7 Best 50 BMG Rifles For Sale in 2019

7 Best 50 BMG Rifles For Sale in 2019 1

You have to be a special kind of person to really need a 50 BMG rifle.

But then want and need are entirely different things. You might just want to tick that box. You might want to know what it feels like to own the ultimate weapon.

Or you might have a compound in Arizona that you really want to keep trespassers off. Whatever your personal gig, the best 50 BMG rifle for sale will be the jewel in the crown of a pretty epic firearms collection.

It’s often listed as a sniper rifle, because it is, but really this is an anti-materials gun. It’s a 50 cal rifle designed to take out installations, walls, vehicles and even small buildings with the right kind of incendiary bullets.

These guns might be heavy, but they let the military rain fire down on enemy troops and it has been a game-changer in the field.

You would be amazed how many times military snipers actually do use this gun to take out an opposition key target too.

At a mile or more, this gun is simply the best option for taking out individuals in the soldiers’ arsenal. They tend not to carry a .338 Lapua as a matter of course, although 6.5 Creedmoor is filtering into thanks to the Designated Marksman Rifles you can find here.

Sometimes this blunt sledgehammer of a rifle is just the best tool at their disposal. So it has made a mess of enemy troops on the regular and you can see the 50 BMG rifles in action on Youtube.

So what are the best 50 BMG rifles for sale in 2019? Here are our personal nominations and some of them are cheaper than you might think. And some of them aren’t…

Where To Buy a 50 .BMG Rifle

Let’s face it, a .50 Cal rifle falls outside the normal scope. So where do you buy a .50 BMG rifle? Well we have the answer.

So if you’re looking where to buy a single-shot .50 BMG or you want to buy military hardware, then check out this massive selection of .50 BMG rifles at our partner Euro Optic.

We have done the search for you, as part of the service, so the direct link takes you to the in-stock 50 BMG rifles you can buy right now. Mess with the search parameters and you’ll find more you can backorder.

7 Best 50 BMG Rifles For Sale in 2019 1

1. Accuracy International AX50

  • Price: $12,132.00
  • Caliber: .50 BMG
  • Barrel Length: 27 inch
  • Total Length: 44.8-55.7 inch
  • Weight: 26.5lb
  • Capacity: 5+1 Rounds

Barrett has become the face of the 50 BMG movement, but the Special Forces quite often take one of these bad boys into action. The Accuracy International AX50 is built for the best of the best, and now they will sell one to you and me too.

It’s  match-grade free floating 27 inch barrel and it’s absolutely set up like a sniper rifle, with that level of finesse rather than pure force. It’s a two stage adjustable trigger with a clean break between 3.3-4.4lb, depending on your preference.

The giant three-port muzzle brake does its best to control the violence and you’ll be surprised how little this rifle bounces back. The payload is devastating, but the operation is relatively delicate.

The weight absorbs most of the sheer force required to propel 750gr bullets at 2820 feet per second. Those rounds cost more than $6 each if you opt for the Hornady, so you need to make every one of them count…

The cheekrest is fully adjustable and you really should get over the top of the gun and use it like a conventional rifle.

For the full effect you’d want a serious 25x scope and spotters, because you can literally take aim from two miles with the Accuracy International AX50. People push them out to 1500 yards all the time.

Get closer, and this is an absolute cannon that could change the face of warfare. A few of these hitting the opposition and they’re pinned down, too far away to counter with typical weapons.

Back in the real world, this is just a really cool, really big gun that you could have a ton of fun with if you own a farm or have acres of land to call your own.

Or if you own a scrapyard, you could charge by the round, smash up some old cars and make an absolute fortune. Watch what it does here with incendiary rounds. It’s just wreckless and chldish fun.

Sane reasons to own the best 50 BMG rifles include humane culling of animals, because this thing is instant oblivion for anything other than the biggest of game. It could also be the ultimate bear and big game gun and ultimately home defense if SHTF.

At that weight, it’s going to be a pain to haul around. But if you want the ultimate 50 BMG rifle, then you’re looking at it right here.

The Special Forces take this into battle time and again and they’re prepared to put up with the weight for the sniper style performance when it matters.

This is just a badass rifle that operates like a smaller bolt action rifle. It’s stable as Hell, it can take a beating and deliver an even bigger one. What’s not to love?

You might not need an Accuracy International AX50 rifle for sale, but admit it, you want one…

Where to Buy Cheap .50 BMW Ammunition

There is no cheap .50 BMG ammo, but everything is relative and you can still save money if you know where to shop online for 50 .BMG rifles, parts & accessories and the all-important ammunition.

Now these are 600gr+ mortars and they cost money, but check these sites for the best prices we can find.

Barrett M107 50 BMG Gun rifle

2. Barrett M107A1 Rifle

  • Price: $11,914
  • Caliber: .50 BMG
  • Barrel Length: 20 inch
  • Total Length: 48 inch
  • Weight: 28.9lb
  • Capacity: 5+1 Rounds

The Barrett M107A1 rifle has become the semi-automatic rifle you subconsciously picture when you think of a .50 BMG rifle.

Some of you, especially veterans, will remember the Barrett 82A1 and we’ll get to that shortly. But the Barrett M107A1 is the new flasgship.

With a 20 inch fluted barrel, the Barrett M107A1 rifle doesn’t quite have the long distance accuracy of the AX50. But it’s still a devastating weapon that soldiers around the world have used to reduce buildings, vehicles and sometimes people to ashes. Barrett Firearms are simply a part of any war effort now.

The civilian version is basically the same and can still FUBAR a car without much effort. Or a bear. Or something bigger. The Barrett M107A1 rifle is a battle-proven warrior, rather than a surgical instrument. That versatility arguably makes it a better gun for you at home.

It probably has more battle miles on it than any other rifle, and if you don’t need the last word in precision and you just want a reliable workhorse of a big caliber blunderbuss, then this might be the one you’ll love the most.

This is a refined gun, too, and there are Youtube videos of them fitted with suppressors, firing flawlessly from glass tables. Really…

The trigger is heavy, the Cerakote receiver finish feels properly baked on, rather than shiny and nice. The frame is sturdy and you will struggle to break the Barrett M107A1 rifle.

It can keep shooting and was designed to pin down the likes of ISIS. So with the price of each round, it can probably cope with everything you’re planning to put through it.

But think about what you want when you buy a 50 BMG rifle online, before you hit buy.

If you’re going to plough shots into old cars and blow shit apart for your own entertainment at 1500 yards, that’s what the Barrett M107A1 rifle for sale is perfect for.

If you want to pick your shots and go long, the Accuracy International AX50 is the best .50 BMG rifle in the world.

7 Best 50 BMG Rifles For Sale in 2019 3

3. Noreen Firearms .50 BMG ULR 153-SB

  • Price: $2,350
  • Caliber: .50 BMG
  • Barrel Length: 34 inch
  • Total Length: 40 Inch
  • Weight: 32lb
  • Capacity: 1 Round

Noreen Firearms have made a simple, single shot, bomb-proof Ultra Long Range Rifle. It’s 34 inches of heavy barrel and bolt-action that can propel the heavyweight bullets a ridiculous distance.

This really is a tube, a striker system, a trigger, a bolt action and a support system. That’s it. This is a rifle stripped back to the absolute bare bones. And the Noreen Firearms single shot rifle still looks like it was built from scaffolding.

That’s why the bolt action Noreen Firearms .50 BMG ULR is our budget pick. It is as basic as it can be and that means it should be able to withstand the beating in the couple of weak points you’ll find on the rifle.

It gets a 1:15 twist rate in the barrel and it’s fitted with a triple-ported muzzle brake. The PDW-style collapsible buttstock actually absorbs some of the shock. It looks almost comical considering the impact of this beast and the sheer weight. But it kind of works.

Tha A2 pistol grip seems similarly inappropriate. This is just one big barrel with a few small parts hanging off it. But if you just want to scratch that 50 BMG rifle itch, then this is a great way to go about it.

7 Best 50 BMG Rifles For Sale in 2019 4

4. Barrett Model M99 Bolt Rifle

  • Price: $4,196.00
  • Caliber: .50 BMG
  • Barrel Length: 29 inch
  • Total Length: 47 inch
  • Weight: 25lb
  • Capacity: 1 Shot

If you just want to have fun with a 50 BMG, you want a durable rifle that will stand the test of time and you don’t need to the fast semi-automatic option, then the BArrett Model 99 Bolt could be the best 50 BMG rifle on sale in 2019.

It’s the bolt action, single-shot rifle version of the M107A1 with a slightly longer, heavy barrel. You get that outsized muzzle brake at the end of the barrel and the proprietary fan design that is surprisingly effective.

You get a match-grade trigger you can adjust between 5-7lb and a detachable bi-pod. That’s about it, apart from that pressure cooker of a barrel, but what else do you need in a single-shot rifle?

Barrett Firearms has pretty much made this space their own, apart from a few solid pretenders and fellow military suppliers. Inevitably, then, they’re going to have a few options to suit differing budgets and requirements in the .50 cal rifle sector. A semi-auto .50 BMG and a bolt action rifle are just the basics.

The Barrett Model 99 bolt action is the gun you need if you want to blow up toilets. Wait… What?

A 27 MOA picatinny rail sits up top and this bolt action rifle is engineered like girders more or less everywhere. Rock solid, bulletproof, these are all reassuring words and you need them when you’re trying to rein in this kind of power.

7 Best 50 BMG Rifles For Sale in 2019 5

5. Cadex Tremor 50BMG

  • Price: $8,214.99
  • Caliber: .50 BMG
  • Barrel Length: 29 inch
  • Total Length: 42.4-51.5 inch
  • Weight: 23.8lb

It feels a bit sarcastic to name this rifle the lightweight of the bunch. But it is.

The Cadex Tremor 50BMG comes from a competition shooter’s mindset, not a military one. So it’s just heavy enough to take the pounding, rather than overengineered not to fail in the heat of battle.

So this might actually be the 50 BMG that suits you best. Most of us aren’t going to mindlessly send $6.30 rounds into the side of cars all day. It would cost too much.

A lighter gun might not be built to fire for 24 hours straight, but if you’re not going to do that then you don’t need that kind of engineering. You need a 50 Cal shell you can place perfectly, into whatever you’re aiming at, and then you might stop for a proud moment of reflection.

If that’s you, the Cadex Tremor 50BMG rifle for sale will do you just fine. We like the Cerakote receiver, barrel, just about everything finish too.

7 Best 50 BMG Rifles For Sale in 2019 6

6. Barrett Model 82A1

  • Price: $8,846
  • Caliber: .50 BMG
  • Barrel length: 20 inch
  • Total Length: 48 inch
  • Weight: 30.9lb
  • Capacity: 5+1 Rounds

The Barrett Model 82A1 was the original Gulf War hero and it has carved out a reputation as one of the most recognizable firearms of the 20th Century.

It was the first semi-automatic, shoulder-fired sniper rifle that could take 50 BMG rounds. So the Barrett Model 82A1 swiftly became a legend in warzones around the world and tipped the balance of power in ugly hillside and urban skirmishes back into the special force’s hands.

It’s a bit much to call the Barrett Model 82A1 a gun that changed the world. This is no Colt M4 or AK-47, but it has given the troops overseas a new way to pin down the enemy with brutal coverfire at distances they simply can’t respond to.

The Barrett 82A1 50 BMG rifle did have a profound impact on Operation Desert Storm and the US military bought them especially for this kind of deep urban and desert combat. We like the grey cerakote receiver finish, but desert tan is there too.

It was the new kid on the block, the rookie, but that conflict turned the Barrett Model 82A1 into one of the faces of America’s superior firepower.

This gun took out radar stations, snipers, vehicles and even Light Armored Vehicles with the right ammunition. It is a Swiss Army Knife of pure demolition.

It has a rotating recoil operated bolt and you can order the longer 29 inch barrel if you want and turn this into an ultra long range rifle for sale.

The bi-pod collapses down and you get a carry handle, but you won’t be sprinting anywhere with this rifle. It’s heavy, it’s durable, the cerakote receiver finish alone probably weighs as much as a lightweight rifle, but then is is a weapon of mass destruction.

And one left-field alternative…

7 Best 50 BMG Rifles For Sale in 2019 7

7. M2 Browning Machine Gun

  • Price: $20,000
  • Caliber: 50 BMG
  • Barrel Length: 45 inch
  • Total Length:
  • Weight: 83.78lb and 127.87lb with tripod
  • Capacity: Belt-fed.
  • Rate of fire: 450-600 Rounds Per Minute

It’s not that often we can talk about an M2 Browning and not sound like complete lunatics, but these have been used to break sniper records and you know you want to own one.

It’s the gun that turned the helicopters of the Vietnam war into helicopter gunships. This was the weapon strafing the countryside with incendiary fire mounted on tanks, trucks, boats and choppers.

7 Best 50 BMG Rifles For Sale in 2019 8

It changed the face of warfare and if you have the right paperwork then you can actually buy one.

Where to buy an M2 Browning?

Check the auctions, which seem to be the richest source. But also specialist military surplus companies will be able to help you.

More than 6 million left the production line and while a lot of them are rotting in the farthest corners of the globe, lots of them are still alive and well.

That means prices aren’t nearly as bad as you might think and you can buy an M2 Browning for around $20,000.

SHTF 50 - The .50 BMG rifle for sale from Safety Harbor Devices

What happened to the Safety Harbor Firearms 50 BMG?

it always sounded ambitious to mount a .50 BMG upper on an AR-15, and so it proved. Safety Harbor Firearms cites BATFE related complications as the reason for cutting all .50 BMG rifle sales and uppers for the time-being.

We’d like to see them back and think they can develop the SHTF 50 rifle into a workable product. That’s a simple bolt-action, single shot 50 cal rifle with a beast of a four-port muzzle brake that had promise.

The mag-fed uppers always looked a bit strange,and the 50 BMG pistol was just unhinged.

But BATFE complications could be a code-word for the end of this interesting bolt-action rifle. Only time will tell…

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