Twin-Barrel AR-15 Is Coming…

Twin-Barrel AR-15 Is Coming…

We have got to be honest, this isn’t the best time to launch a double barrel AR-15. But still, you have to admit the Gilboa Snake looks amazing.

The basic design for this gun was unveiled all the way back in 2014. There was an issue though, as the two barrels linked to a single trigger effectively made the Gilboa Snake a machine gun.

Now the Israeli manufacturer has fixed this problem with a double trigger setup. That means this salvo fire weapon is fully legal and is set to go into US production.

Two triggers on Gilboa Snake AR-15

The idea itself isn’t new. Salvo fire weapons have been with us since the 1950s. The Gilboa Snake is set to be the first production version, though.

Two AR-15s in One: A Left Wing Nightmare

This gun is set to give the left-wing a heart attack. You have to give Gilboa credit for pressing ahead with the official launch in these trying times for the Modern Sporting Rifle.

Twin barrel AR-15

Pure Gun Porn, Forget Practicalities

We love this gun for the sheer lunacy of it, even though we’re not sure about the practical purpose.

It’s the strangest hunting gun we’ve ever seen and it really only works if you’re looking for self-defense. It is also really two guns in one frame, so there are twice as many things to go wrong and it’s heavy.

We like the concept and we’re looking forward to the hilarious headlines in the mainstream media. But even we’re not sure what to make of this gun.

There’s a mil-spec version with a single gas block and that makes a lot more sense. In a military environment then double the firepower, or flicking a switch to use one barrel and having a 60-round mag, would be a tactical advantage.

At home, it just means you can double your ammo budget and obliterate targets. But we don’t expect that to stop the Gilboa Snake from selling out.

If you want something wild, but not quite this wild, how’s about this bullpup AR-15?

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