want to restrict this bullet to a close range 9mm self defense weapon.

It’s too specialist for a long-range gunfight with AR-15 wielding foes and it’s only an equalizer at close range.

Ripper Bullet Destroys Gel, and People

Watch it in action right here in the ballistic gel tests. What it does to the gel is kinda scary for a 9mm compact handgun shot. It kind of suggests a that this 9mm ammo can inflict the same kind of damage as a 45 ACP. Maybe more.

That is serious stopping power.

CCI shotshell 9mm Luger. This really is a shotgun shell you can load in your 9mm carry pistol. Turn an old semi-auto into a killer snake gun.

15. CCI 9mm No. 12 Shotshell

  • Price: $1.50/round
  • Caliber: 9mm ammo
  • Pack price: $14.99/10 Rounds
  • Weight: 53gr

Now this one is weird, but it basically turns your 9mm concealed carry or EDC into a mini shotgun.

Now this isn’t the most useful round for normal self-defense, but this round has earned the unofficial nickname, ‘snake pellet’, in Copperhead and Rattlesnake country.

I wouldn’t necessarily put this stuff through a new full size Dan Wesson 1911 9mm pistol. It’s more a job for that old Gen 3 Glock held together with tape. You could even buy a Hi Point 9mm handgun or other cheap handgun just for this one job.

It’s a novel concept, though, and it means you might not have to buy a Taurus Judge Polymer if you only deal with the occasional snake.

It’s effective to about 10 feet and it’s a novel idea. If you have a beaten up 9mm pistol that hasn’t seen much love for a while, turn it into a mini shotgun with these bizarre bullets.

Bullet Types Explained

Best 9mm ammo for self defense. Get the deadliest 9mm rounds

1. What is a Jacketed Hollow Point JHP?

A JHP is designed to expand massively on impact in a shorter space of time, which reduces overpenetration and helps the designers tailor the 9mm Luger bullet for the best terminal ballistics.

Those famous expanded diameter rose petal type expansion, yeah that’s the classic JHP look of stopping power., And now some manufacturers go even further with a gel tip, ripper bullet design and other clever touches to maximise the expanded diameter and bullet tumble path.

Full Metal Jacket bullets are simple, and effective, and cheaper

2. What is an FMJ?

FMJ bullets used to be pretty fancy, but now they are the simpler, cheaper option for range shooting. They also fly through the air pretty smooth for target shooting and may hold the edge at a distance.

The ball cap really isn’t designed for penetration or ripping through heavy clothing and denim. It’s just designed to fly relatively straight and true and is really just 9mm Luger for the range these days.

There’s almost no reason to carry FMJ bullets in your CCW. Hollow pints and FTM bullets are the new champions and the best 9mm ammo for home defense and more. Almost always brass cased ammo is the one to look for, maybe with a nickel plate.

115 grain FMJ 9mm ammo/9mm pistols are the foundation of self defense rounds, or something. And you can get brass 9mm, Nickel coated brass 9mm or the much cheaper steel cased 9mm.

3. What is a Total Metal Jacket?

A TMJ bullet is completely covered by its copper jacket, with no lead exposed at the base of the projectile thanks to a totally enclosed base.

They tend to be more expensive as the jacket is often applied with electroplating, but essentially carries out the same job as a cheaper FMJ 9mm Luger.

The 115 grain TMJ basically protects you from the lead. That’s about it really, but it may have target shooting applications.

4. What is a Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose Bullet?

Largely aimed at competition shooters, Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose FMJFN bullets tend to hold their trajectory that little bit better. We’re into the nth degree of accuracy and it just doesn’t matter for casual shooters. But competitions come down to fractions and the flat nose is fractionally better…

5. What is a Fluid Transfer Monolithic Bullet?

These look like novelty ripper bullets and some people maintain they’re simply not effective. But time has softened the stance on this new tech and now some big names have followed in the footsteps of the early pioneers.

Essentially the bullet is designed to fly straight and true and that cutting edge at the front allows for greater penetrative depth and an explosive wound channel, much like the hydrostatic shock principal – using displacement to inflict further damage.

FTM, ammo could well challenge the traditional hollowpoint in the years to come in the best 9mm pistols for concealed carry.

This is arguably the future for 9mm ammo/9mm pistols.

Where to Buy Ammo Online

There are lots of places to buy ammo and we’re going to share a few of our favorites. From the obvious, like Palmetto State Armory, through to the likes of Lucky Gunner that might not be on your radar right now.

You can buy bulk ammo, 9mm ammo for sale, rimfire ammo, 45 ACP ammo, 12 gauge ammo and more from a number of places.

Everybody knows PSA They sell some of the best handguns, rifles, shotguns etc at the best prices and they also have an amazing ammunition selection, including 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, whatever you want to call it.

Check out Palmetto State Armory Daily Deals and you might ignore everything you have read here and just buy buckets of something else for a fraction of the price. That might be FMJ practice ammo, or off brand hollow points.

We have a lot of respect for Palmetto State Armory, even the cheap AR-15 rifles that you either love or hate.

Lucky Gunner Prices are an Inside Tip

Lucky Gunner in particular is one of those offbeat online stores with a 90s website, but great prices and availability when the mainstream runs dry. And it’s a great option in good times too for bulk ammo deals.

You get free shipping on big orders, you can still bulk buy when the big guns are imposing strict limits and they’ll sell you 1000 rounds of 9mm Parabellum, if your state restrictions allow it. Check the Lucky Gunner prices on ammo bulk deals for 9mm ammunition and other handgun calibers. Thank us later.

Again, they’re not the most stylish kids on the block in terms of company presentation, but the Lucky Gunner prices and customer service are stunning. They can hook you up with shotgun ammo, rimfire ammo, other handgun ammo, 9mm ammo and more.

We have some others for you too. Some of them even have better websites and more free shipping…

Check Out These Other Ammo Features

Inevitably we’ve covered a lot of different handgun calibers and we’ll keep adding to that list as and when we can. We’ve got top brands for handgun ammunition, 40 S&W ammo, Jacketed Hollow point JHP and 45 ACP ammo.

Then there is other ammo, shotgun ammo, slugs, 410 ammo, 38 Special ammo, AAC Blackout ammo, 9mm ammo, 10mm ammo, 357 Magnum ammo, 44 Magnum ammo, 40 S&W ammo, 223 ammo, 308 Win Mag ammo, 20 gauge ammo, lots of ammo, bulk ammo deals ready to ship.

Red Dot Sights

Have you considered red dot sights? You probably should these days.

Best Gun Parts & Accessories & Cleaning Kits

If you want cleaning kits, shooting glasses, a drop in barrel, a compensator or more cleaning kits to go with your 9mm ammo, we can help you out. Shooting glasses are essential if you do much range shooting. So get some next time you buy ammo online, be it 9mm, NATO 5.56, 40 S&W ammo, 10mm ammo, 38 Special ammo, 357 Magnum ammo or other ammo/bulk ammo deals.

And the Best Gun Stores

If you’re looking for the best online gun stores in the United States, then maybe start here:


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