HK SP5 For Sale: Where To Buy Yours – 2024

H&K SP5 for sale, the iconic 9mm SMG is back for 2023.

HK SP5 For Sale

  • Base Price: $2,999.99
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 30+1
  • Threaded Barrel: 8.86 inches
  • Weight: 5.1lb
  • Magazine capacity: 30+1 Rounds
  • Return Travel: .12 inches
  • Trigger Travel: .24 inches

Where to Buy a HK SP5 9mm Pistol

HK aren’t just expensive, they can be seriously frustrating to find in the first place. So to save endless hours of surfing, here are direct links to our favorite dealers.

If none of them have one, there just isn’t one. But we think you’re about to get lucky and find your HK SP5 for sale

We have dutifully included the H&K SP5 9mm in every ‘best of’ list going in recent times, while noting that nobody actually seemed to have one in stock. Especially in the final throes of the SP5K 9mm pistol these days.

The new gun, with the navy barrel with threaded tri-lug adapter, a paddle mag release etc, has bought the SP5 loaded into line with consistent military and civilian styling. And it’s easier to buy a gun online now.

They were basically as rare as rocking horse shit. They still can be at times. Once you have one, it’s awesome. Getting one though, can be a royal PITA.

Unless you’re here, and you’re prepared to pay a little more than the recommended retail price, because, frankly, you’re tired of waiting and you want your damned gun…

Is it The Best 9mm SMG?

The HK SP5 for sale is the best SMG in history, quite possibly, and has been into action with the likes of the SAS, Navy SEALs and many more. They love the feel of the MP5 submachine gun spec with select fire.

It is also one of the best submachine guns in the world in fully automatic form, as voted for by the elite special forces, counter terrorist units and SWAT teams around the world.

What is the Heckler & Koch SP5 Range?

A good reflex sight on this and you can take aim up to 200 meters, and be pretty sure you’re going to nail the target.

The long distance accuracy really is scary good, although obviously the stock HK SP5 pistol 9mm is no AR-15 rifle.

It’s not really meant for that life. This is a weapon of war, particularly urban warfare where the compact nature of the HK SP5 9mm pistol is a real asset. It’s a great option for home defense in the United States, general shooting at the range and just as an awesome thing to own for the rest of your life.

A Gun We Will Remember Forever?

It’s an icon, one of the most famous guns of all time, and it will be remembered long after it is gone. The gun reviews and user reviews online absolutely love this thing. Not one of them says it isn’t good value and at this price, that’s something in itself.

What is the HK Roller-Delayed Blowback Operating System?

The system is sometimes confused with the Roller Locked system, but they’re different things. It’s a rare system and only a few manufacturers have dared to go this way, even though it has been us since WWII.

It’s a system that the industry agrees is designed and manufactured to meet improved standards of accuracy and reliability. It’s all win then? Not quite…

The system does limit your loads to a narrow weight band, but that’s less of an issue with pistol 9mm, especially for the military that tend to standardize. So for this pistol developed by Heckler & Koch, it makes perfect sense.

This video explains it better than we ever could, so enjoy it if you’re into this kind of detail stuff. This is the heart of the semiautomatic Civilian Sporting Pistol and the authentic sporting version.

The new SP5 was developed by Heckler & Koch as a semiautomatic pistol that matches up to the best in the world. It’s certainly close…

HK SP5 Parts & Accessories For Sale

It’s a 9mm that can hang on a sling, or you can fit a telescopic or folding stock to it and turn it into an absolute beast. The civilian version of the MP5 is just as good as the full auto.

You can also buy 40-round magazines for your HK SP5 and 9mm ammo to give this pocket monster an added sting in the tail. Or smaller magazine capacity with 10 rounds, depending on your jurisdiction and requirements.

Put the right red dot up top and this is about as operator as pistols get. That threaded tri-lug adaptor and slap mag release are way more famous than they should be, for instance.

Fill it With the Best 9mm Ammo

Seriously, fill this thing with the best 9mm hollow point and you have a total weapon of mass destruction on your hands, depending on capacity.

9mm has taken over as the self-defense round of choice, which has brought great strides in the ballistics technology.

The barrel length on the HK means you’re really looking at a short-range, self-defense gun, that’s it’s main window. So the 9mm Luger makes a lot of sense,

Fill this with cheap ammo and it’s a faithful, low recoil range toy that does a surprisingly good job in terms of accuracy and repeatability.

Can You Still Buy the H&K SP5K 9mm Pistol?

Yes, you can still buy a gun online and we like the stubbier and retro looking SP5K 9mm with the classic elastic bungee sling at the rear that reduces fatigue. Not through official channels, but there are still box fresh versions of the 4.43 inch barrel SP5 9mm pistol sporting version that you might just want more.

Don’t think you’ll save money going for last season’s H&K SP5 9mm Luger and clever gun deals, though. The curious blend of blocky styling and retro tubes, picatinny rail and sling are still fantastically popular.

In fact the Heckler & Koch MP5 is arguably the most imitated Pistol Caliber Carbine platform in the world. There are lots of clones out there, some are a pretty good copy and one day we’ll cover the best ones. But for now, we’re sticking to the originals.

Alot of people like the smaller footprint, iconic rear sight and front sights combo, and even the magazine release of the old gun.

The short barrel, the fact it sits so comfortably on a bungee sling and the lethal accuracy and reliability have made the military version even more popular than the Heckler & Koch SP5.

The Old Gun is Prettier

The consumer-grade semi auto Heckler & Koch SP5K PDW 9mm pistol and the legendary MP5 used to have a lot of differences, and we still like the old semi-automatic pistol compared to the new HK SP5 pistol. Visually at least.

The styling is just perfect, retro chic SMG that is a subtle homage to the old world MP40 SMGs that were standard issue in World War II with the classic iron sights and shorter barrel.

The H&K SP5 9mm semiautomatic Civilian Sporting Pistol (Hence SP in the name) marks the return of the legendary HK radial blowback operating system that first surfaced on the HK G3 rifle for sale.

It also has a fluted chamber for enhanced extraction reliability. It also has that velvet smooth trigger.

Now You Want a 9mm MP5 Instead?

You can still buy Heckler & Koch MP5 machine gun right now as used by military and Law Enforcement the world over. But you will need the SOT/Class III firearms license and then there’s the small matter of the price tag for that select fire switch.

Now you’ll spend more than $50,000 for a great MP5. But if you’ve got that and the paperwork, just add to cart…

If you’ve got the funds and you want these close quarters combat legends produced in Heckler & Koch’s Oberndorf factory in SouthWest Germany, head to Gunbroker.

Modern Alternatives

Now it’s a great gun, but the HK is very expensive. That’s why this semi-automatic version of the Heckler & Koch MP5 is arguably the most imitated Pistol Caliber Carbine in the world.

So you might want to look at the options with other 9mm AR pistols and the modern AAC 300 Blackout pistols.

So you’ve got the likes of the CZ Scorpion Evo 3, Angstadt Arms and others. They all provide very real competition in shooting sports and for defense. As does the B&T GHM9, a budget alternative to the H&K.

Daniel Defense, the Sig Sauer Rattler, Smith & Wesson and Battle Arms Developments are all waiting for your money with the best AR pistols in 5.56 NATO and 300BLK.

Clone Wars

You can pick up a pretty good copy of the MP5 for much less money if you’re willing to look at the likes of Zenith Firearms and spend the spare cash on optics & accessories. There are lots of clones out there, and we will get on to that post soon.

PSA could also sell you about 7 of their 9mm AR pistols for one high price, high spec HK. Organize the price low to high and you could probably find even better bargains.

But the trigger pull weight feels different and the rate of fire isn’t quite the same.

They offer a different system and a much lower price tag than the Heckler & Koch SP5. But then you already knew that, and here you are anyway. Sooooooo, do what you want, we guess…

But the Heckler & Koch SP5 is the archetype of the genre, the definition of a civilian pistol and you really want to slap that paddle magazine release. You know it, too.

Check Out These Other Posts

If you’ve made it this far, then well you might like to look at some alternatives, because you’re a big reader and we like that about you.

So have a look here if you want to check out the alternatives to the high price, high spec 9mm pistol that law enforcement agencies and military units prefer, go here.

A lot of these are better for concealed carry, and are so much cheaper than a Heckler and Koch SP5 9mm pistol, semi auto, you can buy red dot sights with the change.

Where to Buy Gun Parts & Accessories

If you’re looking for a wide variety of gun deals, a black polymer folding brace, gun cases, rifle scopes, muzzle devices or an easily installed elastic sling, we can help more than your local sporting goods store.

Well, Brownells can help with gun parts, shotgun parts, Heckler & Koch H&K accessories & parts etc, gun cleaning supplies, knives & tools. But we can point you to them, which is something.

So we’re still helping with gun accessories. Kind of.

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