Bushmaster ACR Enhanced AR15

The Bushmaster ACR Enhanced AR-15 is an almighty rifle, if you can find one. Get this FN SCAR rival right now.

Bushmaster ACR Enhanced – An AR15 For The Ages

Price:  $2000

Pure design is pretty hard to come by in the AR15 world. But this Bushmaster ACR Enhanced is actually an elegant gun.

From certain angles, if you squint, it looks a bit like an FN SCAR, but it has to be said Bushmaster didn’t used to enjoy the same reputation.

Bushmaster Has Come a Long Way

The old guns are kind of unloved and the new enhanced AR-15 was meant to be an awesome comeback after a rocky start.

But the modular system, part of its USP, has taken its sweet time to arrive. Now you can order different calibers and part of the rifle’s reason to be actually works, but you can’t order 300BLK yet.

What you can order is the ACR Enhanced AR-15 in 450 Bushmaster. That’s a frightening hunting rifle that can take down more or less anything at 250 yards, in a convenient AR platform.

And, yes, a pistol is on the way, together with a 300BLK barrel…

But if they can give you the Bushmaster 450, big bore AR-15 in a pistol, that would be something else. Time will tell.

Interesting Times in AR World

This 450 Bushmaster and the .458 Hammr are both new to the field and it will be a specialist hunter that separates the two.

They are both viable rounds for big bears and Africa’s biggest game, so you might want to upgrade your bear defense and get the biggest and best. Which is that? Somebody will be along with some Youtube ballistics gel in slow-mo soon enough to let you know.

The Wilson Combat Hammr  that turned out at Shot Show is a full-size rifle, but if either company can pack the round into a pistol/SBR package, then they  might just have the best AR-15 in the world.

And they might certainly relegate the big revolvers that are part of life in the North and the African plains to the history books.

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Don’t Forget the Bushmaster BA50 50 Cal Rifle

If you’re at all concerned about Bushmaster Firearms’ ability to handle high horsepower, just don’t be. The Bushmaster BA50 is our favorite 50 BMG rifle in 2020. It’s a semi-automatic cannon and we absolutely love it.

Tactical As Hell From The Factory

You get a full length Picatinny Rail on the top of the BUshmaster ACR Enhanced AR-15, another on the bottom and even more on the sides of the floating guard. So seriously, you can kit this gun out as a tactical or hunting weapon to suit your particular needs.

It’s a 16.5 inch barrel and the stock folds round and collapses, so this AR15 will give you some serious options as a home defense weapon, as well as out in the field.

The stock has six separate positions, which means this is a gun you can get comfortable with. If you can’t, the problem lies with you.

It weighs 8.2lb, which isn’t lightweight by any means. But it does collapse down to 33 inches in total and that means it is a compact weapon that could form part of a multi gun set-up if you strap a sling to it.

You will get a 20-round mag, but it’s a standard Magpul system. So you might have something better at home.

The muzzle comes with a flash suppressor and if you’re a serial AR15 collector then this could appeal to you in a big way. Even if you’re not, this is a military-grade weapon you can configure to your own personal tastes.

Bushmaster ACR Enhanced

It’s a versatile gun that we think could make a case for itself in most collections.

Go to Bushmaster direct and you will pay handsomely for the privilege of owning one of those little beasts. But our partner has them for less…

Try one, and prepare to be impressed.

Bushmaster ACR Enhanced – An Upgraded AR15

Need to Know

  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Capacity: 20+1 (Standard Magpul Mag Entry)
  • Length: 33-36 inches
  • Weight: 8.2lb

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