Chaos Erupts at Vallejo Takeover: Burnouts, Brawls and Gunfire

Vallejo’s sleepy Sunday was shattered when a local sideshow spun out of control on February 25th, 2024. The scene unfolded at Springs Road and Rollingwood Drive where crowds performed burnouts and effectively barracading the intersection.

Disaster struck when a jacked-up white pickup truck collided with a Mustang. The crash led to the truck being swarmed and savagely vandalized by irate sideshow-goers. The driver’s escape to a nearby 7-Eleven for refuge turned dire as he was pursued, cornered, and brutally attacked, sustaining both gunshot and stab wounds in a shocking outbreak of violence.

Looters also ransacked the 7-Eleven, and stole everything from cigarettes to Lotto tickets, with the store manager pegging the losses at over $10,000. This violent spree has left Vallejo residents reeling and fearful for their safety, as one witness lamented, witnessing “destruction and chaos and violence in my own neighborhood ā€“ a block away. Iā€™m tired of it!”

Now we don’t want to sound old and crotchety, but these takeover events are getting totally out of hand. Shootings, injuries and serious vehicle damage are the norm, now. And it’s just getting worse. You really don’t have to look too hard for takeover parties gone wrong on Youtube…

It’s probably just yet another sign of society falling apart that kids think it’s fine to drift round public roads and crash into each other for fun. But the way they react to normal civilians getting in their way means you really do need to carry a gun. It’s just that simple.

These are not ‘kids being kids’. These are feral, poorly raised and maladjusted human beings carrying weapons. You need to plan and act accordingly, we’re sad to say. And that means staying strapped.


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