Gun Control Insurance: Buy 80% Kits Now

How to build a ghost Gun - Glock

Update: Well we hate to say we told you so, buuuuuuuut….. Yeah 80% kits are more of a problem now. But you can still buy them, you just have to register them as soon as you get ready to build. So yes, still buy them where you can, but check your local State Laws as they may go further than the Feds.

Liberals are going after guns, hard, and they’re not letting go. So if you want to safeguard you and your family’s future, I’ve got an idea for you.

Buy 80% kits. Lots of them.

Even if the government bans all guns, next week, you can have a hidden arsenal ready to go with absolutely no repercussions.

Basically they’re ghost guns, so they will never be traced, they will never be registered and they will never be taken by the government.

Have a mass of spare parts, which you probably do anyway, and then buy the 80% lower receiver for the AR-15 and the Polymer80 Glock clone. Buy lots of them. One day, if society collapses, then they will be worth way more than gold.

Seriously, this could be a better investment than Bitcoin. (Update: Haha)

They could also save you and your family’s life. And help you take over the neighborhood and create your new kingdom if shit really hits the fan. Increasingly, it looks like it might.

As long as you don’t actually drill out the frames and turn them into fully functional guns, then they will never be illegal either.

Even if they ban guns, this is a piece of plastic or metal until you drill it out. That pisses gun control nuts off, but it’s going to be REALLY difficult to write legislation that covers this base.

They can probably stop companies selling them, but owning them? that’s much more complex.

They slip under the radar right now. You can buy a Polymer80 kit clone on eBay and have a passable imitation of a Glock 19.

But that was insane expensive. Truthfully, eBay has some jacked up prices and we’re just showing you for curiosity’s sake.

If you want to do this the right way, there are some great kits and the Glock 17 frame costs about $150.

How to build a ghost Gun - Glock

A Better Glock Base

The grip is properly stippled, the trigger guard is undercut and this is basically a properly modded Glock frame.

It might even be an improvement on the original, as long as you don’t screw it up when you do the final build and you use proper parts to make your gun.

It’s basically a Gen 3 for build purposes. But when it comes to the crunch, if you really need a gun, do you really care f it’s a 17 or 19? A Glock Gen 3 or a Gen 5?I wouldn’t…

Then you need the spare parts, but it’s going to be virtually impossible to make owning a Glock slide a felony.

You can also buy those pretty easily…

Again, eBay is expensive but the kits are generally complete and do include a slide, which might not be total crap. Maybe..

Brownells has some much better options at reasonable prices.

The kit costs $40 for the lower parts kit, then you need a slide and an upper parts kit. We’ve covered how to make a ghost gun elsewhere and the full list of parts is here.

Build an AR-15 Instead?

Want to have the means to build an AR-15 if society goes totally FUBAR?

This is your huckleberry. It’s the Precision Reflex, anodized aluminum lower receiver and it costs just $129.99.

How to make a ghost gun AR-15

You can find all the additional parts you need here. If you want to know how to build an AR-15, we’ve got a piece and an embedded video that shows you how.

Get the receivers, and the Glock frames, and the parts kits, then just make sure you have general spares, like barrels etc.

Stash them under the floorboards if you want. Bury them in the garden. Do what you have to do.

Do this, and you’ll always have access to totally legal guns. Well, they won’t be legal when you put them together, but if it comes to that point then a firearms felony is probably the least of your worries.

Keep the Parts Separate, Legally Speaking…

The only part that really matters, legally, is the frame. That’s the part that you have to license if you turn it into a gun. And you’re not turning it into a gun, yet…

The crucial part is that you don’t put them together. Because then it’s a firearm and you’ve crossed the legal line.

So leave them in bits, but make sure yopu have them all. If the control lobby gets its way then you won’t be able to buy these parts on the open market. The window will close and you’ll be left defenseless if SHTF.

Think ahead, and get your 80% kits now, build up an arsenal and you’ll sleep easier knowing that if the worst happens, you’re about an hour’s DIY away from having a perfectly functional gun.

Or you could just buy one of these cheap AR-15s for $500 instead. It will probably be easier in the long run.

Keeping Track is an Increasing Hot Button

Political outrage is never far away with Second Amendment issues and several different states have very different attitudes to gun control. Creeping legislation is sending gun owners over the edge in places like California, while the Left is up in arms about Florida failing to do meaningful checks for CCW applications for about a year.

But ya know, on another day, one of those CCW applicants turned into a hero. So what do we know?


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