10 Best Gun Safes For Sale Online in 2020

Get the best gun safe online in 2020. Buy fire resistant, secure safe with electronic lock for your home. Secure your guns, and save your family.

As a responsible gun owner, you need to keep your weapons locked up. If you don’t, one day you’re probably going to regret it. But what are the best safes for sale in 2020?

Check the Sales First

We pride ourselves on keeping on top of prices for the top sellers, but you never know when there’ll be a great safe at the right price. So here are some live links to sales at our favorite dealers. They’re worth checking for special offers before you buy…

Save Your Guns, a Gun Fire and You.

The best safes on the market don’t just keep your guns away from the wrong hands. They also protect your entire gun collection, and your bullets, from fire. Gun fire is good. Gun fires can be really bad.

Your metal security cabinet can even save your personal information from thieves, or family heirlooms from a natural catastrophe. It could happen…

Look for up to one hour of fire resistance, biometric or combination locks and electronic locks.

Buy a Safe Online With Space For the Family

Like houses, you have to buy the safe your family of guns can grow into, rather than the house you need right now. Because you do need a semi-auto mag fed shotgun, or that 6.5 Creedmoor Designated Marksman Rifle. Maybe a 9mm rifle? You know you do.

If you like to buy guns online, again you’re a good person, but you know that you’re going to need some breathing room in your safe. It’s that or a modular system and multiple boxes, which gets more expensive and yet does offer benefits when it comes to your organization.

Still, buy a safe or a system with space for more guns and sporting goods, a good electronic lock and a mechanical locking system. The jury is out on biometric safes and we’ll explain why we’re not backing biometric safes just yet in a while.

Hidden Safes are Potential Life Savers

You need one main safe, depending on the size and layout of your property and the amount of guns you have. Then you can position single gun vaults, a large handgun safe or even hidden safes/ gun vaults, in tactical areas.

Here are the best for sale in 2020 and a great way to spend some gift cards if you have them.

Snap Safe Gunsafe - Protect your guns with this extra large, fireproof safe with electronic lock. Buy discount gun safes today



1. SnapSafe XXL Super Titan Double Door Safe

  • Price: $3,099.99
  • Number of guns: 56 gun capacity
  • Exterior dimensions (Inches): 59 x 46 x 30
  • Weight (lb): 900

This is one of the slickest safes we’ve seen, and you can move it piece by piece and assemble it in 30 minutes without any tools beyond the wrench in the pack.

Suddenly, you have a lined, thick steel, immovable safe in your house that you can strip and move in an hour. That’s a gun fire resistant, everything resistant safe with an electronic lock, that you can move. That’s hot. Installation services can be expensive after all.

The SnapSafe Titan Double Door is a portable, 900lb safe with two-layer, 2-ply 9 gauge steel exterior walls. An hour of protection from fire and temperatures up to 1260 degrees Centigrade, 14 1-inch thick chrome live locking bolts.

An EMP proof electronic keypad and a mechanical opening, it’s all there. You know it has a solid fire rating, too, and California DOJ approved. It would be stupid if it wasn’t.

Biometric vs Digital Gun Safe, What is Best?

It comes with a keypad entry system that we still think is the best option. Your guns and firearms training are useless if you can’t get them and gun owners tend to be conservative by nature. So biometric scanners still give us cause for concern…

There’s something about a safe with an electronic key lock that is just, well, simpler. But biometric safes are getting better all the time and we’ve got some here for you too.

Once the SnapSafe Titan is up, you have a 900lb fortress with space for 56 long guns. That’s enough for any outdoor living enthusiast. Well, most of you…

Custom Gun Safe For Your Collection

Now you can tailor this safe to suit your personal collection. The modular layout can change to suit your collection and additional racks and shelves are all available.

Gun storage is just the start and you can have separate compartments for ammunition, fishing clothing and tackle, knives, tools, whatever you want to protect like a child really. Safes, gun safes, gun collections, hobbies, you do you…

The door is solid steel and a deadbolt runs down the hinge side. So, once it’s locked, the door won’t come off even if someone cuts the hinges off. A mechanical lock like this really is a thing of beauty up close, too. It’s like modern art, for men.

Prybar Resistance is Kind of Expected

It’s sledgehammer and prybar resistant, it comes pre-drilled so you can bolt it to the floor and the Magnesium Oxide panels protect against moisture and mold, as well as fire.

It’s that kind of attention to detail that make this the best safe for sale in 2020.

An Hour of Fire Safe Protection is Huge

Fire safe protection is an often-overlooked factor and you can get cheaper safes. But, if your house goes up in flames, so will your guns and your ammunition…

An hour of fire protection up to should be enough for the emergency services to come and get a blaze under control, even in the worst case scenario.

So, with the SnapSafe XXL Super Titan Double Door, you’re basically guaranteeing you can save your guns and your valuables with thick steel and modern technology.

It is not cheap, but this extra large safe will last for a lifetime. You already know it will pay for itself many times over with protection and peace of mind.

The SnapSafe XXL Super Titan Double Door is the top pick in an awful lot of reviews online. There’s a good reason for that.

When you’re ready to buy a gun safe online and you want the best home security safe there is, costs be damned, this is it…

Lock Box, 24 Gun Box and Vault Doors. SnapSafe Has em All

SnapSafe is owned by Hornady, which knows a thing or two about firearms. It has a full line of personal safes, from a simple lock box through to high price high ticket gun storage. Check Brownells for a full selection of safes, gun safes accessories and more here:

Liberty 48 Gun Safe For Sale. Fire resistant to 1,400C, 12 gauge steel and it's a safe with electronic keypad access. Buy yours today.

2. Liberty Safe 48 Guns

  • Price: $1,299.99
  • Capacity: 48 Long Gun capacity
  • Exterior Dimensions: 60.5 x 42 x 25 inch
  • Weight: 610lb

The Liberty Safe is basically a legend in the firearms industry. It is universally loved, both for the price, the feature list and vast experience making indestructible metal boxes that only you can access.

The Liberty Safe is a thing of beauty. The traditional black powder finished case comes with the chrome finished 3-spoke handle. It all looks like an old West safe, until you see that TopLit SecuRam E-Lock electronic key lock.

The Indestructible Safe?

The steel is 12 gauge, and you get a 40 minute fire rating at 1200 Degrees Centigrade. This safe is UL listed for Residential Security safe approval, so it’s a safe bet in most states. Even Commie states with horrible gun laws.

Watch just how much abuse a Liberty Safe can take here:

Liberty Safe offer smaller safes too and you can choose everything from a 12-gun to a 50-gun safe. For a range of options, check these direct links:

Stack-On Elite 51-69 Gun Safe for sale. An incredibly large and versatile safe that will protect your guns against intruders and fire.

3. Stack-on Elite 51-69 Guns

  • Price: $1,319.99
  • Fire protection: 30 Mins at 1,400C
  • California Compliant: Yes
  • Capacity: 51-69 Long Gun capacity Fireproof Safe
  • Exterior Dimensions: 59.1 x 43 x 28.5 inch
  • Weight: 703lb

Stack-on has been in the gun safety business since 1972, and it has learned a few things along the way. You get the creamy benefits of that with the Stack-On Elite series.

You get 10 locking points, including 7 1.5″ thick live action bolts and 3 dead bolts for complete infallibility. Theoretically anyway. The Stack-on Elite is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device, so it’s good anywhere.

The walls are two-ply 12 gauge steel filled with flame retardant material. You can get the lesser Stack-on Armorguard, but the Elite is the gun fireproof safe you want. If you can afford it. If not, the Stack-on Armorguard is great too.

When the door stripping gets hot, like fire hot, it expands and sacrifices itself to form a seal and keep the safes, fire and smoke separate. Like a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save the platoon, and yet different.

Browning SP23 Sporter Safe. A great gun safe with space for 23 long guns. Get an Elock, California-grade security and 60 minute fire resistance.

3. Browning SP23 Sporter Safe

  • Price: $1,239.99
  • Capacity: 23 Long Gun capacity
  • Exterior: 58x30x20″

The Browning Sporter is another top rated closet-sized safe with 60 minute fire protection. Does that make it a fire proof safe? It’s pretty much as close as you’ll get for this kind of money.

It could certainly save you from the wrong kind of gun fire, that could cost you thousands of dollars and an emotional fight with your home insurance. That peace of mind is worth having.

It’s a solid gun safe with electronic keypad access and that trusty mechanical lock and wheel. That’s a SecuRam electronic access point, which has been proven time and again.

The 12-gauge steel security comes with a 1″ thick formed door with all the usual prybar resistance and what Browning calls a Force Deflector lock system.

Give your gun fire protection and ensure that your guns are secure, protected and easily accessible when the time comes.

Cannon Gun Safe 16.3ft - One of the best gun safes for sale online

4. Cannon Executive

  • Price: $584.99
  • Capacity: 24 long gun capacity
  • Exterior dimensions (Inches): 60 x 26 x 18 
  • Weight: 338lb

If you need the best safe in your bedroom and you only want one, then this is just about the right size for a solid gun collection. It comes with a great fire rating, you get a combination lock and the customer service on eBay is starting to rival major stores.

Ebay has some real quality safes available, new, at the right price. This one comes with four locking bolts and two more interior bolts that further boost security. The door is 12 gauge steel and this is a California compliant safe, which is about as safe as it needs to be.

Keycode Entry Systems Are Safer?

The mechanical locking mechanism is stunning in its own right, although it isn’t a match for our  winner, Again we stuck with a safe with an electronic lock, rather than  a biometric safe. Why? We think people trust them more, and they will last a lot longer.

Modern tech tends to get replaced and fingerprint lock gun safes will give way to retinal scanners. New arrivals hit us all the time. A keypad entry safe, though, is a classic that will be with us for a while.

Easy Access is a Good Thing

Unless you’re hoarding an arsenal of weapons, this safe should be enough for you to hold them all, plus ammunition. That’s when fire protection becomes a matter of life and death.

There is a long gun section and you can fit your own modular parts or use the shelves to store ammunition and create a separate pistol safe. But most of us need a rifles safe and this does the job.

If you are hoarding an arsenal, or you want a separate pistol safe, you might need another. Really, this is enough for the casual outdoor living type.

At this price, though, you can get two of them without too much trouble. They’re fire safe, they’re relatively subtle and you can put them in a mind-blowing number of places.

30 Minute Fire Rating

You get a 30-minute fire rating, too, which honestly isn’t bad for a safe with electronic lock access in this price range. That is a good, fire resistant safe that isn’t just suitable to protect and contain your guns and ammunition in the event of a fire.

If money is an issue, then this is our top pick for a budget gun safe and it tends to do well in gun safe reviews online as well. The locking mechanism is solid, it does the job well and it does offer some fire resistance. At this price, that’s all you can really ask for.

SecureIt Answer Ultralight Model 12 Pro gun safe for sale. Get a California compliant, New York, just about anywyhere compliant gun safe for sale.

5. SecureIt Answer Ultralight Model 12 Pro

  • Price: $1,784
  • Capacity: 12 Gun capacity
  • Exterior Dimensions (Inches): 59-7/8″x 36″ x 18″
  • Weight: 390lb

The SecureIt Answer Ultralight Model 12 Pro is a lightweight, yet heavy-duty safe for 12 long guns.

This fully welded safe is hundreds of pounds lighter than some of the opposition, which counts in an apartment or upstairs in your house.

It will also give you options. Find the best location for your guns and get it there with minimal fuss.

You get a Securam Lock and Keypad entry system. A black powder coat finish and floor mounting bolt system all add to the security.

A Cement Sandwich of a Safe

SecureIt’s USP, though, is that it actually makes hard as coffin nails safes. Two steel walls, sandwiching a layer of cement.

That gives you real fire protection and takes this safe for sale well beyond the realms of the standard Residential Security Containers that often weigh the same.

Some safes use drywall and flame retardant materials. It works, but cement is just hard as hell. It was the original safe foundation and SecureIt continues that tradition to this day.

This is a secure safe that will last a lifetime, and it looks pretty sweet too.

Horandy Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker for sale with a rebate. Get the best  safes to secure your guns, California compliant, here.



6. Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker

  • Price: $279.97
  • Capacity: 2 Gun Capacity
  • Exterior Dimensions: 42 x 15.25 x 6.75
  • Weight: 50lb

If you want a rifles safe in every room then you don’t always need major capacity.

You want something inconspicuous, quick access, that can slot in next to a cupboard and basically hide. You might even want to fix it horizontally under your bed and the Hornady Rapid AR Gunlocker was basically made for that.

It’s a modular gun locker that can either stack, or stand or lie alone. Rifle safes can be used for any combination of AR pistol, full size handguns and whatever else you’d like to throw in there.

They can all be locked, loaded and ready to go in strategic points of the house and a basic kit, available to you in several places, could be literally a lifesaver. If you have a safe with electronic quick access accessible, you have a fighting chance and then some.

Quick Access With RFID

Hornady supplies the same RFID access tags that mean you get keyless entry, much like with your car. As long as you’re wearing the tag or swipe it next to the safe, then the Hornady Security RAPid system will open the safe for you.

That system could fall apart when you lose the tag. We all know that, but there’s a separate electronic access key lock too. You can buy separate RFID bracelets, keyfobs and just about everything else.

Hornady customer service is legendary too, but we always like to see a safe with electronic lock access you can’t just lose.

It’s not 60-minute fire rated, or any minute, but then you can’t have everything in this world.

Get a hidden gun safe on your wall with the Tactical Walls Concealment Shelf for sale. Buy gun safes at discount prices at the USA Gun Shop.

7. Tactical Walls Concealment Shelf

  • Price: $392.99
  • Capacity: 1 Long Gun Capacity + Others
  • Exterior Dimensions (Inches): 35.25 x 5 x 10.25
  • Weight: 6lb

Not everybody wants a blatant gun cabinet in their living room that screams fire safe and Bat signal. But you can keep a full kit inside what looks like a normal shelf.

It’s a high price, high spec gun safe that disappears until you need it.

A discreet drop-down, foam-lined cavity has space for an AR-15, several handguns and mags, even a shotgun. It’s a solid gun capacity. You get a foam insert you can cut to your liking, too, so your guns don’t drop to the floor when you open the shelf.

RFID Access With Swipe Card

There are two hidden locks with RFID-enabled magnetic keys that you can store safely. It’s designed to fit to most walls with simple plugs and screws and you don’t need any kind of specialist installation.

You can even choose from a variety of wood finishes for this discreet safe with electronic lock and we have to say, we love it.

This is a last line of defense that we’re thinking of installing in every room, it’s basically enough for an AR-15, small shotgun and a handgun, which should be enough to get you to your main gun collection or deal with most situations entirely.

Alternatively, you can store one of the best AR pistols on sale in 2020 and a selection of handguns or spare ammo. It’s a rifle safe, a pistol vault, whatever you want really. And it’s also a shelf.

Check out a few more hidden gun safe options here. Just don’t expect a 60-minute fire rating. There’s just cursory protection here, nothing formal.

Liberty HD-200 Quick Vault, a great gun vault that has taken the user reviews by storm.

8. Liberty Safe & Security HD-200 Quick Vault

  • Price: $139.99
  • Capacity: 1 Handgun
  • Exterior Dimensions (Inches): 5.25 x 8.5 x 12.25
  • Weight: 9lb

Are you looking to buy a handgun safe that fits inside a cupboard or drawer? Do you want ready access to a full-size 9mm handgun, or even a subcompact 45 ACP carry pistol? Liberty Safe has the answer.

This is one of the best for sale online in 2020, certainly at this price point.

If you just want a simple pistol vault with an electronic combination lock that won’t be an eyesore and you’re not quite ready to go shopping for biometric gun vaults, Liberty Safes are great. These even double as personal safes if you don’t need it for gun security.

Room For Two Guns at Your Fingertips, Maybe…

You can store two guns in here if they’re subcompacts, or maybe just one gun and ammo. Obviously, it’s strictly a handgun safe, but it will take a full size pistol with ease and you get thick gauge steel housing for protection.

It’s a California DOJ approved safe, so it fulfils all your legal requirements. It’s subtle enough that you can fix it to a drawer or inside a cupboard and only you will know its there and it means your guns are safely locked away, and always within reach.

Simple Safe With Safe Electronic Keypad

The combination lock is a well-practised movement with your fingers, a PIN code that you set up. It’s about as intuitive as safe electronic access systems get. We like that.

Punch your access code into this digital gun vault and the spring-loaded door pops open. An interior light makes it even simpler to locate your weapon and get your bearings when everything around you is going to shit.

Hornady SnapSafe Dropbox gun vauilt for sale. A simple hidden gun safe

9. SnapSafe by Hornady Dropbox Gun Vault

  • Price: $139.99
  • Entry System: Keypad
  • Exterior: 13.5 x 7.5 x 3.6 inch
  • Weight: 7.8lb

We have seen a lot of these slimline gun vaults with biometric access crop up on Amazon, eBay and the like. But you’ll find a lot of the actual firearms specialists don’t stock them. Because they don’t always open…

We won’t name names, but do your own digging on Biometic Gun fireproof Safe problems, do biometric safes work? All the usual questions, and you’ll find some results that will make your eyes bleed. Then you might go looking for an old mechanical combination lock.

Youtube Has Interesting Gun Safe Problems…

Do you want to see failures to open? Check. How’s about a kid breaking into one with a small screwdriver? Yup, gotcha…

So tempting as it may be to embrace this modern tech that should work like a charm by now, tread carefully. If you’re going with biometrics then choose an established brand, and you’ll immediately see that most the big names don’t sell them…

Most the big companies prefer to stick with a safe with electronic keypad access, just like this one from Hornady. It won’t save your pistol from a gun fire, but it might just save your life. This is complementary home defense, then.

Proper Security By Your Bed or in Your Home Office

Fix this safe to your bedframe, under your desk, anywhere really. It’s as close as you’ll get to instant access to your firearm while still keeping it secure.

Obviously there are stronger options, but we have given you the full range of price low to high here. We did our best anyway.

If you want more wall safes and hidden gun storage with credit card style access keys then check this post.

10. American Furniture Classics Cabinet

  • Price: $139.99
  • Entry System: Keypad

American Furniture Classics gun cabinets and hidden safes are in Walmart, Target, just about everywhere. So they must be the cheap safe to buy right?

Well, I’m not so sure.

The thing is, although the big box brands seem to love American Furniture Classics 5 Gun Safe, the specialist dealers don’t. These shooting accessories aren’t for everybody.

I can’t find one in stock at my preferred dealers and that sets alarm bells ringing. You can basically buy one with average Walmart gift cards. That sets more alarms ringing…

I mean if you want an American Furniture Classics metal security cabinet then you’re not going to listen to this anyway. So cool, set your search for ‘price low to high’ and enjoy your new gun cabinets. But I won’t recommend anything that is consistently snubbed by people that know their gun security.

No Fire Protection, This is Not a Fire Safe

This isn’t a fire safe, and you might get a mechanical key entry system, or maybe a dial lock. Both take time, but are more reliable than biometric locks.

Right now we just can’t recommend many biometric safes and American Furniture Classics cabinets. But you know if you want to go for the less secure hidden safes, furniture concealment and other things on offer, well they kinda work.

It’s a straightforward key lock gun safe, nothing more. So it isn’t a quick access security safe, unless you’re really fast with a key and a handle…

Just know that the top rated safes on this list are in a different league to American Furniture Classics when it comes to security and home defense. Spend a little more and buy one of them instead.

If you buy one of the big safes then try a store near you that delivers, too, and not just curbside delivery or store pickup. Get free shipping otherwise and really check it says free shipping on the order status and the return policy. Don’t assume.

A lot of them are store pickup only and you need to make sure you’re buying the right safe. If you’re happy doing store pickup or curbside pickup then all good. Look at your order status if it’s too late, and maybe rent a U-Haul.

11. Biometric Safes and Biometric Gun Locks

  • Price: Varies

There is a new wave of biometric gun cabinets and fingerprint gun locks. All kinds of clever things, but choose your technology carefully.

We kinda think biometric scanners can handle a simple fingerprint recognition system for a biometric gun cabinet. Of course they can, but the commercial grade crap on Amazon does not have a great reputation.

Also look at the benefit of the tech vs the potential risk. A fingerprint scanner could save you maybe a second. That’s how long it takes to punch a pin into a keypad.

So is it worth the potential risk of the safe not opening, no matter how small that may be, to save that time?

Biometric Locks Getting Better

Right now we don’t think so, but our opinion on biometric gun safes and biometric locks could change at some point and new arrivals are landing all the time. Browning’s best gun safe with electronic lock access and biometric locks look good.

And if you’re going to ignore this and buy biometric gun vaults and safes anyway, find a store you trust. Don’t take firearms advice from Amazon. That’s not gonna end well. Get a safe with electronic lock access too and sort the price low to high if you want a deal.

I would take a small safe with great fire protection, maybe a Tracker Safe, rather than these. Hell I’d take an old school safe with a dial lock rather than some of the new wave of biometrics right now. Or even a decent handgun case with a zip. But we’re all different.

So I’ll do my fire resistant safe, possibly a Tracker Safe, you have your dial lock, and that dude with one gun can use his giant safe for his home security, fishing clothing and fishy sporting goods. It’s a free world, is what we’re saying…

Check These Links…

You got right to the end, thanks for that! Now have a look at these posts if you want to see more fire safes, fire protection, gun safes, gun cabinets, third party adjustable shelves and more.

Other Fire Safes, Gun Safes, Vaults etc

You can improve the fire protection, if not the rating, of your fire safes with the simple addition of fireproof material.

That can be metal right through to Carbon-Kevlar and concrete. It’s your call what you use, but you can use a fire blanket in your gun cases to boost your firearm’s chances of surviving an inferno.

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