SAS Sniper Shoots Truck Driver From 1.5 Miles!

Barrett M107 50 BMG Gun rifle

A British SAS sniper took out a truck driver from 1.5 miles as the Jihadi terrorist drove to a suicide bombing in a truck laden with explosives. 

The British Sergeant used the legendary Barrett M107A1 .50 BMG rifle. The Barrett M107A1 is an increasingly popular sniper rifle, despite its official status as an anti-materials gun. It also has the tendency to blow the shit out of anything you point it at.

SAS Sniper Watched, Waited, And Shot.

The truck bomb was headed for an Afghan National Army base, but it didn’t arrive.

The SAS watched it all the way, waited for the truck to clear built up areas and then took the shot. The SAS sniper also fired two rounds into the engine block of the truck, bringing it to a halt. 

“This was a classic SAS operation. A small SAS unit managed to take out a terrorist and save the lives of dozens of innocent civilians,” a military source told The Mirror newspaper.

The only interesting part about this was that the team was tracing the truck based on intelligence. This wasn’t an opportunistic shot. So the team could have opted for Creedmoor, .338 Lapua, .308 Win Mag or any other round at a closer distance. 

Any of these sniper rifles would have done the job. But at least he didn’t have to do it with a Browning Machine Gun, like this guy…

50 BMG Has 1.5 Mile Range and More

Instead, they had the confidence in the .50 BMG round to take aim from 1.5 miles away and turn a truck driver into instant pate with a 50 Cal round.

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