B&T GHM9: The Best on a Budget

B&T GHM9 for sale. A great 9mm AR pistol.

B&T GHM9 For Sale

  • Price: $1549
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 30+1

You know by know that we love B&T guns round this place. Brugger & Thomet is a Swiss company that makes some of our favorite guns, but they were always expensive.

The GHM9 has the answer for that. It’s a cheaper, more straightforward B&T handgun for sale that is based on the KH9, but isn’t quite as well finished.

Still, it’s priced competitively compared to the Sig Sauer MPX and it isn’t even that much more than the much-loved, but basic CZ Scorpion Evo 3. This is a gun that you don’t need to justify, it’s just about cheap enough and it’s a B&T. It’s Swiss, it’s perfect and every screw feels solid. This is a mil-spec gun and it leaves the Scorpion in its wake.

The Sig Sauer is a definite rival, but this gun might even have the edge. This in-depth review reckons that the Swiss gun is a better option than the legendary Sig Sauer and could be the best pistol-caliber carbine on the market right now.

The reviewer even bought one following this test, and at this price you can too.

It’s a blowback set-up with a hydraulic buffer, which means it’s a pussycat when it comes to recoil.

The basics are all there, the barrel and working parts are the same as the KH9. The packaging, though, makes it looks more like an Android and less like an Apple. It weighs in at 6lb, there’s a lot more polymer and less cool metal and yet it still looks like a B&T weapon.

It’s a 9mm, 30+1 round assault pistol, if you want to go with that name. The barrel length is just 6.9 inches and as B&T is the Swiss military supplier, and a supplier to elite fighting units all round the world, they have the right brace, stock or suppressor to suit your needs.

Here it is in action.

Every B&T is a modular system that you can turn into the perfect gun for your exact needs with the right accessories. They include tactical elements like dual magazines that really give you 60 rounds, plus one…

BT GHM9 Dual Magazine

It still isn’t cheap, but then at just over $1,300, it’s not crazy money either. I have celebrated the fact that the KH9 was reduced to $1850 like they were giving us a present. I do maintain, though, that that gun is one of the prettiest AR-style or tactical pistols to hit the open market.

It is sold out now, but have another look at the B&T KH9 for sale.

When you’re done there, have a look at the B&T TP9, which you can still buy. It’s like a modern-day, semi-automatic Uzi, but when you fit a stock to it then you can consistently group your shots at 100 yards. That makes this the ultimate tactical pistol as far as I’m concerned, but sadly that never slipped beneath $1830 either.

B&T TP9 for sale

This is a budget 9mm assault weapon from some of the best in the business, with the inner working components of the brilliant KH9 and some cheaper wrapping paper.

These Swiss guns are so well balanced that they really are miniature assault weapons and the TP9 even straps to a unique leg holster. It’s innovative, and we love that.

Owners will tell you, too, that if you put a brace and a red dot on this pistol then you’ve got a seriously accurate and effective weapon for home defense. it’s a 9mm legal SBR with minimal recoil, so anybody in the family can handle this weapon. In the right circumstances, then, it’s a lifesaver.

A B&T Gun You Can Afford

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