SHOT Show 2024 Highlights

The 46th SHOT Show has just closed the doors in Las Vegas. And while the industry is under fire, it continues to grow with record attendance numbers and a series of awesome new product launches.

The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show packed in to The Venetian and Caeser’s Forum over four days. More than 55,400 industry professionals and enthusiasts packed the halls, the invite only first day at the range and the live action areas.

Manufacturer launches are always a big part of the annual SHOT Show and this year was a doozy. Here are our top picks from the show.

Daniel Defense H9 pistols launched at SHOT Show

1. Daniel Defense H9

  • Price: $1,299.99

The real surprise with the Daniel Defense H9 is that we’ve seen it before.

The company has built on the design of the old Hudson H9, which promised so much and yet underdelivered in terms of reliability and replacement parts.

If the makers of some of the best AR-15s on the market has figured out the recipe, though, then this could be a brilliant new take on a 9mm handgun.

This is a hybrid of a 1911 and a striker-fired pistol, combining the best of both worlds. It has a crisp and light trigger, a low bore axis, and a sleek design.

It offers Glock capacity, match-grade accuracy and incredible repeatability thanks to the low bore axis that brings the major components in line.

FN Reflex micro compact 9mm pistol.

2. FN Reflex Micro Compact

  • Price: $499.99

The FN Reflex hopes to mark itself apart from the micro-compact 9mm crowd with an internal hammer, rather than the standard striker fired pistol approach.

Is a better trigger pull enough of a USP to make it in this ultra competitive market? It might be…

Check out the best micro compact pistols here.

Oracle Arms 2311. A next gen, lightweight 1911 that is new for 2024.

3. Oracle Arms 2311

  • Price: $2,199.99

It is an aluminum framed 2011 that runs on Sig P320 magazines, or it’s the next generation of handgun, however you want to look at it.

After a troubled start, Oracle Arms is now ironing out the early issues with reliability and manufacturing. The 2024 SHOT show launch is basically a second coming, but the early reports are that this gun is finally ready to deliver.

Essentially it’s a lightweight 2011 without a beavertail grip safety, a linkless barrel design and other bonuses. Competitive shooters are starting to adopt them and you should take a look.

Laugo Alien pistol a new look at 9mm handguns

4. Laugo Arms Alien

  • Price: $5,500

This is a futuristic-looking pistol that has a fixed barrel and a gas-delayed blowback system, resulting in low recoil and high accuracy. It has a 4.8-inch barrel, a steel frame, and a polymer grip. It also has a top-mounted iron sight, a quick-change slide, and a modular trigger.

Now the price is insane, but the tech is intriguing. And it has been well received by gun enthusiasts and serious target shooters.

The Glock 48 MOS is ready to buy

5. Glock 49

  • Price: $539.99

Do we need another Glock model? Probably not, but this is just the Austrian manufacturer covering every base with a slimline single stack carry gun that isn’t the G48.

It has a 3.41-inch barrel, a polymer frame, and a nDLC-coated slide. It also has a built-in beavertail, a front serration, and a Glock Marksman Barrel.

So it’s almost the same as a lot of other Glocks, and yet it’s slightly different.


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