California Raises Gun Tax

The California Legislature has passed a new 11% tax on all gun related purchases in the State.

As if California wasn’t restrictive enough, now it means to tax gun owners to death. But the rules don’t come into force until July 2024, so it’s time to stock up now.

As much as California will let you stock up…

It’s Not a Penalty, Government Says…

“This tax is a modest and reasonable excise tax on sellers whose lawful and legitimate commercial activity still imposes enormous harmful externalities on California’s families, communities, and taxpayers,” the Family Violence Law Center wrote in support of the measure.

“This bill is not intended to penalize firearm sellers or otherwise discourage lawful firearm sales and commerce whatsoever. . . It would stop shootings, save lives, and make California a better, safer place.”

The bill is expected to raise more than $159 million in annual revenues, which the State says will go to violence reduction programs.

I mean maybe it will…

What Guns Are California Legal?

California has some of the strictest gun laws in place already and there are really only a handful of weapons you can buy.

AR-15s have been horribly emasculated for California regs, magazine sizes are strictly limited and there’s a small pre-approved list of handguns that you can opt for.

Now even the ones you can buy will be more expensive.

So you could move to Texas. That would be our advice.


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