9 Best 50 BMG Rifles – 2024

What is the best 50 BMG on sale in 2023? Come and see the best rifles from Barrett, Bushmaster, Accuracy International and more here.

Last Updated June 4th 2024

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Winners at a Glance

The Barrett M107A1 is the best 50 BMG rifle on the market, but there are plenty of solid choices.

Barrett Model M107

Barrett Model M107A1 Rifle

  • Overall Winner
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Accuracy International AX-50

Accuracy International AX-50

  • Best Sniper
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Barrett 82A1

Barrett 82A1

  • Best Battle Rifle
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Cadex Defense Tremor

Cadex Defense Tremor

  • Best Long Range Sport Rifle
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Armalite AR-50

Armalite AR-50

  • Low Budget Champion
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You have to be a special kind of person to really need the best 50 BMG rifles.

But then want and need are entirely different things. You might just want to tick that 50 Cal rifles box. You might want to know what it feels like to own the ultimate weapon.

Or you might have a compound in Arizona that you really want to keep trespassers off. Whatever your personal gig, this will be the jewel in the crown of a pretty epic collection.

These are anti-materials weapons, designed to take out brick walls, vehicles and even small buildings with the right Browning Machine Gun ammo.

And Where to Buy 50BMG Ammunition

Again, this special ammo is getting easier to find, but you can still save money compared to your local hgun store with these awesome links on numerous bullet type options. Hornady Match and Federal American Eagle are two names to look out for.

The Best 50 BMG Rifle in 2024

Barrett M107 50 BMG.. Get the best deals at America's favorite gunbroker.

1. Barrett M107A1 50 BMG

  • Price: $13,511.99
  • Barrel Length: 29 inch
  • Action: Semi automatic
  • Total Length: 48 inch
  • Weight: 28.7lb
  • Capacity: 10+1 Rounds

The Barrett M107A1 rifle has become the face of the movement in the United States and the star of civilian gun safes everywhere. This is the latest incarnation, the new Barrett Firearms M107A1.

The best-selling Barrett 50 BMG rifle is the new flagship and you can buy this gas operated semi automatic with your credit card in the online store. Apparently you even get a free hard case, which is nice.

With a 29 inch barrel of fluted steel up front, complete with a mil std Picatinny rail, this high price, high spec semi-automatic 50 Cal is a great rifle and pretty much the best gun here.

Buy an Accuracy International AX50 50BMG.

2. Accuracy International AX50

  • Price: $13,120.00
  • Caliber: 50 BMG
  • Action: Bolt
  • Barrel: 27 inch
  • Total Length: 44.8-55.7 inch
  • Weight: 26.5lb
  • Capacity: 5+1 Rounds

The Special Forces quite often take one of these along for the ride.

The AX50 gets a  free floating 27 inches of fluted barrel up front, optics rail up top and it’s absolutely set up like a 50 Cal sniper,

It’s a two-stage adjustable trigger pull with a clean break between 3.3-4.4lb, depending on your preference. And it’s fantastic.

Barrett Firearms 82A1 discount sale today.

3. Barrett Model 82A1

  • Price: $9,929.99
  • Caliber: 50 BMG ammo
  • Action: Semi Automatic
  • Barrel: 20 inch
  • Action: Semi Auto
  • Weight: 30.9lb
  • Capacity: 5+1 Rounds

The Barrett gas operated semi automatic 82A1 50 BMG semi-automatic rifle was the original Gulf War hero and it has carved out a reputation as one of the most famous guns of the 20th Century.

The Barrett Model 82A1 50BMG was the first shoulder-fired member of the family. So this Model 82A1 swiftly became a legend in warzones around the world andf with law enforcement that could justify this kind of firepower.

It is a semi-automatic rifle that changed history and the shorter barrel Barrett 82A1 CQB rifle, close quarters believe it or not, is deliciously ironic.

Aside from that, we love this Barret 50 BMG semi auto rifle. And you should get a Barret 82A1, while you still can…

Cadex Defense Tremor .50. Buy your big bore rifle today at the best gun store in the United States.

4. Cadex Defense Tremor

  • Price: $9,565.99
  • Caliber: 50 BMG Ammo
  • Barrel: 29 inch
  • Weight: 23.8lb

It feels a bit sarcastic to name this the lightweight champion at 23.8lb. But this precision rifle really is.

The match grade Cadex Tremor 50BMG comes from a competition shooter’s mindset, not a military, police point of view. So it’s just heavy enough to take the pounding of shooting sports, rather than overengineered not to fail in the heat of battle.

So this match-grade bolt rifle might actually suit you compared to the more tactical gear. Even the muzzle brake is relatively delicate, and yet also awesome.

Armalite AR-50 for sale. A low budget 50 BMG rifle with a tripod. It's a single shot starter rifle in this big caliber.

5. Armalite AR-50A1

  • Price: $3,999.99
  • Barrel: 30 inch
  • Total: 58.5
  • Weight: 34.1lb
  • Capacity: 1

Armalite might be known for inventing the AR-15, with the help of Eugene Stoner, but it does a mean line in big calibers too.

The original best-selling Armalite AR-50A1 bolt action was designed as a cost effective, economical big gun with a bunker busting octagonal receiver for added strength. Hobby shooting with this bullet wasn’t as big a thing back then, but the match-grade market today has grown and these precision rifles on a sort of budget are still popular.

Barrett Model M99 Rifle on sale now. We have the best prices and the best gun in stock.

6. Barrett Model 99

  • Price: $5,405.99
  • Barrel: 29 inch
  • Total: 47
  • Weight: 25lb
  • Capacity: 1 Shot

If you just want to have fun, then you want the durability of the Barrett Model 99 bolt action rifle.

It’s a simpler version of the Barrett Firearms Model M107A1 50 BMG rifle with a slightly longer, heavy barrel and a beast of a muzzle brake on the end.

You get a top trigger you can adjust between 5-7lb and a detachable bi-pod. That’s about it, but what else do you need?

Inevitably, then, Barrett has a few options to suit differing budgets and requirements. It goes well beyond black or Flat Dark Earth.

Stey Arms HS .50 Cal. One of the most copied, simplest 50 BMG bolt action rifles in the world. Buy yours here.

7. Steyr HS .50 M1

  • Price: $7,649.99
  • Action: Bolt action
  • Barrel length: 33 inch
  • Total Length: 58 inch
  • Weight: 28.5lb
  • Capacity: 5+1

The Steyr Arms Steyr HS .50 was a single shot bolt action rifle that has now gained a 5 round magazine thanks to the continued efforts of Steyr Arms.

Produced by Steyr Arms Mannilcher in Austria. Various Middle Eastern militia use these anti materials rifles and lax copyright laws mean there are a number of clones in Iran. But going to Iran to buy single shot rifles seems like a frivolous risk about now, so buyer beware and all that.

Serbu BFG-50. A new rifle that looks to compete on price and simplicity. Buy your big bore rifles at a big discount

8. Serbu Firearms BFG-50A

  • RRP: $2,499
  • Caliber: 50BMG
  • Action: Bolt
  • Total Length: 51.5 inch
  • Weight: 22lb

The Serbu BFG bolt action rifle is a domestic addition to the scene, despite the name. Serbu Firearms sounds Eastern European, but they’re based in Florida in the United States.

Now the Serbu BFG first broke cover in 2002 and delivery has been patchy. Still, technically you can buy the Serbu BFG single shot rifles and just revel in that shark brake muzzle device, screw on breech cap, 1:15 twist rate barrel and matte black finish synthetic furniture and metalwork. We kinda like the short picatinny rail on this single shot bolt action too.

These Serbu Firearms components look like gun parts & accessories you can make at home. They’re custom guns, but not as we know them.

Noreen Firearms ULR 153-SB For Sale - A heavy barrel and spring loaded brace. Not much else...

9. Noreen ULR 50 BMG

  • Price: $2,172.00 (Discontinued)
  • Action: Bolt Action
  • Barrel: 34 inch
  • Total Length: 40 Inch
  • Weight: 32lb
  • Capacity: 1 Round

Noreen made a simple, single shot bolt action rifle look spectacular with this Noreen Ultra Long Range precision rifle.

That’s 34 inch barrel, a Noreen Design triple port muzzle brake and a firing mechanism that can propel the heavyweight bullets a ridiculous distance. That’s it.

This really is a tube, trigger, matte finish synthetic stock and support system. That’s it. But these single shot rifles work.

Honorable Mentions

We like the Desert Tech HTI bullpup rifle and you can apparently order one from the site, but we just don’t see them on the open market. So yeah the Desert Tech HTI, which stands for Hard Target Interdiction, could be an option, theoretically.

The EDM Arms Windrunner was a great rifle and a legend in the precision shooting community. But the EDM Arms Windrunner is another long forgotten rifle that we just can’t sell you anymore. So yeah….

Also it will be a pain to find gun parts/rifle accessories for an EDM Arms rifle these days. So the cheap gun deals could turn into a money pit, fast.

The likes of the Barrett M95 is a legend, too, but that has been succeeded by the Barrett M99 single shot rifle and the likes of the Barrett M82A1 FDE 50 BMG for sale. Life goes on…

We also thought about the LAR Grizzly Big Boar, which actually features as a tranquilizer gun in Jurassic Park. But we haven’t seen one for sale since the early days of CGI Velociraptors and there’s like 375 of those movies now. So we have to accept the LAR Grizzly has gone the way of the, well, dinosaurs.

What is the best scope?

This round comes with some pretty exotic options for scopes, sights and targeting for field use and shooting sports. With a range of up to two miles, it’s safe to say we are well beyond iron sights with these precision rifles. You can use red dot sights, thermal scopes for night vision & more.

If you’re that way inclined you can check out the full laser targeted smart systems. But that’s beyond the budget and ambition of most enthusiasts and is really for military & law enforcement, as is night vision in most cases. Our gun accessories tend to be simpler budget scopes.

There are a few systems that come up time and again, so check these scopes out, get a feel for the price range and buy yours online right now.

The Trijicon ACOG is a favorite optic for the military precision rifles, but hobbyists tend to opt for a Vortex Razor.

50 BMG ammunition for sale here.

Where to Buy Cheap .50 BMG Ammo

There is nothing cheap here. Not guns, rifle ammo, gun parts, rifle parts & accessories, nothing. Even a new bolt carrier group is normal rifle weight and is priced more than accordingly.

But everything is relative and you can still save money if you know where to shop online for gun parts & accessories and the all-important ammunition you can get the best deals when you buy a gun online. Guns and ammo to be honest.

Now there are military grade BMG m33 ball 660gr FMJ mortars and they cost money, but check these sites for the cheaper and more standard 290 grain rounds for your weapon system. That’s a much more manageable bullet weight, but still a big lump of metal all the same.general 50 BMG ammunition just isn’t cheap. Know that going in…

The 50 BMG ammo is essentially scaled up 30-06 Springfield ammunition. But long range shooting sports have become an art and a science and the 750gr A Max Match ammo is, well, heavy.

The Hornady 50 BMG ammo has a bullet weight that is kind of hard to comprehend if you’re used to 9mm Luger. A 660 Grain FMJ might be your sweet spot, though and give you more money for gun parts & accessories, and ammo storage.

Armor isn’t an Issue

The Hornady 50 BMG FMJ 725 grain A-Max Match round is peak engineering, beneath armor piercing incendiary rounds anyway, and gives 2820fps of muzzle velocity. But this 50 BMG ammo also an eye popping $9 a round. So really think about how much Hornady 50 BMG cartridge cases you want to take to the range.

And maybe stock up on the lower grain if you spot a bargain. Lower grain FMJ can save you serious money, so look for rifle ammo deals, not just gun deals and shooting supplies.

You’ll generally find gun parts & accessories, scope rings, reloading supplies and more at the same outlets. Like we said, it’s still fairly specialist stuff at the moment.

And Don’t Forget 50 Cal Air Guns and Black Powder

If you’re not into the work that goes with powder, have you seen the new breed of break action air gun? They are absolutely insane.

You can get BBs that shoot 50 Cal shot, arrows, just about anything to be honest. These big BB guns are nowhere near as efficient, but they are fun. Also, they make a legit case as survival gear as they’ll fire almost anything.

They’re legal everywhere, cheaper than dirt and fun to shoot. No FFL transfer required and a lot look like an old-school side-by-side shotgun. Organize the price low to high, find a bargain, then organize the ratings high to low and don’t buy a lemon…

Check out our post on Big BBs here and buy one today.

Also, black powder muzzleloaders are technically 50 cal, but it’s not 50 BMG ammo. Not even close..

So if you want to say you shoot 50 Cal but have a few hundred dollars, not thousands, then you can get a black powder rifle that is basically an evolution of the old school musket.

We would again like to point out, though, that a 50 cal black powder rifle and a 50 BMG ammo firearm are very different animals. But black powder muzzleloaders are fun.

Look at the Century Arms Centurion and some of these others if the Century Arms doesn’t do it for you.

Smaller Calibers You Can Buy

338 Lapua Magnum might be the round you really wanted after all. M33 ball 50 Cal is some heavy shit. But you might have old 500 Weatherby Magnum rifle ammunition lying round, too, which will save you money with your big bore rifle hunting.

The other old favorite, 300 win mag, is worth a look too. You’ll definitely get one without a lead time too. 308 Win Mag as well, is a popular and much cheaper option for shooting supplies and home defense firearms.

While we’re here we’ve got posts on guns, handguns, pistols, revolvers, rimfire ammo, reloading supplies, and just about everything else. And gun accessories, scope rings, cleaning kits and hearing protection. Not fly fishing, we don’t have fly fishing stuff. Just big bore rifle accessories in the gun store and rifles & shotguns…

Some air guns are technically 50 cal and the gun deals are better, but the guns are nothing like a 50 BMG rifle…

You can get the latest deals on rifles & shotguns direct to your email address. Just leave your email address in the sidebar sign up.

And How’s About a Concealed Carry Pistol?

Now a 50 Cal is fun for long range shooting, and the Smith & Wesson SW500 is a laugh riot. But Browning Machine Gun ammo, well, it’s not quite a personal defense weapon is it? So you need something like a Sig Sauer P365 or Springfield Amory Hellcat?

Then we are an online gun store selling everything from 50 BMG bolt action rifles, lever action rifles through to custom gun, pistols, revolvers, semi auto handguns etc. We have those, semi auto rifles, lever action rifles and precision rifles in current stock. We’re the Best Buy of guns, maybe.

50 BMG bolt action rifles & Lever action rifles are great, by the way, and pump action shotguns are fun too. But you already know how great pump action shotguns are for home defense, especially with quality red dot sights….


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  15. You forgot one of the great rifles. Iver and Johnson A.M.A.C aka Ultimate Accuracy 5100. This weapon was built in the early 80’s utalizing information that Carlos Halthcock used to develope a .50bmg rifle system on hill 21 in Vietnam. the military gave several specifications for builders to conform to. this monster was the result. Major John Plaster references this monster in Several articles in both of his The Ultimate Sniper books. He claims it is exceptionally accurate. and bullet proof. I also recall seeing information of the rifles history in the “The complete .50bmg sniper rifle course” a hard target interdiction manual. It served with the US forces in several conflicts and was replaced by the Barrett because of its cyclic rate. the 5100 is far more accurate. its only downfall is its heavy front bipod that digs into the dirt when fired. if you dont pay attention to this your accuracy will suck.

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