ZEV Technologies Prizefighter. Custom Glock

ZEV Technologies Prizefighter, cheap Agency Arms


ZEV Technologies Prizefighter Review

Price: $1700

We all love Agency Arms’ modified Glocks, but they’re seriously expensive. So, have a look at this. The ZEV Technologies Prizefighter is a worthy rival to the best-selling Glock parts & accessories giant.

Rainier has a section where you can ‘Make an Offer’. It’s on the homescreen and one of the things that jumped out at us was this totally modified Glock G17 Gen 4.

Almost $2000 of Custom Glock

The retail price is more than $1900, Check this list for custom Glocks that cost well over $2000.

It’s totally pimped, a similarly specced Agency Arms gun would cost approximately $3000, because this really is full Urban Combat spec with a bronze barrel. It’s threaded for a suppressor, it looks the absolute tits.

ZEV Technologies put serious work into each and every gun, too, stripping it down to the frame before rebuilding the perfect Glock Gen 4.

You get a new slider and match grade barrel from stainless steel that reduces weight and recoil and it’s finished with PVD and DLC for durability and a smooth motion.

RMR Plates Becoming Popular

It comes with an RMR cut that lets you fit a Trijicon RMR, or you can cover it with an adapter plate.

The frame is highly modified and you get a fully textured handguard, an undercut trigger guard for a high grip and a ZEV trigger set.

The Glock Gen 4 is a great gun, but the trigger is spongey and vague.  That’s hardly a revelation.

This new ZEV trigger set features a fulcrum trigger that is much crisper and you can set it according to your own preference. It has a short travel, which again is fully adjustable, and you get an oversized mag release.

In short, it’s 95% of the  gun that the Agency Arms Urban Combat is, for a much more acceptable price.

So, make a cheeky offer. You never know!

Buy your ZEV Technologies Prizefighter, for a bargain price, now. And wonder why it took you so long to buy guns online.

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