Sig Sauer MCX Virtus 9 inch Blackout Pistol – $2029

Sig Sauer MCX Virtus 9” 300 Blackout

Price:  $2086

The Sig Sauer MCX Virtus is the civilian application of a special forces Blackout gun. This is heavy artillery for your home.

It’s an absolute beast and it looks kind of naughty in the light grey Cerakote finish.

It’s an assault weapon, pure and simple, which could be absolutely devastating in a home defense scenario. Traditional 9mm pistols like the HK SP5 and the corresponding Sig Sauer MC 9mm just don’t have the stopping power of the Blackout ammo.

That lightweight plastic stock folds round to give you a beast of a compact pistol that has a bigger kick and better long distance accuracy than an AR15.

A Pistol, Not An SBR

Because it’s a pistol, you get round the whole Short Barrel Rifle thing too. Collapsed, it measures just 22”. With the stock extended, it’s 28inches long and still a seriously compact weapon.

In principal, then, it’s the perfect gun. Especially when you consider Sig’s internal recoil system and built-in sound deadening that helps to contain the insane muzzle energy of the Blackout rounds.

Really, the only thing that counts against it is something we can’t really level as a criticism. Ammunition is expensive and so this can’t really become your favorite range gun. As a home defense option, though, we would have one in a heartbeat.

A Gun That Deserves Tactical Support

This gun and two spare clips is like having an army on your side. We would go full tactical with it, too, taking advantage of that full-length Picatinny rail on top to fit a red dot system and a tactical lamp to the underside.

You could technically remove the stock and hang the whole gun off a sling, which would make it just about perfect. It only weighs 7lb as it is, so weight isn’t the issue.

But this is the kind of gun you would trust with your life, so it’s about making it perfect for you to use in a high stress situation.

A Close Quarters Legend

In the military, this is the perfect gun for close quarters combat. It’s the same in the home and I’d feel more comfortable knowing this was my last line of defense. It’s a pint-sized firebreather and you can switch out the cold-forged barrel and turn this into an AR15 for cheaper range time.

For the home, though, I’d take the 300 Blackout spec for the pure stopping power.

If you keep a serious set of guns by your side, then this Blackout semi-automatic pistol could easily take its place alongside a Kel Tec KSG 15-round shotgun and a tuned-up Glock as your home defense system. I’m a firm believer in keeping a core of guns ready to go and they should be the best of the best.

This could slot right in.

Could it displace the AR15 completely? Yes, it possibly could.

Head to Brownells to get this weapon at a serious discount. It’s $300 less than the RRP and it’s a truly unique firearm that you could well fall in love with.

Need to Know

  • Caliber: 300 Blackout
  • Capacity: 30+1
  • Length: 22” Collapsed
  • Weight: 7lb

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