B&T ACP45 Sub-Machine Gun

B&T APC45 Sub Machine Gun



We love Brugger and Thomet weapons. This is Swiss engineering of the highest order, basically the same level of precision that we have come to know and love with the country’s watches. And cuckoo clocks, if you’re into them.

The ACP9 is the civilian version of the Austrian SWAT team’s weapon. We can see why this elite team opted for the B&T and the only real surprise is that more special forces aren’t using their guns.

Swiss Engineering At Its Finest

Seriously, you just need to hold them in your hand to know these are heirloom quality guns. You could pass these down for generations and they could become collector’s items. If you have collection of guns, and we know most enthusiasts get to that stage, then you need one of these Swiss firearms in there.

When you really put it back-to-back with your other guns, on the range or just in your hands, you’ll see why they cost a little more. They’re worth every single cent.

Quality engineering, overengineering even, is a hallmark of the B&T brand. Overengineering is pretty much the simplest way to guarantee reliability, accuracy and durability.

The B&T KH9 is one of our favorite sub-machine gun/carbine hybrids out there right now, just because it’s so slimline and elegant.

Is This The Best Tactical Sub Machine Gun?

We think it’s pretty much the ultimate tactical weapon, because it’s so small and lightweight that it can slip under a jacket.

For private security teams, a concealed carry, 30+1 round 9mm that lies flat against the body is a big deal. For home defense, you can hang it on a sling and use it as a secondary weapon, alongside something like the Kel Tec KSG shotgun.

In either case, we’re struggling to think of a better, higher capacity, higher penetration set-up. It’s the best compromise, but then the APC offers an intriguing option: 45 ACP ammo.

This Gun Should Stop An Elephant

That means you get a beast of a gun, 31 rounds of .45 should be enough to stop an elephant, let alone an intruder. You also get chunkier gun than the KH9, which will suit some people.

It’s a more traditional design and this gun goes head to head with the likes of the H&K SP5 and Sig Sauer MPX PDW. There is a 9mm version, which goes right into combat with those two, but then we like the option of the 45 ACP in a weapon that you can stabilize effectively.

These are great weapons and the Sig Sauer is actually cheaper, which isn’t something you hear too often.

But when the chips are down, I’d prefer to have the B&T in my hands.

It has a 6.9 inch barrel and a 15.2 inch overall length. It weighs in at 6lb, which helps if your home defense system is a multi-weapon system. And guess what? It should be.

So, if you don’t own a B&T, start with this one. If you don’t have a .45 SBR then this is an option and if you just love sub-machine guns then you should really check out this Swiss firm. It has only been with us since the 90s, but it really is one of the best.

Get Cheap 45 ACP Ammo Online

Now 45 ACP ammunition isn’t as cheap as 9mm. So if you’re more concerned about saving money then go for the cheaper gun. But if you want the stopping power of the 45 ACP then you can get steel casing bullets for 26c a round and up.

Spend 33c a round and you can get a $50 rebate, though, and also get full metal jacket, 230gr boxer-primed brass bullets from American Eagle.

The best deals are on Lucky Gunner, and that American Eagle ammo comes with a five-star rating. So buy in bulk and get the best ammo deals here.

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